Riggs Family Cemetery

(Not known if this is correct name)

Cleveland, Liberty Co Cemeteries of TX

Recorded June 4, 2005 by Charlene Butts

Small Cemetery few miles south of Cleveland, Liberty Co., Texas, between North and South bound lanes of Hwy 59, north of East Fork, San Jacinto River. Fenced, has several large trees and shrubs around it. Appears it is a family cemetery.

I have always been fascinated with the fact it is in the medium between a very busy Hwy.

Starting at North East side inside fence:

Riggs, Roy 1900-1915

Riggs, Lillian C. Feb 27, 1908-Oct 10, 1985

Second Row

Riggs, Winnie 1902-1920

Riggs, Thomas Sgt Co C 2 PHD MD Infantry 4/02/1837-8/16/1915

Third Row

Riggs, Virginia 1844-1892

Riggs, Walter S. 1867-1955  (Foot marker –"Papa")

Fourth Row-moving West

Riggs, Lizzie (W/O Walter S. Riggs)  11/19/1876-3/20/1916

Riggs, Virginia 1898-1900

Riggs, Collier no dates  (old headstone)

just north of that a headstone-no info Old gravestone 

By large tree the following:

Blasdell, Mary Frances 1903-1904

Blasdell, Jonathan Hiram 1864-1922

Fifth Row starting at northwest end

Riggs, Hugh no dated (old headstone)

Double headstone:

Riggs, Jessie Marlin 4/5/1915-5/28/1989

Riggs, May Opaline 5/3/1923-4/21/1996  married 6/10/1939

Sixth Row-Southwest end

Koop, A F 1/20/1851-1/08/1929

north of that is  Large double rose colored headstone   Praying Hands –The Kingdom Come

Hall, Pearl E. 1/08/1903-8/19/1984

Hall, Ray L. 6/20/1898-11/04/1976

Grady, J. no dates old headstone

West of Grady’s

Hall, Raymond Louis PVT US WWI  1898-1976

Northwest side next to fence

Old old Headstone-no information  appears it had an inset at one time.