Old Bayview Cemetery

Nueces Co. Cemeteries of TX

Herb Canales  hgc@ccpi.ci.corpus-christi.tx.us

The Nueces County Historical Survey Commission has "undertaken" an ongoing project to catalog, upgrade and further preserve Old Bayview Cemetery, the city's oldest burial site, which is also the oldest interment of Federal soldiers in the state, and this side of the Mississippi.  

A new Old Bayview Cemetery Preservation Association is in the process of being organized.  Although Brooks Noel has listed the  names of those buried there in his cemetery books, the committee is trying to contact any and all descendants of those people.  We are hoping to replace and/or restore as many of the broken or missing monuments as possible.  The Veterans Administration has approved headstones for the eight Federal soldiers from Zachary Taylor's troops who were killed in the explosion of the steamship DAYTON when it exploded in Corpus Christi Bay in 1845.  And the city is, slowly but surely, putting up a metal bar fence to replace the chain link fence that has been frequently cut by vandals.

As the sites are improved, we plan to have an online catalog and cross reference to the location and family history of each which will be linked of our county site.

If any of you have ancestors or knows anyone else with family buried there, or is interested in learning more about the project or the cemetery's history please contact me for more info. (The cemetery books are also available.) As I get details and site up and running we would appreciate links to it.  I will keep you posted.

Cemeteries of Nueces County Book compiled by Dr. Charles Ward and Brooks Noel.