Tanglewood Cemetery

aka Hugh Wilson Cemetery

Tanglewood, Lee Co , Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Carol Martin

 At Tanglewood, on Hwy. 77, you would go west on 415 (there are signs on the highway for both Hugh Wilson Cem. and Tanglewood Christian Camp at this intersection).  Approx. 1/2 m. down 415, you would turn right on 456 (and there is also a sign here for Hugh Wilson Cem.) and this short road takes you right to the cemetery     

Joshua Thomas Vick and family came to Lee Co., TX with  a wagon train in the winter of 1869 - 70, to begin a new life after the War between the States.  The family of  Richard Thomas Purser eventually came on to Lee County Tx in 1874, having gone first to AR.   Richard Thomas Purser was father of Wm. M. 'Bill' Purser whose marker is  included here.