Stoneham Family Cemetery 

Near Baileyville,    Milam Co Cemeteries of TX
By: Carl J. Stoneham, GGGrandson of HB & SL Stoneham, GGGGrandson of GL & EA Manning

Coordinates: 31.0230 N, 96.4720 W (private land)
Pictures available upon request:

*Manning G. L. Feb 14, 1811 Jul 24, 1868 "Father"
*Manning Elizabeth A. Dec 23, 1817 Nov 7, 1885 "Mother"
**Stoneham Henry Bryant Feb 22, 1832 Apr 14, 1875 (Masonic Symbol) 
Stoneham Sally L. (not given) 1906 "Beloved Grandmother" 
Stoneham John D. Nov 11, 1872 Feb 28, 1892 ***
****White Lyola L. Jan? 29, 1842? Oct 22?, 1871? "Wife of C.W. White"

* Shared headstone
** I have reason to believe this stone does not mark the actual burial place. There is no footstone (the thers have one) and she remarried after Henry's death and would have (presuambly) been buired near her second husband. Furthermore, the tombstone is much newer than the others. 
*** "In memory of John D., son of Henry D. & S.L. Stoneham, Born Nov 11, 1972. Died at Waco, TX a student at Baylor University on the night of Feb 28, 1892. --- 'Our darling one has gone before / To meet us on the golden shore / To him we trust a place is given / Among the saints with Christ in heaven.'"
**** This headstone seems out of place since I can find no ""C.W. White or ""Lyola L White"" in Stoneham family history. Perhaps they were a family passing through.
? I did this transcription from the digital pics I took. Unfortunately, the stone was quite worn and it is difficult to see some of the information in the picture. The question mark denotes information about which I am only 85% certain.