York Family Cemetery 

Marion Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by  B R Randolph May 19, 1968

Heavily grown with brush and briars, located in the woods about 1/4 mile southeast of the Arkla Gasoline Plant, Halls Community.  Used here with permission.

Inside a broken down fence two large graves that are heaped with ironstone and this headstone.
York, Wesley 12 July 1824 Oct 15, 1888

About 20 feet away a single stone with:
Logan, W S 23 June 1810 10 July 1880
Logan, Mary J his wife 2 July 1818 13 June 1857

(note by Mr Randolph: There is a stone down the hill which I could not find. We lived close to this cemetery when I was a boy. It was formerly fairly open under some pine trees. Now it is completely overgrown with briars and young pines. The old road has long since been abandoned and is now a gully four feet deep in places.)