Leon Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Cheryl Burke,

From OSR go north on Highway 75 for a distance of 1.40 miles to PR 1105. Turn right on PR 1105 and go 0.24 miles to a metal gate. Follow the road another 0.4 miles to a gate or gap. Go another 0.5 miles to a roadway to the left. Take this left and go 0.12 miles to a gate on the right side of the roadway. Go through this gate and go 0.1 miles. The cemetery will be to the left about 100 yards in a grove of trees.


NANCE, Mar 2 yr, 8mo, 22days May 5, 1879  Dau of S.H. & P.E. Nance

NANCE, Mary 6wks, 4days Aug 1, 1876  Dau of R.B. & M.E.

NANCE, Mary E. Jun3 18, 1828 Nov 24, 1888  Wife of R.B. Nance

NANCE, R.B. 62yrs, 7mos Aug 23, 1879  Hus of Mary E. Nance  (possible S.B. Nance, Co. #. Baylor’s Regt.)

NANCE Ruben B. Jr. 15yr, 4mo, 30days July 30, 1871  Son of R.B. & M.E. Nance

NANCE, Little Swann 8mo, 15days Sept 27, 1875  Son of S.H. & P.E. Nance

WAY, Addie B. Sept 30, 1872 Apr 2, 1886  Dau of W.F. & S.E. Way

WAY, Bertha A. Feb 5, 1889 July 24, 1889  Dau of W.F. & S.E. Way

WAY, Florida Z. Mar 16, 1880 Sept 12, 1887  Dau of W.F. & S.E. Way

WAY, Sarah E. Oct 2, 1844 Feb 6, 1897  Wife of W.F. Way

WAY, W.F. no date Feb 12, 1918  Hus of Sarah E. Way  Pvt 5th Va. Inf. C.S.A. cem. Marker

Located and surveyed by James Nash, Mar 11, 1921. Abandoned and overgrown.

Surveyed by Herbert H. McCarter November 27, 1999. At this time the landowner had made a hay field out of this property and looks like he had cleaned up the underbrush around the graves. Some of the markers are broken and laying flat on the ground. If they are not kept clear of grass and underbrush they will soon be covered and lost.