The Lawrence Cemetery

Lawrence, Kaufman Co. Cemeteries of TX

Photos by Jerry Hicks

The Lawrence Cemetery is located just to the north of the town of Lawrence, in Kaufman County.  There is a cemetery sign on the west side of the town of Lawrence.  Go north a few blocks and another sign directs you to the east.  Just follow the road and look for the cemetery.  It will be on the north side of the road.

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Lawrence also has a beautiful Historical Marker

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In 1873, soon after the Texas and Pacific Railroad

built a line through this area, a Group of investors formed the Texas Colony Association

with the Goal of promoting a town.    named for one of the Company Directors.  The town of Lawrence

was established and soon boasted numerous homes and businesses.  This community Cemetery

began that same year with the burial of seven month old Katie D. Hibbler, including those

of many pioneers.  The Lawrence Cemetery stands as a reminder of the Area's Early History.