Kendall County,  Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Submitted by: Catharine Schwarz 

Wrenn Cemetery is located near Kreutzberg, Kendall County, Texas.

Blair Charlotte no dates 
Blair, Hannah no dates 
Brown, Howard d. 1922 
Brown, Tom d. 1932 
City, Mary d. 1954 
City, Robin d. 1937 
Clark, Charlie no dates 
Clark, Jean no dates 
Clark, Lillie d. 1939 
Clark, Martha no dates 
Clark, Richard d. 1939 
Clark, Mrs. Richard no dates 
Davis, Era d. 1983 
Davis, Curtis no dates 
Davis, Ferdinand d. 1965 
Davis, Gordon no dates 
Davis, Hattie d. 1956 
Davis, Ida Wrenn d. 1950 
Davis, Otto no dates 
Davis Richard no dates 
Davis, William, Sr. d. 1933 
Davis, Willie d. 1969 
Edmondson, Jeanette no dates 
Eggleston, A. W. d. 1971 
Eggleston, Amanda Wrenn no dates 
Eggleston, Jeff d. 1968 
Eggleston, Riley d.1963 
Eggleston, Wallie d. 1966 
Ferrell, Ben d. 1946 
Ferrell, Emma d. 1966 
Ferrell, Eugene d. 1961 
Hemphill, Manuel no dates 
Holmes, C. F. d. 1971 
Holmes, Pearl d. 1970 
Houston, Idelia Brown d. 1929 
Meadows, E d. 1966 
Meadows, Florence d. 1969 
Meadows, I. W. d. 1972 
Norman, Eleanor d. 1965 
Robinson, Minnie d. 1956 
Smith, Edna d. 1956 
Street, Albert no date 
Street,Amanda no date 
Street, Beulah no date 
Street, Clarence no date 
Street, Jim no date 
Street, Mann no date 
Street, Martha no date 
Street, Martha no date 
Street, Penny no date 
Street, Richard no date 
Thomas, Ben d. 1968 
Warren, Adam no date 
Warren, Charles d. 1931 
Warren Cornelius no date 
Warren, Jimmie no date 
Warren, John no date 
Warren, Maltize no date 
Warren, Mrs. John no date 
Warren, Samuel 1939 
Washington, Jack 1938 
Wilbon, Susan Warren 1951 
Williams, Carolyn Davis1946 
Wrenn, Alex 1924 
Wrenn, Charlotte 1943 
Wrenn, Clara3 Mar 1913 
Wrenn, Ezekie 17 Feb 1952 
Wrenn, Grant 1954 
Wrenn, Hamlett no date 
Wrenn, Jackie 1918 
Wrenn, Lee no date 
Wrenn, Lillie d. 1969 
Wrenn, Lizzie d. 1935 
Wrenn, Peter no date 
Wrenn, Robert d 1943 
Wrenn, Sophia d 1971 
Wrenn, Walter d 1955 
Wrenn, William no dates 

Information taken from a survey of cemeteries by members of Boerne Area Historical Preservation Society in 1983