Magnolia Park Cemetery History

Dayton, Liberty County, Cemeteries of TX


According to Roy A. Seaberg, Sr.

Circa January 1946 while attending a funeral at Linney Cemetery Mr. C.F. Seaberg told his son Roy he would give $1,000.00 toward the purchase of land for a new cemetery. First they purchased 10 acres from Mr. Bill Grifits around the curve on Kenefick Road. They drilled to check for water and found the land not suitable for cemetery use due to water. Ten holes were drilled on land belonging to the Cannon family trust and found the land suitable for cemetery  use. C.F. Seaberg and his son Roy Seaberg purchased the 10.4 acres from Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Cannon circa 1946. Because of Mr. C.F. Seaberg’s failing health the deed was made to Roy  Seaberg. They then started developing the cemetery for immediate use. April 3, 1947 Roy Seaberg gave the deed to seven (7) Trustees being A.W. Bulay, W.A. Conner, Floyd Fouts, M.W. Ford, Jr., J.F. Matthews, G.J. Peterson, and Roy Seaberg. At the first meeting Roy Seaberg was elected president, J.F. Matthews secretary and M.W. Ford, Jr. treasurer.