Nash Cemetery  

Old Homesite


No Zulch, Madison Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted  by Stacy (Stringer) Webb

  From No Zulch take Hwy 39, go 1/8 of a mile to the first dirt road leading west 1/4 of a mile on the north side of the road behind a gate and through a large pasture.


Name Birth Death Relationship
Nash, Georgiana


16 Nov 1885 d/o Steve & Missouri (Bass) Nash
Nash, Benjamin


25 Feb 1888 s/o Thomas & Anna Goins Nash, h/o Hannah (Perkins) 
Nash, Caion 10 Oct 1887 23 Oct 1889 s/o Manuel & Matilda (Sweat) (Mason)
Nash,  Nancy J. (Simmons)  (Allen) 28 Feb 1844 28 Nov 1881 w/o Emanuel Command Nash
Thomas, D.L.


25 Oct 1889 Child of James Thomas and Martha (Allen)  Martha Allen was d/o Nancy J. Simmons (who  m. Manuel Nash) and Isaac Allen.  Isaac Allen was the brother of Abraham Allen who m.  Emily Nash .
Nash,  Gussie 4 Apr 1890 20 Mar 1896 d/o Emanuel Command & Matilda ( Sweat) (Mason)
Nash, Missouri (Bass)


15 Nov 1896 1st w/o Steve Nash
Nash, Matilda (Sweat)


30 Sept 1897 w/o Emanuel Command Nash d/o Leonard C.   Sweat & Elizabeth (Burgess)
Nash, Baby

17 Nov 1906

17 Nov 1906

Child of Lula Gibson & Lud Nash
Jeafry, L.C.



Related to Dessie Jeafry w/o Rob Nash
Nash, John

01 Jan 1891

11 Oct 1904 s/o Manuel and Matilda (Sweat)( Mason)
Nash, Lula (Gibson) Mar 1880 17 Oct 1906 w/o Lud Nash
Nash, Richard 7 Jul 1891 1908 s/o Charley Harrison and  Addie (Tillis)
Nash, Steve May 1836 After 1910 s/o James and Mary “Polly” Perkins Ashworth h/o Missouri (Bass)
Nash, Victoria Mar 1871


d/o Manuel C.  & Nancy J. (Simmons) (Allen) w/o Richard Goins and Jess Ashford
Simons, J.




Simmons, Z. S.


Feb 1889


Williams, T.W.



h/o Mary Amanda Nash (d/o Steve & Missouri (Bass)

Nash, Otha 7 Feb 1904 7 Feb 1904 Twin to Arthur s/o Charley H. and Dollie Elizabeth (Allen)
Linton, Ellen G. 1884 1913 d/o Collin Goins and Amanda (Samford)
Nash, Charlie  H. 19 Nov 1869 27 Feb 1919 s/o Manuel and Nancy J. Simmons Allen Daddy
Nash, Vertie Thelma 17 May 1915 1 Sep 1920 Twin to ?? d/o Charley H. and Dollie Elizabeth (Allen)
Nash, Will 26 Dec 1893 18 Nov 1885 s/o Manuel and  Matilda Sweat Mason. Daddy
Cheshire, Lilly G 3 Dec 1883 6 Nov 1917 d/o James Thomas and Martha Jane (Allen)  Martha was the d/o  Isaac Allen and Nancy Jane (Simmons)  Mother