Brewer Cemetery

Entrance to the Brewer Cemetery

Texas Centennial Marker 9254, dated 1936 

Nacogdoches County, Cemeteries of TX

Submitted and Photos by Bill Mayo

In 2002,the Brewer Cemetery Association of Nacogdoches County, Texas was created as a non-profit corporation with the goal of restoring the "lost" Brewer Cemetery; I have served as the secretary/treasurer of the association since it was formed. In the articles of incorporation, we declared it an "historic" cemetery and prohibited any future burials.We have restored it and held a rededication ceremony in 2007.I am currently going through the necessary steps to have it designated a historical cemetery by the Texas Historical Commission.
 I have compiled this list of those graves with markers and a list of some who are believed to be buried there but the markers are gone.The Forest Service completed a radar-penetrating survey of the cemetery and found more than 40 unmarked graves.

One of the "markers" was erected by the State of Texas in 1936 to honor Henry and Susannah Brewers and sons Henry Mitchell and John

Town:Between Nat and Looneyville on CR 343 


Directions:From Cushing drive 4.3 miles on Highway 225 toward Douglass, turn left onto CR 343 in Looneyville, travel 2.3 miles, turn right onto the Brewer Cemetery road and drive approximately 150 yards to the cemetery gate.

 History: The Brewer Cemetery, which is believed to have had its first burial before 1822, is located on a league of land granted to Henry Brewer in 1834 by the Mexican government.When Henry Brewer's estate was probated in 1867, the land on which the cemetery is located was exempted from partition, "it being the graveyard where Henry Brewer and his children and other relations is buried."Henry and his son John supported the Texas Revolution and Henry's son Henry Mitchell Brewer fought at the Battle of San Jacinto.In 1836 Henry Brewer, his wife Susannah Mitchell Brewer, and sons John and Henry Mitchell Brewer were recognized and honored for their contributions to Texas history with the erection of Centennial Marker 9254 by the State of Texas.The last burial occured in 1977, and burials are no longer allowed.The cemetery is owned and maintained by the Brewer Cemetery Association of Nacogdoches County, Texas.


On May 24-25, 2007, a research team from the United States Department of Agriculture - Forest Service (USDA-FS) and the Texas Archeological Stewards Network conducted a shallow geophysics study using ground penetrating radar at the Brewer Cemetery site and identified approximately 50 locations as probable unmarked grave sites.Some existing grave markers have been placed by family members in recent years, but these may not be at the exact location of the grave. 

Some graves have legible markers and can be easily identifed; some graves can only be identified from rocks and/or from depressions.Some graves were originally marked with tombstones, but these tombstones have weathered to such an extent that only the base of the marker can be found. The Brewer Cemetery Association is in the process of placing ACME memorial bricks inscribed with "Brewer Family Member" at the location of graves marked with rocks and/or depressions as well as at the locations identified by Forest Service survey in 2007. 

Carolyn Ericson in one of her articles in "KISSIN'KUZZINS" indicated that there probably more than 100 graves in the cemetery with many being only marked with rocks at the head and foot of depressions. Burials:    

( ) Information from other sources  -  w/o Wife of   -  h/o Husband of   -  s/o Son of   -  d/o Daughter of   -  s/l Son-in-law of  -  d/l Daughter-in-law of  -  gs/oGrandson of  -  gd/oGranddaughter of  -  DMDouble marker  -  sis/o Sister of

Last Name First Name  Birth Death  Comments
Brewer  Henry  Oct 24 1776   Jan 23 1865  Centennial Marker
Brewer John  Jan 23 1819 Feb 25 1909 s/o Henry & Susannah Brewer
(Brewer Nancy Octavia Apr 25 1820   Feb 17 1871)  w/o John Brewer; unreadable marker in 1975;missing in 2009 
Brewer  Susannah Apr 07 1777 ca 1853 Centennial Marker
Brewer  E. J.  Jan 04 1851 Jan 31 1936 DM; w/o Robert Brewer
Brewer  George ca 1835  bef 1858 s/o Green Berry & Sarah Brewer  Believed To Be Buried here
Brewer  George   ca 1804  1842 s/o Henry & Susannah Brewer Believed To Be Buried here
Brewer Henry Mitchell  Jun 03 1807 1849 Centennial Marker
Brewer John  1819  1909 Centennial Marker 
Brewer Robert Mar 10 1840 Dec 30 1911  s/o John & Nancy OctaviaBrewer
Brewer Green Berry   1806  1839  s/l Henry & Susannah Brewer
Brewer Hinton ca 1833 bef 1858 s/o Green Berry & Sarah Brewer  Believed To Be Buried here
Brewer ------  ---- 1872   Marker unreadable in 1975Marker missing in 2009
Brooks Lieutisia 1862 1921 d/o Ira F. & Alzie Parker 
Brooks  George  1847 1911 DM; h/o Lieutisia Brooks 
Gage G. B.   Apr 05 1893  Apr 01 1977   
Gage J. B.  unk (1856)  Mar 02 1934 h/o Susan E. Gages/o William & Sarah Gage
Gage Susan E.  (Nov 23 1855)  Dec 26 1927 d/o Ira F. &Alzie C. Parker 
Gage Elene  Sep 12 1919   Dec 09 1920 d/o Hattie & Dotson Gage
Gage C. B.  Dec 23 1889   Feb 24 1910 s/o J.B. & S.E.Gage
Gage Lula Nov 21 1881   Jan 29 1891  d/o J.B. & S.E. Gage 
Gage J. F.  Nov 21 1881 Sep 22 1883 s/o J.B. & S.E.Gage
Parker  S. E.  Nov 23 1858   Apr 17 1904 w/o Henry M. Parker d/o William & Sarah Gage
Parker  John B. Jul 24 1895  Dec 07 1896 s/o Henry M. Parker & S. E. GageParker
Parker  Ira F. Apr 04 1827 Jan 26 1901 gs/o Henry & SusannahBrewer
Parker Lilly May  Apr 01 1890   Jun 03 1892   d/o Henry M. Parker & S. E. Gage Parker 
Parker Alzie C. May 01 1829   Dec 18 1903   w/o Ira F. Parker 
Russell  Hannah Brewer  ca 1832  bef 1858  d/o Green Berry & Sarah Brewer w/o Edward J. Russell Believed To Be Buried here
Wade  Henry  ca 1807 1861 DM; h/o Nancy Ann Brewer
Wade Melissa Ann 1847   1879   1st w/o M. F. Whitaker d/o Henry & Nancy Wade 
Wade Nancy A. Brewer  1814  1876 - 1879   sis/o Green Berry Brewer