Withers Cemetery

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Monica Petty & Karen Gilchriest

Date of recording  June 19, 2001

Directions: Turn on Hwy 1004 in Buna at the red-light intersection of Hwy 96 North and Hwy 96 South, go approx 7.7 miles and turn left on County Rd. 700; go approx 1.8 miles and the cemetery will be on top of the hill on the right side of the road, next to the Fairveiw Community Cemetery (The only sign is on The Withers Cemetery entrance) This is a very old family cemetery and some of the tombstones were very hard to read. We apologize for  any mistakes we may have made, they were unintended. Our goal was to record  the information on the tombstones for future generations. Many of the markers date back to the mid-1800's.There were also some burial sites with no markers
at this time, but we will update the index in the fall. Many people may remember this community by the name it was called for over
100 years. This small community was known as Cairo Springs.

Included are  Notes on the Stone Condition

Bean, Fletcher       24 Nov.1896-13 Apr.1897 "Little Son of B.f. & McLerie
          E.Bean , Here Rest the Sweetest Bud  Of Hope That E'er To Human
          Wish Was Given"        Poor Condition
Bean, Sarah Angeline 11 Apr.1857- 28 May 1927 "Wife of Dr.B.F.Bean " 
          Fair Condition
Catherwood, Josephine B. 17 Dec.1835-1 Jun.1879   "Aunt of Y.J. Withers-
          Honored Beloved and Wept Here. Mothe's Body Lies-- Her Spirit At
          Rest With Jesus "    Poor Condition
Claud, Frieda May       5 Feb.1902-17 Mar.1903 "Daughter of W.H. & S.A.
         Claud age 1 Year 1 Month & 12 Days , Sleep on Sweet Babe and Take
         Thy Rest" God Called Thee Home He Thought It Best"  Fair condition
Cousins, Mertice Withers   2 Nov.1910-11 Jul.1979     Excellent Condition
Doyen, Fred      15 Sep.1933-10 Mar.1979 "Sometimes I Feel Like A Sad Song
         Like I Am All Alone Without You." Excellent Condition
Doyen, Kervin Randall    1 Feb.1964-10 Mar.1979  "Sometimes I feel Like A
         Sad Song Like I Am All Alone Without You"    Excellent Condition
Flemings, Talitha Rebecca   6 Sep.1818 - 9 Jun.1877    "Drop the Anchor,
          Fire The Sail, I Am Safe Witin The Vail"   Poor condition
Freeman A.J.    ....d. 9 Mar.1905 age 85 years       Excellent Condition
Freeman Archie J.    1889-1889                       Excellent Condition  
Freeman Charles M.   14 Jan.1926- 23 Jan.1951   "Resting"    TEXAS CPL 72
        TANK BN 2 INF.DIV.WWII"     Good Condition
Freeman Docia      1864-1889                         Excellent Condition      
Freeman Jesse J.   15 Aug.1897-19 Nov.1966 "At Rest" Excellent Condition
Freeman Joseph B.  10 Jan.1858-8 Nov.1918            Excellent Condition
Freeman Lavemia   29 Jan   1871-30 Apr.1919          Excellent Condition
Freeman Ollie M.     30 Nov.1905-12 Dec.1991  "At Rest"  
        Excellent Condition
Freeman Stephanie R.  8 Dec.1873-8 Dec.1973     Good Condition/ Weathered
Freeman Tenie   1906-1907                            Excellent Condition
Gandy, Carroll  14 Jul.1895-18 Oct.1897       'Son of J.T.& F.M. Gandy "
        Excellent Condition
Gandy, D. J.  27 Aug.1878- 7 Nov.1952 "At Rest"      Excellent Condition
Gandy, Mrs. T. E.  20 Jun.1851-30 Sep.1932  "Having Finished Life's Duty
       She Now Sweetly Rests"   Excellent Condition
Gandy, Nora P. 27 Sep.1907-6 Dec.1907 "Sweetly Sleeping"  Poor Condition
Haney, James A.   18 Feb.1828-25 May 1898      "Blessed Are The Pure In
        Heart For They Shall See God"                    Good Condition
Haney, Susan D.  9 Nov.1842-2 Jun.1909  "Remember Friend As You Pass By.
       As You Are Now So Once Was I, And As I Am Now You Must Be, Prepare
       For Death And Follow Me"  Poor Condition
Haynes, James Emory  13 Apr.1907-.....   Footstone:  James Emory Haynes
       S1 US NAVY WWII 13 Apr.1907-12 Jan.1994       Excellent Condition
Haynes, Madalene   Withers 2 Feb.1921-16 Nov.1986    Excellent Condition
Hilgemeier, Henry C.   1 Jun.1933-21 Nov.1999  "Burr Paw- I Am With You
       Always, TTT & Lo."                            Excellent Condition
Hilgemeier, Jane W.   3 Nov.1932-ndd  "Granny I am With You Always , TTT
        & Lo"   Excellent Condition
Hughes, Herman Bundy     9 Aug.1913-1 Dec.2000    Funeral Home Marker 
       -Fair Condition
Hughes, John  10 May 1946-6 Oct.1999                Excellent Condition
Martin, Beulah J.     17 Jun.1924-5 Jun.1925 "Sweetly Sleeping"
        Poor Condition
Morgan, James   23 Jan.1828-8 Aug.1888        "In Memory of James Morgan-
       Age 60 Years, 6 Mos and 16 Days. "Enter Thou Info The Joy Of The
       Lord. Sweetly Resting Here Secure From All Alarms. Although We
       Grieve Still We Believe Them Safe In Jesus Arms"   Fair Condition
Morgan, Nancy  6 Nov.1834- 9 Mar 1897 "In Memory of Nancy Morgan ,Wife of
       James Morgan - Age 62 Years, 4 Mos, and 3 Days. Blessed Are The Dead
       Which Die in the Lord.                          Fair condition
Oldes, H. T.    21 Aug. 1867-23 Sep.1887 "Son of James P. & Crissy Oldes,
       10 Years & 2 Days, Gone But Not Forgotten"         Poor Condition
Pechinpaugh, Mary Johnileen Withers  17 Dec.1918-26 Jan.1998  Footstone
       reads DAR, DRT,PTA,UMW  Historical Note:  Daughter of American
       Revolution, Daughter of the Republic of Texas" " Beloved Wife &
Peckinpauch, June W.   5 Dec.1917-ndd     Excellent Condition
Pritchet, John W.           ...25 1804-2 Jul.....     "Blessed Are They
      That Have Part In The First Resurection" Broken into 3 pieces and
Taylor, Johnny Newton      1873-1957                 Excellent Condition
Taylor, Lula Lee           1882-1988                 Excellent Condition
Taylor, Rosie Lee 12 Mar.1912-17 Jun.1994  "Loving Sister" 
       Excellent Condition
Westbrook, Billie     16 Nov.1862-20 Jun.1866  "Son of Mr.& Mrs
       W.B.Westbrook"   Good Condition
Westbrook, Nannie    23 Mar.1870-8 Nov.1874 "Daughter of Mr.& Mrs.
       W.B. Westbrook" Good Condition
Wherry, Christine W.   4 Feb.1911-17 May 1988  "Nan Nan"  Eastern Star
       Excellent Conditon
Wherry, M. Edgeworth   8 Oct.1903-17 Mar. 1978  "Doc"  Mason  
       Excellent Condition
Whitley, Betty Lou  12 Jan.1929-3 May 1976 "Love"   Foot Stone: Betty
       Lou Andress Whitley " &  same dates           Excellent Condition
Williams N.A.  17 Jan.1861-ndd      "Daughter of Bryd & Nancy Williams
       aged 4 years, Beloved One Farewell"             Broken in pieces 
Williams T.B.   25 Dec.1884-25 Dec.1893  "Son of Byrd & Nancy Williams
       Gone But Not Forgotten" deteriorated/broken/   illegible condition
Williams W. R.  1 Sep.1862-28 Dec.1893 "His Words Were Kindness , His
       Deeds Were Love, His Spirit Humble, He Rests Above"  Poor Condition
Withers Baby  died 18 Nov.1907   "Infant Son of M.K.& Ida Withers" 
       Excellent Condition
Withers Bennie Terrell   1893-1976                   Excellent Condition
Withers Bernard M.  1 May 1897-9 Dec.1916 "God Took Him And He Now Is
       Another Link In Heaven"                       Fair Condition
Withers Bertice Justice         1890-1969       Excellent Condition
Withers C. Austin   27 Jan.1903-5 Mar.1985    Footstone: "Colonel Austin
       Withers PFC US Army" same dates            Excellent Condition
Withers Casey I.  1902-1965      Good Condition
Withers, Delia Maud  12 May 1879-19 Jul.1879 "Dau. of V.J. & J.B.Withers
        of Such Is The Kingdom of Heaven"             Poor Condition
Withers, Emma Gandy  23 Feb.1882-9 Nov.1903 "Wife of Massie Withers--
        Our Darling One Hath Gone Before, To Greet Us On The Blissful
        Shore"   Good Condition
Withers, Ida M.  1880-1969 "Aunt Ida"              Excellent Condition
Withers Ida Wright  29 Oct.1874-5 Aug.1902 "Wife of Robert C.Withers-
        She Shone Forth In Her Pure Sweet Love. As Loved One, Wife &
        Mother-God Has Taken Her To The Peaceful Home Above. All You
        Who Come To My Grave And See Prepare Yourselves To Follow Me ,
        Repent And Turn To God In Time, You May Be Taken In Your Prime"
        Poor Condition
Withers Infant Son  2 Sep.1914      "Infant Son of Robert C.And Mattie
        Lee Withers"  Excellent Condition
Withers James William  6 Jan.1907-23 Feb.1972         Excellent Condition
Withers Johnnie Valentine 31 Jul 1933-30 Jun 1963     Excellent Condition
Withers Josephine E.   17 Oct.1875-9 May 1956    "Aunt Birdie-- Blessed Are
        The Pure in Heart For They Shall See God"  Daughter of American
        Revolution Marker Excellent Condition
Withers. L. C. 7 Jun.1927-7 Jun.1927 "Our Baby L.C. -- Mr.& Mrs.C.I.Withers
        Good Condition
Withers. Laura       4 Sep.1868-23 Sep.1878 "Dau. of V.J. & J.B.Withers -
         Suffer Little Children To Come Unto Me"         Poor Condition
Withers Lessie 1906-1992                            Excellent Condition
Withers Linnie Elvira 26 Nov.1885-17 Dec.1974       Excellent Condition
Withers Louis V.(Tine) 14 Feb.1863-11 Dec.1945 "PaPa" Excellent Condition
Withers M.J. (Mattie)  8 Sep.1872-7 Mar.1951   "MaMa" Excellent Condition
Withers Margaret L.     13 Dec.1854-29 Oct.1927 "Gone But Not Forgotten--
        Mother- Wife of W.J.Withers"                    Good Condition
Withers Marlin  14 Sep.1880-2 Sep.1882  "Son of W.J.& M.L. Withers-Sleep
        on Sweet Baby and Take Thy Rest, God Called Thee Home, He Knew it
        Best"   Excellent Condition
Withers Matthew  1878-1959  "Uncle Massie"            Excellent Condition
Withers McLerie Elizabeth  28 Mar.1865-29 Mar.1897   "Mother- Our Darling
        One Hath Gone Before, To Greet Us On The Blissful Shore"  
        Fair Condition
Withers Penelope Delphine 20 Sep.1866-14 Aug.1882 "Weep Not Father And
        Mother For Me For I Am Waiting In Glory, For Thee"  Poor Condition
Withers Ruth   22 Jun.1922   "Infant dauther of Mr.& Mrs. J.V.Withers" 
        Fair Condition
Withers T. R.     3 Dec.1860-2 Aug.1902      "Father! Let They Grace Be
        Given That We May Meet In Heaven"    broken /tilted/ deteriorated
Withers Valentine J.  2 Jun.1818-3 Aug.1912  "We Miss Thee From Our Home,
        Dear Father, We Miss Thee From Thy Place. A Shadow O'er Our Life
        Is Cast, We Miss The Sunshine Of Thy Fac, We Miss Thy Care. Our
        Home is Dark Without Thee.We Miss The Everywhere"  Fair condition
Withers Valentine James  28 Oct.1908-28 Oct.1975 "Loving Brother"    
        Excellent Condition
Withers Vera Idell    28 Jan.1913-19 Jul.1970        Excellent Condition
Withers W.J.   4 Feb.1851-3 Dec.1917  "Gone But Not Forgotten--Father"
        Good Condition
Wright, Albert S.  1 Aug.1895-14 Sep.1953   "Gone From Our Home But Not
        From Our Hearts "Father"                    Excellent Condition
Wright, Beulah  6 Dec.1877-25 Oct.1949         "The Lord Is My Shepherd,
        I Shall Not Want" 23 rd Psalms "Sister"     Excellent Condition
Wright, Clara, Eugenia Withers 19 Mar.1860-5 Apr.1945 "Mother"" Wright,
        Wife of Jack Wright- The Lord Is My Sheppherd , I Shall Not Want"
        23rd Psalms      Good Condition
Wright, Jack 12 Sep.1857-2 Mar.1933 "Father " Wright"Behold, I Shew You
        A Mystery , We Shall Not All Sleep , But We Shall All Be Changed"
         1 St.Cor.15:51                                   Good Condition
Wright, Mary J.  5 Dec.1851-21 Dec.1929 "Age 78 Years - A Tender Mother
        And Faithful Friend-Savior Lead Me."             Poor Condition
Wright, Roena Angelin    28 Jul.1880-28 Jul.1882   "Daughter of Jackson
        & Cora R.Wright, God Blesses In An Early Death And ....."
        Poor Conditon , broken
Wright, Simpson  4 Jan.1853-28 Oct.1902 "Age 49 Years, 9 Mos, 24 Days
        -Savior Lead Me -Father, Let Thy Grace Be Given That We May Meet
         In Heaven"   Poor Condition
Wright, W.J. 31 Dec.1878-19 Aug.1960  " Gone , But Not Forgotten--Brother"
         Excellent Condition