Wright Cemetery

Buna, Newton Co. Cemeteries of TX

by Monica Petty & Karen Gilchriest 

Photos by Wanda Westfall & Debra Harper Westfall


Sherrod Wright came to Texas in 1825. His Petition to the Mexican Government for a League (4,428 acres) of Land dated September 22 1834 was granted February 19, 1835, at Nacogdoches On August 14, 1838. A  Labor (177 acres) located Seven miles east of Buna was granted to him by the Jasper County Land Commissioners. In 1853, Sherrod gave this  Labor to his son, Solomon, who sold it to John Valentine Wright, his  brother, in 1860. The oldest marked grave, dated 1854 , is that of  Authur, son of Solomon and Rowena Wright. In 1964, 7/10 acre was added to the original one acre plot. Many members of the Wright family buried here served in the Military forces from the Civil War to the present  year 2000.


Dedicated May 6, 2000

Directions to the Wright Cemetery: Located in Buna, Newton County Texas. Located on Farm Road 253 in Buna. Go 5.4 miles down Hwy 253 and turn  left on Wrights Settlement Road. Go 0.6 miles : turn on the first road to right (county road 3112) and go over cattle guard, 0,5 miles to end of road is the cemetery.

War is an Ugly Thing

Adams, Emma Beryl 15 Jun.1907- no death date on stone with George "I thee Wed" 19 Mar.1931 "Together Forever" Excellent Condition
Adams, George M. 10 Dec.1906-6 Mar.1997 Excellent Condition 2nd photo
Anderson, Leonard "Bill"
Borde, Gulliam Jr. 16 Nov.1904-22 May 1928 "Come Ye Blessed at Rest" Excellent Condition
Brown, Dr. Murray E. 3 Jul.1906-10 Jun 1978 Capt US Army WWII  Excellent Condition
Brown, Hazel Wright 13 Jan.1914- 19 Apr.1962  Excellent Condition
Brown, James M 16 Feb.1928  Excellent Condition   USArmy
Brown, Julia L. 18 Sep.1935-22 Aug.1985  Excellent Condition
Cochran, Adam E. 7 Nov.1843 - ndd Gone but not Forgotten"  Good Condition
Cochran, Lee no dates in deteriorated condition
Cochran, W.R. 16 Feb.1819-9 Oct.1883 Excellent Condition 
Coyle, Annie Wright 6 Oct.1900-11 Jan.1996 Married 28 Jun.1925 "Granny" Excellent Condition
Coyle, Marion Howard 8 Sep.1984-6 Mar.1977 On stone with Annie  "Granddaddy" """"
Crockett, Herma L. 1907-1995 On stone with W. Excellent Condition
Crockett, W.Purvis 1906-1986 Excellent Condition   2nd Photo
Franzke, James Clifford Jr. ETM 3 US Navy World War II Apr 12, 1925  Feb 7, 2002
Roy C.   US Navy   son in law of Naomi Wright Pugh
Hickman, Cecil V. 16 Jan.1905-10 Apr.1976 "Father" has also a list of his Children Vernon, Louise , Mary, Julia , Clara
Hickman, Laura (Bessie ) E. 23 Feb.1905-27 Feb.1975 On stone with Cecil
Higginbotham, Guy R. 1897-1961 on stone with Mae Excellent Condition
Higginbotham, Infant Son 18 Jun.1928-18 Jun.1928 "God Doeth All Things Well" Excellent Condition
Higginbotham, Mae Lee 1903-1992
Hussey, Ollie Maurine Wright 21 Apr.1928-10 Sep.1993 "Morning has Broken Like the First Morning" "Daughter of Laura & Fred Wright"  Hussey, Troy Hueston 13 Mar.1916-13 Jan.1972  "Morning has Broken Like the First Morning" "Son of Maude and Hussey,Oliver Dee , Nashville Ark."
Leonard, Susan M. .........26 Aug..... "Gone But Not Forgotten; Wife of G. W. Leonard" Deteriorated - Sunken 
Lyons, Robert J. Tiger 
Marks, Billie Jim 11 Aug.1948-4 Jan.1949 "Our Darlings"  Excellent Condition
Marks, Carrie E. 30 Dec.1857-21 Jan.1958 "Dying is but going home
James Hoyt 23 Jan.1928-9 May 1950 "Gone But Not Forgotten" Excellent Condition
Marks, Madison D. 25 Oct.1884-26 Jun.1961 "Dying is But Going Home Forever" Excellent Condition
Marks, Mrs. L. 6 Dec.1853-28 Sep.1915 "As You Are Now, So Once Was I, As I Am Now ,So You Must Be. Prepare For Death and Follow Me"
Marks, R.M. 2 oct.1841-4 Mar.1918 "At Rest" Excellent Condition
Marks, Rebecca 10 Mar.1895-31 Dec.1925 "Twas Hard To Give Thee Up. But Thy Will O God Be Done' Excellent Conditon
Marks, Regina Kay 5 Apr.1956-28 Jan.1957 Excellent Condition
Marks, Richard H. 27 Aug.1887-12 Nov.1965 Deteriorated Condition
Marks, Robert J. 5 Jul.1882-3 Mar.1948 "Gone , But Not Forgotten" Excellent Condition
Marks, Robert Nathaniel 1916-1943 "We Love The One That Lays Beneath The Sod, So His Name May Be Neatly Written On The Autograph Of God"
Moore, Nettie 1936-1937 "Bought by Mrs. McCornick"Good Condition/ Illegible
Moore, Vivian A.. 1932 "Bought by Mrs. McCornick" is partially legible 
Morton, Leslie B. Jr 16 Sep.1922-3 Sep.1986 Excellent Condition
Patrick, Annetta F. 28 Feb.1927-26 Mar.1994 Excellent Condition
Richardson, Benton A. 1882-1959 "Our Loved Ones" 'Father" Excellent Condition  2nd photo
Richardson, Infant .. June..1906-.......1906 "Infant of B.A. Richardson" Poor Condition
Richardson, J.Welborn 2 Mar.1914-31 Dec.1960 "A Lone Pilgrim" Excellent Condition
Richardson, Vicy Ann 1890-1967 "Mother" Excellent Condition 2nd photo
Rowe, Jason L. 1835-1914 Excellent Condition
Rowe, Ruben L. 1833-1919 Excellent Condition
Smock, Don E.Sr. 13 Aug.1944 -11 Sep.1983 "Married 1977" On stone with Ruth Excellent Condition
Smock, Ruth 2 Dec.1938-5 Dec.1977 
Stanley, Doyle Holt Sgt. US Marine Corps World War II Aug 18 1927  Jun 10, 2005 footstone .. "Married July 15,1950"On stone with Louise
Stanley, Louise (Anita) 7 Feb.1932-7 Sep.1999 Excellent Condition
Tardo, Kelly 1902-1974 on stone with Lelia Excellent Condition
Tardo, Lelia B. 1902-1979 Excellent Condition
Tucker, Fred M. 1910-1952 "Father" Excellent Condition
Tucker, Fred Madison 7 Mar.1963-14 Aug.1994 "Officer Down" Excellent Condition
Tucker, Ima 1909-1992 "Mother' Excellent Condition
Tucker, Leola D.  Oct 15 1937 d. Apr 04 2002
Tucker, Thoms Jason 11 Jul.1931-1 Dec.1992 "US Army Korea" Excellent Conition
Walters, Emily J. 31 Jan.1847-19 Jan.1881 "He Took You From A World Of Care And Everlasting Bliss To Share" Excellent Condition 
Williamson, Diana Wright, July 19 1942 d. Feb 10 2005
Whitaker, Willie E.  b. Feb 27 1925 NDD  2nd photo
Whitaker,  Patricia A. Crockett b.  Sep 30 1928 NDD  2nd photo
Withers, Arthur J.25 Jun.1880-8 Aug.1961 Excellent Condition
Withers, Charlton K. 1852-1934 Excellent Condition
Withers, Fannie Kate Townsend 28 Feb.1894-27 Oct.1982 Excellent Condition
Withers, Laura A. 13 Sep.1884-28 Nov.1889 Age 5yrs -2mos-15dys"Daughter of Charlton K. and Olive H. Withers" Poor Condition/Weathered 
She was good as she was fair. Nour.......None on earth above her. As pure in thought as angels are to know her was to love her"
Withers, Lula G. 3 Dec.1907-13 Nov.1911 Excellent Condition
Withers, Olive H. 1857-1939 Excellent Condition
Withers, Thomas C. 4 Dec.1874-23 Jul.1918 Excellent Condition
Withers, William Clark 28 Oct.1940.... PVT ORD DEPT Excellent Condition
Womack, Damie Eliza 10 Mar.1896-13 Mar.1976 Excellent conditon
Womack, Othar Rawls 20 Dec. 1894- 17 May 1978 Excellent Condition
Workman Jeff Edward d Feb 21 1959 
Wright, Annetia 2 Feb.1877-10 Sep.1939 "Come Ye Blessed -- At Rest" Excellent Condition
Wright, Arthur 25 Oct.1854-29 Oct.1854 "Son of Roena & Solomon Wright- Asleep in Jesus" Good Condition
Wright, Baby 26 Jan 1910-5 Oct 1910 "Sweetly Sleeping" Excellent Conditon
Wright, Cecil E. 31 Jul.1908-18 Dec.1937 Excellent Condition
Wright, Charles A. 28 May 1898-21 Feb.1943 "Husband" Marriage
Wright, Damie 15 Sep.1919-17 Jun.1976 Wed May 23, 1953 Excellent Condition
Wright, Edward B. 2 Sep.1850-27 Sep.1901 "Husband of M. E. Wright --Father Let Thy Grace Be Given That We May Meet In Heaven"
Wright, Eliza A. 20 May 1826-10 Nov 1900 "As a Wife Devoted, As a Mother Affectionate, As a Friend Ever Kind and True"
Wright, Eliza F. 21 Aug.... 15 mar.1864 Deteriorated Condition
Wright, Emma L. 1198102 Feb. 1880-9 Jun.1956 Excellent Condition
Wright, Fonce 25 Nov.1905-9 Dec.1935 "To Forget is Vain, Endeavor Loves Remembrance Lasts Forever" Excellent Condition
Wright, Frances Moore 16 Oct.1920-19 Jan.1989 Excellent Condition
Wright, Fred 12 Feb.1903-3 Mar.1991 "Son of J.R.& Annetia Seres Wright" Excellent Condition
Wright, Homer B. 5 Jul.1895-20 Aug.1961 "Texas SFC Medical Dept. WWI"  Excellent Cond./Sunken
Wright, Infant Daughter 18 Jul 1858-28 Jul 1869 (1858/9?) "Infant  Daughter of John & E.A. Wright - At Rest" Poor Condition/ Illegible
Wright, Infant Son 12 May 1861-12 May 1861 aged 7 Hours Infant Son of John & E. A. Wright Poor Conditon/Illegible
Wright, J. Val 19 Nov.1879-10 Nov.1955 Excellent Condition
Wright, J. V. Jr. 18 Jul.1909-8 Dec.1938 Excellent Condition
Wright, John C. 15 May 1820-6 Aug.1897 "Asleep in Jesus" Mason Excellent Condition
Wright, John Carl 14 Feb.1920-... Excellent Condition  World War II
Wright, Laura 8 Nov.1907-28 Dec.1985 Excellent Condition
Wright, Lewis Allen 17 Jan.1937-16 Jan.1995 SGT US ARMY VIETNAM  Excellent Condition
Wright, Lois J. 25 Aug.1913-14 Mar.1993 "At Rest" Excellent Condition   2nd Photo
Wright, Martha A. 10 Apr.1885-27 Jan.1958 "Mother" Excellent Condition
Wright, Maurice Mosby 14 Mar.1922-1 Jul.1995 married Jun 21 1952 "Mother" Excellent Condition
Wright, McClerie Eliza 4 Jan.1883-10 Jan.1883 Poor Cond/Sunken / Illegible
Wright, Pete 2 Apr.1890-13 Feb.1892 "Little Pete, Son of E.B.& M.E. Wright" "Gone But Not Forever" Poor Condition and broken
Wright, R. Lillian Curry 8 Aug.1898-25 Jun.1945 on stone with Thomas Sr."Wed 1922" "Wright's "Our Children" Dorothea, Pauline, Thomas R. Jr. , Mary" Excellent Condition
Wright, Richard C. 6 May 1878-17 Apr.1926 "Father" Excellent Condition
Wright, Richard Miles 4 Jan.1907 - 22 Feb.1992 Wed 7 Jun.1931 Excellent Condition
Wright, Richard Miles Jr. 9 Jun.1932....1932 
Wright, Robert C. 23 May 1911-19 Jul.1989 "At Rest" Excellent Condition 2nd photo
Wright, Robert Curtis Jr. 12 Aug.1935-30 Ju....1970 Excellent Condition
Wright, Ruby Lee Baker 13 Jul.1924 "Wed 1946" Excellent Condition 2nd photo
Wright, Ruth Mitcheal 6 Oct.1919-.. Excellent Condition
Wright, Sarah Amy 1 Dec. 1905 - 6 Nov.1991 on stone with Richard Miles Wright 2nd photo
Wright, Sudie Alma 8 Dec.1905-ndd Excellent Condition
Wright, T. R. 20 Jan.1854-30 Nov.1917 "At Rest' Excellent Condition
Wright, Thomas C. 6 Mar.1882-13 Jul.1898 "Son of E.B.& M.E. Wright-A Fairer Bud of Promise Never Bloomed" Sunken base/ tilted 
Wright, Thomas Rupert Sr. 19 May 1894-2 Oct.1970 Texas PVT US ARMY WWI 
Wright, Vincent C. 17 Nov.1917-July 22 2003 ..... Excellent Condition Capt US Army WWII
Wright, Walter Clinton 5 Jan.1922-8 Jan.1999 on stone with Ruby Lee   2nd photo
Wright, Warren K. 20 Jan.1923-19 Oct.1923 Excellent Condition
Wright, Wesley 1 May 1912-24 Oct.1978 Wed May 23, 1953
Wright, Willburn Orville 20 Jan.1911-11 Jan.1914 "At Rest" Broken 
Wright, Wilson Richard 4 Jan.1918-4 May 1989 Married 21 Jun.1952 "Father"

Wright, William Carl , Sgt USA Viet Nam War