Truett Cemetery

            Truett Historic Cemetery of Texas

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Imogene Pulleine


DIRECTIONS:   Located on County FM Road 298 between County 252 and County 777.  From Hwy 190 turn to left (or right) on to County Rd 252 and turn right on to County FM 298.   Cemetery is about .5 mi from this turn off, on a knoll, and to the right.  It is fenced and well kept though unmarked at this date.   There is an unlocked gate at the easement entry.


HISTORY:  Over time this cemetery gradually became known as the Truett Cemetery even though the first individuals buried there were Allens.  There is an Allen Cemetery on FM 777 a few miles from this cemetery.  Members of the family have always acknowledged that one acre was set aside in the property for a cemetery.   A few years ago a deed was filed in the Jasper County, Texas courthouse and recorded following the probate of the Thurston Truett estate.  This deed was filed by the owner at that time, Mary Lou Truett Trotti.


 SPECIAL NOTATIONS:   Unfortunately, there is one headstone which does not have a name or date.  The family assumes that as time progressed climatic conditions have eroded the limestone.   Several headstones are double and so noted in this list.

            In addition, there are four large rocks set into the ground (loosely) as if they represent head and foot markers for two gravesites.  None of the past few generations has a clue as to identities of individuals who might be buried there.  Nevertheless care has been taken to leave them in place.  These stones could have been there for more than one hundred years.

            Method for listing dates (by: m, d, y).  Also dates of birth & death have been included in this listing even though in some cases only the year is on the tombstone and in others only the name.

            Application was made to the Texas Historic Commission for a historical designation and was granted in 2008.  This is registered as Truett Cemetery Jasper County and recorded under a special category as a Historic Texas Cemetery .

            NAME                                                            Born                            Died


Allen, John (Citizens of Texas Marker)                     11/09/1795                  10/01/1864  - Double

Allen, Leurainy (Citizens of Texas Marker)               05/11/1811                  12/07/1858  - Double

Allen, George                                                              05/17/1842                  02/09/1862

Case, Douglas Paul                                                    11/01/1957                  04/09/1994     

Case, James David                                                     05/23/1962                  10/25/1992

Case, Irene (first name, Sally)                                   05/17/1917                  05/06/2008 - Double

Case, Rudolph                                                           11/11/1905                  11/26/1971 - Double  

Falgout, Robert Louis                                                04/21/1985                  04/21/1985

Hamilton, Rev. Beverly                                              09/09/1962                  12/12/2008

Hamilton, Christopher John                                       06/23/1899                  12/17/1981

Hamilton, Imogene Truett                                          04/09/1897                  01/12/1970

Hamilton, Joseph Warren                                           07/03/1929                  05/05/1941

Meshell, Nora Truett                                                   07/28/1925                  03/22/2001

Trotti, Mary Lou Truett                                              02/24/1929                  01/16/1991 - Double

Trotti, Robert G.                                                        02/24/1926                  08/16/1994 - Double

Truett,Baby(Sarah Frances,dtr of Gus&Alpha)            07/29/1936                       08/13/1936

Truett, Baby(infant of James & Martha)                       09-28-1958                  09/28/1958

Truett, Infant(Robert Arthur,son of Gus&Alpha)         01/17/1916                      01/25/1922

Truett, Alpha (Perkins) wife of Guss                            11/21/1892                  03/09/1972

Truett, W.H. Josh                                                       03/23/1892                  01/22/1918

Truett,  James Whitcomb                                           02/19/1929                  11/19/2009

Truett, John W. (William)                                           12/06/1857                  12/21/1936 - Double

Truett, Priscilla (Bloss)                                               02/10/1858                  12/21/1935 - Double   Truett, Thurston “Pete” – Texas Pvt.64 Inf.,

            7 Div (WWI)                                                  08/201894                   10/11/1951 - Double  

Truett, Lucy Ann (Martindale)                                   03/11/1900                  05/05/1978 – Double

Truett, Pamela Kay                                                     04/01/1952                  12/23/1975

Truett, Robert Ernest                                                  11/10/1915                  06/16/1972

Truett, Guss (Richard Augustus) Texas

            Chauffeur 662 Aero Sq (WWI)                     05/23/1888                  12/26/1942

Truett, Sandy  (wife of Joe Truett)

             (nee, Mary Cassandra Schlentz)                   03/01/1943                  11/02/1972

Truett, William B.”Bid” (Mason emblem                  11/18/1886                  03/31/1947