Lummus Cemetery

Leon Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Cheryl Burke

From Highway 79 in Buffalo take CR 212W and go South 5.70 miles. The cemetery will be on the right side of the road.
It is fenced and very well kept.

Anchors, Robie              June 29,1910            November 4,1958
Bain, J.N.                  1880                    1956
   (Husband of Lizzie Bain)
Bain, John M. (Matthew)    January 18,1908         January 11,1991
   (Husband of Ruby Bain) m. June 8,1929  Father of Maxine, Estaline, & Judy
Bain, Lizzie                1885                    1948
   (Wife of J.N. Bain)
Bain, Loueza                1848                    1919
   (Wife of M.A. Bain)
Bain, M.A.                  1843                    1916
   (Husband of Loueza Bain)
Bain, Ruby                  December 23,1911       April 8,1981
   (Wife of John M.(Buck) Bain) m. June 8,1929  Mother of Maxine, Estaline, & Judy
Baker, Bonnie B.           March 5,1923            living
   (Wife of Opal Baker)
Baker, Earl C. (Claud)     December 2, 1907        November 10,1987
   (Husband of Lee Etta Baker)
Baker, Lee Etta (Henson)   March 1,1916            living
   (Wife of Earl Baker)
Baker, Lillie S.           April 18,1875           July 26,1942
   (Wife of H.C. Baker)
Baker,  Son                 August 4,1934          April 11,1934
   (Son of Mr. & Mrs. E.C. Baker) Oddest hand carved rock
Baker, Opal B.              January 22,1913         September 1,1987
   (Husband of Bonnie Baker)
Baker, Trisha Elaine       October 3,1984          November 13,1984
   Funeral Home Marker
Barnes, J.N.                March 12,1889          July 17,1898
   (Son of J.F. & E.C.Barnes)
Barnes, Jewel  broken marker June 21,1898          September 10,1899
   (Daughter of J.F. & E.C. Barnes) 
Barnes, N.E.                October 22,1896        September 8,1897
   (Daughter of J.F. & E.C. Barnes)
Barnett, Terrell Colunmbus December 8,1919         October 21,1988
   (Husband of Wilma Barnett)   m. March 18,1939
    Father of Sonny, Sherry, Trudy, Lannie, Scooter
Barnett, Wilma F. (Woodard)May 23,1920             living
   (Wife of Terrell Barnett)    m. March 18,1939
    Mother of Sonny, Sherry, Trudy, Lannie, Scooter
Berry, E.R.                 December 22,1853       January 7,1935
   (Husband of Mary M. Berry)
Berry, Mary M.              November 18,1868        December 23,1956
   (Wife of E.R. Berry)
Beshears, A.B.             35 years                September_,1878
Beshears, Art B.           1876                    1941
   (Husband of Emma Beshears)
Beshears, Beulah M. (Pate) July 13,1907            January 13,1969
   (Wife of Bruce Beshears)
Beshears, Bruce            October 18,1904        October 17,1980
   (Husband of Beulah M. Pate Beshears)
Beshears, Donald           August 22,1932         March 5,1934
   Son of Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Beshears
Beshears, Emma              1883                    1920
   (Wife of Art Beshears)
Beshears, Infant           March 26,1918           March 29,1918
   Son of Mr. & Mrs. A.B. Beshears
Beshears, Infant           August 10,1903         August 10,1903
   Son of Mr. & Mrs. A.B. Beshears
Beshears, S.A. Mrs.        1850                    1929
Bledsoe, J.E.               1855                    1927
Boyd, Clara D.              December 10,1907        September 21,1953
   (Daughter of Mittie & Hamp Boyd)
Cameron, Billie Ray        b&d                     May 8,1934
   Son of Mr.& Mrs. Earl Cameron
Cameron, Charles Malcolm   June 6,1896             July 12,1963     Masonic Emblem    (Husband of Carol Cameron)
Cameron, Emma Carl (Dolson)September 29,1898      November 244,1983
Cameron, Fannie Pearl(Beshears)December 15,1901   June 13,1967
   (Wife of T.E. Cameron)    m. February 15,1920      Mother of Aylne, Elton, & Virginia
Cameron, Thompson Earl     February 27,1901        May 12,1969
   (Husband of Fannie Cameron) m. February 15,1920      Father of Aylne, Elton, Virginia
Carr, Annie L.              October 17,1888         May 7,1965
   (Wife of Joe O. Carr)
Carr, Joe O.                July 24,1887           May 29,1959
   (Husband of Annie L. Carr)
Carr, Maurice E. SA U.S. Navy March 21,1931       August 9,1958
   (Son of Joe & Annie Carr)
Carr, Reba                  April 5,1919           October 26,1922
   Daughter Joe & Annie Carr)
Connell, Eli                September 10,1910      March 22,1936
   Son of M.B. & Minnie Connell)
Connell, Emily              1891                    1981
   (Wife of Merit B. Connell)
Connell, M.B. Jr.          1930                    1961
   (Son of M.B. & Emily Connell)
Connell, Mary Jo           September 2,1917       February 10,1927
   (Daughter of M.B. & Minnie Connell)
Connell, Mattie Viola      April 9,1900            July 8,1927
   (Daughter of M.B. & Minnie Connell)
Connell, Merit B.          1875                    1960
   (Husband of Minnie Connell)
Connell, Robert Lee        September 20,1896       September 22,1953
   (Son of M.B. & Minnie Connell)
Connell, Twin girls        March 11,1914           March 11,1914
   (Daughters of M.B. & Minne Connell)
Cox, Rosa                   1888                    1940
Davidson, Edward           November 7,1913        May 20,1935
   (Son of Sam & Maggie Davidson)
Davidson, John Clinton     September 10,1917       June 21,1981
   (Son of Sam & Maggie Davidson)
Davidson,Laura Mae         1919                    1919           rock marker
   (Daughter of Sam & Maggie Davidson)
Davidson, Maggie Lummus    August 4,1885           February 26,1929
   Wife of Sam Davidson) Davison on marker
Davidson, Sam               September 10,1872      December 7,1929
   (Husband of Maggie Lummus Davidson)  Davison on marker
Dennis, James Delma        March 25,1909           June 11,1965
   Funeral Home Marker
Dennis, Robbie Lee (Haskins)(Anchors)                  (June 29),191_         (November 4),1968
Dolson, Elzy C.            February 1,1893         March 12,1965
   (Son of J.C. & C.A. Dolson)
Dolson, John C.            October 14,1867         October 27,1940
   (Husband of Cora Dolson)
Dolson, Madie               December 8,1904         October 6,1905
   (Daughter of J.C. & C.A. Dolson)
Dolson, Robert Otis        February 22,1907         August 4,1963
   (Son of J.C. & C.A. Dolson)
Dolson, U.A. "Bud"         January 9,1897          November 10,1982
Foster, James               June 29,1847            November 5,1928
   Buffalo Death Records site unknown
Foster, Jane           metal cross; N of A Lummus     No Dates
   (Wife of George Foster)
Franklin, Betty Lou        1937                     1942
   (Daughter of Cecil & Eva Franklin)
Franklin, Cecil D.         March 19,1905            July 14,1976
   (Husband of Eva Franklin)
Franklin, Eva F.           October 8,1913          January 31,1993
   (Wife of Cecil Franklin)
Franklin, Danny Ray        July 6,1945              May 11,1993  
   (Son of Cecil & Eva Franklin) Marker Between Parents
Franklin, Lois Lummus      December 22,1933         June 9,1976
   (Wife of N.B. Franklin)  m. January 24,1958
Franklin, N.B.              October 16, 1930         living
   (Husband of Lois Franklin)
Garrett, Alton R.          1909                     1967
Goad, Bessie (Green)       December 17,1906         April 18,1993
   (Wife of Ray Goad)
Goad, Ray (Mille)          August 24,1905           June 19,1997
   (Husband of Lois Franklin)
Green, Bessie (Mae Connell)June 2,1914              March 28,1993
   (Wife of Clifton Green Sr.) m. September 13,1931
Green, Clifton Thompson Jr.July 10,1955             August 1,1992
Green, Clifton Thompson Sr.September 3,1904         August_,2000
   (Husband of Bessie Green)   m. September 13,1931
Green, John A.              October 6,1875           December 10,1963
   (Husband of Mary Olta Green)
Green, Leslie Thomas       November 7,1957          March 31,1958
   (Son of Clifton & Bessie Green)
Green, Mary Olta           May 10,1879              November 17,1975
   (Wife of John A. Green)
Green, Virgiinia Cameron   February 24,1928         November 23,1986
Hale, R.E. (Bob)           July 21,1871             May 12,1943
   (Husband of Sarah Hale)
Hale, Sarah E. "Aunt Sally"July 30,1872             June 2,1956
   (Wife of R.E.Hale)
Heron, John David Sr.      June 10,1917             March 112,1965
   (Husband of Winnie Heron)
    U.S. Army Air Corps Sgt.
Hood, Fay Lorene           June 7,1914              December 14,1993
   (Wife of R.E. Hood)
Hood, R.E.(Buster)         December 30,1910         May 3,1979
   (Son of Willis E. & Sidney Ann Hood)
   (Husband of Lorene Hood)
Hood, Sidney Ann           March 31,1873            January 3,1919
   (Wife of Willis Erwin Hood)
Hood, Willis Erwin         April 9,1861             October 8,1939
   (Husband of Sidney Ann Hood)
Horn, Louise                February 26,1905        October 17,1916
   (Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R.E. Horn)
House, Easter Marie        April 17,1933            September 18,1989
   (Wife of J.E. House      m. December 15,1956
House, J.E.                 September 26,1922       living
   (Husband of Easter House)
House, Grover B.           September 2,1917        living
   (Husband of Rene Mae House)
House, Rene Mae            February 9,1932         living
   (Wife of Grover B. House)
House, Violet C.           April 25,1895            January 26,1986
House, Wm. Virgil          December 15,1959         February 233,1969
   (Son of Grover & Mae House)
Hughes, Evan W.             September_,1855          December 14,1943
   Green Funeral Home Records   Site Unknown
Kratz, Alma M. House       December 30,1914         living
   (Wife of Frank Kratz)    m. August 20,1935
Kratz, Alva Gene           Novenber 6,1940         March 19,1944
   (Son of Robert & Dorcas Kratz)
Kratz, Dorcas Alvatine     December 11,1920         living
   (Wife of Robert Jewell Kratz) m. August 30,1937       
    Mother of; Geneva Yvonne, Alva Gene, Rosa Ella, Winnie Nell,
       Arva Garlene, Wanda Dale, Beverly Ann, Randall Justine, & Sherry Elaine
Kratz, Francis H.          February 26,1943         December 5,1960
   (Daughter of Frabkie & Alma Kratz)
Kratz, Frank Edward        May 19,1914              living
   (Husband of Alma Kratz)  m. August 20,1935
Kratz, Nancy Carol         (August 28), 1941        (December)_,1981
   Funeral Home Marker
Kratz, Richard Von "Tody'  (20 years)               (July 19,1988)
Kratz, Robert Jewell       December 19,1918         December 12,1997
   (Husband of Dorcas Kratz)m. August 30,1937
    Father of: Geneva Yvonne, Alva Gene, Rosa Ella, Winnie Nell,
    Arva Garlene, Wanda Dale, Beverly Ann, Randall Justine, & Sherry Elaine
    Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps WWII
Kratz, Robert Virgil "R.V." March 22,1940            June 28,1943   (Son of Frankie & Alma Kratz)

Lanningham, Gaytha Fay Hood September 11, 1944       June 23, 1980  (Wife of James H. Lanningham Sr.)
Lanningham, James Howard Sr.October 5,1942           living          (Husband of Gaytha Fay Hood Lanningham)
Largent, Infant                  ------               May 5,1892      Child of J.E. & M.E. Largent
Largent, Mary C.             September 12,1894        September 26,1895
   Daughter of J.E. & M.e. Largent
Liles, Eva A.                January 25,1902         October 16,1975
Lummus, A.J. "Jack"         October 2,1874          March 16,1918
Lummus, (Alert Richard)                              Marker has no name or date     (Son of Jack & Lois S. Lummus)     Marker between graves of John E. McIntosh & Nancy Brack McIntosh
Lummus, A. (Alexander L.)   1827                     September 4,1904
   Reserved Co. Beat 3, Freestone Co.   19th Brig.C.S.A.
Lummus, Asley Nicole        b & d                    July 4,1989
   Funeral Home Marker
Lummus, Calvin T.           December 13,1904        April 17,1993
Lummus, Cornelies A. (Cornelius) December_,1908     January (12),1961
   (Husband of Jessie Lee Lummus)
Lummus, Doll (Dorthea Mason)1828                     1903
   (Wife of W.T. Lummus)
Lummus, Doyle David          October 20,1920         September 2,1970
   Double stone w/bro William Lummus
Lummus, E.L.                  1844                    1880
   Mother of J.C. Lummus
Lummus, Ella                  February 29,1879        June 13,1913
Lummus, Evalana               January 23,1901         July 26,1903
Lummus, Fannie Lummuss Stone 1856                     1890             
   1st wife of George Riley Martin    Mother of Lizzie Martin Woodard
Lummus, Fannie                1870                     1874
   Daughter of J.C. & E.L. Lummus
Lummus, George E. (Elton)    June 30,1922             May 25,1985
   PFC U.S. Army WWII
Lummus, George Webb          August 17,1888           May 31, 1972
  (Husband of Mary J. Lummus)
Lummus, Grace                 November 9,1911         living
   (Wife of Lewis Lummus)
Lummus, Infant                b&d                      June 1894
   Child of V.V. & J.C .Lummus
Lummus, Infants               Unknown                  Unknown
   Children of Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Lummus
Lummus, James T. (Jim)       May 5,1895               April 8,1974
   (Husband of Myrtle Dolson Lummus)
Lummus, Jessie Lee           1921                     1999
   (Wife of Cornelius Lummus)
Lummus, John C. (Clinton)    October 22,1851          December 18,1914   WOW       Lummus on stone
Lummus, John Clinton         November 11,1895         October 16,1973
   (Husband of Minnie Ola Graham Lummus)  July 19,1920
Lummus, John D.               January 6,1943          April 15,1972
Lummus, John T.E. (Earl)     July 25,1871             May 2,1951
  (Husband of Rachel Lummus)
Lummus, John Elic            June 9,1908             July 16,1916
   (Son of J.C. & E.L. Lummus)
Lummus, John Thomas          February 18,1918         August 12,1919
   (Son of John Earl & Rachel Lummus)
Lummus, L.R.                  1868                     1875
   Daughter of J.C. & E.L. Lummus
Lummus, Lena Inez            July 1,1895             December 23,1967
   (Wife of Robert Lee Lummus)
Lummus, Lewis A. (Allen)     January 10,1915          February 5,1983
   (Husband of Grace Lummus)    PFC U.S. Army WWII
Lummus, Luther R.             December 20,1914         May 29,1942
   Tex. Sgt. 803 Engr. WWII     (Son of Mr. & Mrs. George Lummus)
Lummus, Mary Jane (Haskins)  December 22,1898         October 1, 1971
   (Wife of George Webb Lummus)
Lummus, M.J. Mrs.            July 15,1861            November 10,1917   (Mary Jane Parker)     (Wife of W.E. Lummus)
Lummus, Minnie Ola (Graham)  February 9,1905          July 16,1983
   (Wife of John C. Lummus)  m.July 19,1920
Lummus, Myrtle M. (Dolson)   August 5,1902            December 6,1966
   (Wife of James T. Lummus)
Lummus, Odis G.               August 22,1929          July 12,1957
Lummus, Rachel M. (Minerva)  May 17,1892              May 30,1947
   (Wife of John Earl Lummus)
Lummus, Robert Lee "Bob"     May 8,1890               October 30,1955
   (Husband of Lena Inez Lummus)
Lummus, V.(Vivien)V. (Oden)  December 18,1875         October 24,1898
   (Wife of J.C. Lummus)
Lummus, W.E. (William Edward)December 20,1852         September 2,1897
   (Husband of Mary Parker Lummus)
Lummus, Wm.T. (Thomas)       February 6,1826          June 29,1901
   (Husband of Doll Mason Lummus)
    Reserved Co. Beat 3, Freestone C. 19th Brig
Lummus, Wallace Reid         June 19,1925             June 4,1988
   (Son of John & Minnie Lummus)    PFC U.S. Army WWII
Lummus, William (Winiford)   July 18,1922             September 25,1981
   Double stone w/bro Doyle Lummus
Lyon, Infant                  October 15,1885         October 25,1855
   (Son of W.T. & C.B. Lyon)
Malone, Eva                   January 30,1890         August 6,1923
   Wife of J.E. Malone
Manor, Robert Dean Jr."Butch"September 11,1955        August 4,1990
Manor, Robert D. Sr.         April 27,1938            April 10,2000
Martin, Fannie Yerby         1871                     1892
Martin, Infant                April 19,1893           April 20,1893
   Daughter of J.L. & M.L. Martin
Martin, Infant                December 3,1891         December 6,1891
   Son of J.L. & M. L. Martin
Martin, Infant                August 25,1894          August 27,1894
   Son of J.L. & M.L. Martin
Martin, Infant                --------                 September 16,1896
   Daughter of J.L. & M.L. Martin
Mason, Fannie                 October 18,1803         April 15,1872     (Frances Blackerby)    Wife of John Mason
McAlister, Billy C.          June 25,1933             living
   (Husband of Geneva McAlister)
McAlister, Geneva Y. (Kratz) November 26,1938         living
McCarty, John W.              January 28,1861          January 18,1931
   Buffalo Death Records; site unknown
McIntosh, Felton R. (Robert) October 25,1898          October 20,1965  b. Robertson Co.
McIntosh, John Edd           July 21,1886            September 20,1944
   Son of Wm & N.B. McIntosh
McIntosh, Nancy Brack        April 21,1868            August 10,1946
   (Wife of Wm. McIntosh)
Monk, Ardis Arden            1940                     1940
   (Son of Clifford & Maple Monk)
Monk, Clifford                May 4,1913               November 18,1968
   (Husband of Maple Monk)
Monk, Clifford Dale          1952                     1952
   (Son of Clifford & Maple Monk)
Monk, Maple                   February 22,1917        (September 5,1997)
   (Wife of Clifford Monk)
Monk, Vernell                 1938                     1938
   (Son of Clifford & Maple Monk)
Moore, Gladys                 November 22,1914        November 14,1915
   Daughter of R.H. & M.A. Moore
Moore, Gwendolyn R.          July 19,1960             February 28,1961
Moore, Hollie R.              June 16,1891             May 5,1960
   (Husband of Mittie A. Moore)
Moore, Mittie A.              (1888)                   (May 5,1965)
   (Wife of Hollie R. Moore)
Moore, Willie                 February 14,1912        August 2,1920
   Son of F.P. & Corrie Moore
Neely,Ella                    1854                     1941
   Wife of A.J. Neely)
Neely, A.J.                   1848                     1934
   (Husband of Ella Neely)
O'Briant,(Agnes Lucille(Owen)December 25,1917         February 7,1998
Owen, Bessie M. (Marie)      (October 20),1895        (October 7),1990
   (Wife 0f Roy L. Owen)
Owen, Cloyd                   1934                     1936
   (Son of Roy & Bessie Owen)
Owen, Hazel Mae (Allen)      1919                     1966
   (Wife of J.W. Edell Owen)
Owen, J.W. Edell              (March 31),1924          (June 3),1979
   (Husband of Hazel Mae Allen Owen)    U.S. Army WWII
Owen, Roy Howard              July 7,1928               August 27,1972
   Pvt. Army Air Forces WWII
Owen, Roy L.                  1893                      1960
   (Husband of Bessie Owen)
Pate, Johnie Lionel          August 29,1930            January 8,1931
   Son of Mr. & Mrs. L.W. Pate
Pate, Lurene                  December 2,1915          November 5,1932
   Daughter of J.N. & Lizzie Bain
Pate, Mildred Mabel          1911                      1936
   (Daughter of May & Ausbery Pate)
Penland, Elmer Reed          June 3,19332              July 23,1990
   Pvt. U.S. Army Korea
Penland, Infant               1938                      1938   
   (Son of S.A. & Nettie Penland)
Penland, Joyce Marion        November 22,1930        July 29,1987
Penland, Nettie (Woodard)    March 31,1909           living
   (Wife of S.A. Penland)
Penland, Sydney A. (Abe)     February 1,1899         October 27,1958
   (Husband of Nettie Penland)
Raines, A.W.                  September 8,1860        January 8,1917
Rayborn, Stephen Craig       May 16,1965              May 16,1965
   (Son of Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Rayborn)
Reese, Ben F.                 1875                     1938    
   (Husband of Mallie Reese)    
Reese, Mallie                 1875                     1951
   (Wife of Ben F. Reese)  
Roll, Al                 Concrete Block Marker        No Dates
   (Husband of Pauline Lummus Roll)
Shue, Eddie Ray               October 21,1934         January 16,1935
   Son of Ruth & Ed Shue
Smith, Emma M. (Crim)        September 26,1893        February 1,1984
Smith, Lee Erwin              March 20,1925            August 19,1991
Smith, Lewis Washington      March 2,1928             living
Squyres, Alma G.(Gertrude Bain)March 12,1906          March 18,1983
   (Wife of Charlie B. Squyres)  m. July 28,1923
Squyres, Charlie Britton     August 8,1897            April 4,1982
   (Husband of Alma Squyres)
    Pvt. U.S. Army WWII
Squyres, Hazel E.            June 12,1921            January 13,1990
   (Wife of T.E. Squyres)    m. September 12,1936
Squyres, Martin L.           1866                     1926
   (Husband of Pink Squyres)
Squyres, Maudine              July 21,1927             February 2,1939
   (Daughter of C.B. & Alma Squyres) 
Squyres, Pink                 1879                     1937
   (Wife of Martin L. Squyres)
Squyres, T.E. "Dock"         April 4,1914            December 19,1975
   (Son of MArtin l. & Pink Squyres)
   (Husband of Hazel E. Squyres)  m. September 12,1936
Squyres, Wiley F. (Felton)   May 21,1904              October 2,1990
Stephens,Gladys (Alice) Cameron  May 14,1919          November 24,1983
Stone, Claude F.              April 13,1897            January 20,1980
   (Son of Isaac & Sarah Stone)
Stone, Cora                   1879                     1937
   (Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Stone)
Stone, Dorris Eugene         February 6,1928          October 2,1985
   (Husband of Laura Sue Lee Stone) m. March 29,1952
    U.S. Navy Korea
Stone, Isaac                  1848                     (January 7),1937
Stone, Laura Sue Lee         June 16,1935              living
   (Wife of Dorris Stone)     m. March 29,1952
Stone, Nettie L.(Lucille)    October 15,1907           January 23,1991
   (Wife of Claude Stone)
Stone, Sarah E.               1862                      1937
   (Wife of Isaac Stone)
Stone, Wayne                  September 20,1951        April 12,1970
   (Son of Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Stone)
Taylor, J.R.                  March 29,1881            April 12,1931
Taylor, J.W. Site Unknown    65 years                  September_,1938
Taylor, John Uncle           August 7,1878            January 24,1939
Thompson, J.A.H.              July 10,1850              October 1,1928
Varner, Cullen Tait          b&d                       November 17,1993
   Son of Calvin & Trina Varner
White, Uncle Dave            abt 1864                  1938
   Husband of Aunt Sue White
White, Aunt Sue               1860                      1941
   Wife of Uncle Dave White
White, Lola Amanda Penland   March 2,1936              July 6, 1988
Whitlock, Lina A.             September 20,1915         March 22,2000
Williams, Conrad C.          October 23,1897           July 22,1949
   (Husband of Algerata Williams) m. March 12,1921    Father of Edith, Ethel, & Bill
Williams, David Willard      February 1,1932           November 27,1997
   A3C U.S. Air Force Korea  Father of Larry, Rita, Mary, Terry, & Ester
Williams, Eric                July 17,1974             July 4,1993
Williams, Infant              December 6,1930           December 12,1930
   (Son of Conrad & Algerata Williams)
Williams, Jennifer Shawn "Jennie" November 15,1972    December 13,1991
Williams, Leon Paul           April 18,1967           November 19,1967
   (Son of David & Francis Williams)
Williams, Myrtle A. (Algeretta)March 11,1904           November 7,1996
   (Wife of Conrad Williams)   m. March 12,1921
    Mother of Edith, Ethel, Bill, Wilson & David
Winchester, Evie (Lucille) Lummus  July 7,1930         September 18,1992
   (Wife of Marion G. Winchester)
Winchester, Ida                October 2,1898          October 27,1898
   Daughter of J.W. & R. Winchester
Winchester, Marion G.         November 20,1920         living
   (Husband of Evie L. Winchester)
Winchester, Rachel             August 3,1876            October 24,1912
   Wife of J.W. Winchester
Woodard, Bennie                September 19,1901       November 4,1903
    Son of M.F. & Mary M. Woodard
Woodard, C.D.    etched rock; barely legible           Unknown                  Unknown      
Woodard, Dugan                 May 5,1892              March 6,1934
   (Son of M.F. & Mary Woodard)
Woodard, Franklin  WOW        January 5,1886           August 9,1909
   Son of M.F. & Mary Woodard
Woodard, Infant                b&d                      May 5,1892
   Son of M.F. & Mary Woodard
Woodard, Marion F. (Francis)  December 3,1858          June 7,1977
   (Husband of Mary M. Woodard)
Woodard, Mary m.               November 14,1868        April 17,1923 
   Wife of Marion F. Woodard
Woodard, Nettie (Susan Jones) October 28,1896          September 18,1981
   (Daughter of Columbus Jones & Mary Lathrop)    (Wife of Dugan Woodard)
    Mother of Wilma, Oma, & Evan
Woodard, Raymond               June 4,1914              December 12,1935
   (Son of John & Clara Woodard)
Woodard, Vernie                March 23,1918           November 23,1918
   (Son of John & Clara Woodard)
Woodard, Willie                July 13,1898            August 21,1906
   Son of M.F.& Mary Woodard

The Lummus Cemetery dates from 1872 . The first land was donated by Andrew Lummus.
From the W.T.Lummus Survey. Several years later, W.F. Graham & his wife, Ida, donated land from W.F. Graham Survey.

Researched in 1965 and updated in 1981 by Mrs. Hester Pate. Surveyed and updated February 2000 by Leola Pate, Marjorie Bridges and Nova King (represents three generations).