Smyth Cemetery

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX

Complied by Norman Stewart Martindale and Bernice Marshall Byerly Martindale
Submitted with permission by John Johnson

DIRECTIONS: From Jasper take 190 west to the airport, turn left on Farm Road 777. Go four and six-tenth miles, turn left on county road (dirt) and follow signs to cemetery.This cemetery is located about one-tenth of a mile east of the Texas Centennial marker placed here in 1936 marking the home site of George Washington Smyth (1803-1866) and his wife Francis Grigsby Smyth. It is believed that this cemetery began when their first child died in 1837. In the book “TEXAS RIVERMAN” page 44 by William Seals, Andrew Smyth, brother of George, talks about the death of Andrew ( Little Andy) Smyth, and the instructions from George that He select a site on Walnut Run Creek near the house for the child to be buried. There are other unmarked graves in this cemetery.George Washington Smyth was one of the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence, assisted in the drafting of the Constitution, was commissioned to survey the boundary between The Republic of Texas and the United States, was a member of the Texas Congress, Commissioner of the General Land Office, Member of the U. S. Congress, Delegate to the Texas Constitutional Convention of 1866. He died while attending this Convention in Austin February 21, 1866 and is buried in the Texas State Cemetery.

SMITH W. H.    (f) William George Smith   
b-2-27-1839    (m) Sarah Jackson
d-4-9-1896    (s) Emily Smyth

SMITH Emily    (f) George Washington Smyth
b-2-23-1845    (m) Francis M. Grigsby
d-8-31-1894    (s) W. H. Smith

SMITH Albert Sidney    (f) W. H. Smith
b-2-5-1881    (m) Emily Smyth
SMYTH Laura Alice    (f) Joseph Grigsby Smyth
b-11-17-1878    (m) Ella E. Green
SMYTH June    (f) Joseph Grigsby Smyth
b-10-10-1880    (m) Ella E. Green
SMYTH Roberta    (f) Joseph Grigsby Smyth
b-6-11-1883    (m) Ella E. Green
SMYTH Ella E.     (f) Thomas Green
b-10-27-1849    (m) Mary Armstrong
d-9-13-1883    (s) Joseph Grigsby Smyth

SMITH Jodie B.     (f) R. B. Smith
b-10-25-1901    (m Ella Smith

ADAMS Susan     (f) George Washington Smyth
b-2-25-1838    (m) Francis M. Grigsby
d-7-17-1855    (s) Samuel S. Adams
Susan Smyth Adams lived only a few months after her wedding. Her grave is the oldest marked grave in this cemetery.
SMYTH Jimmie    (f) George Washington Smyth
b-6-19-1842    (m) Francis M. Grigsby
SMYTH Andrew (Little Andy)    (f) George Washington Smyth
b-7-21-1835    (m) Francis M. Grigsby
This grave does not have a marker, however we believe that this was the first grave in this cemetery.
SMYTH Francis M.     (f) Joseph Grigsby
b-9-18-1809    (m) Sarah Sally Graham
d-3-5-1888    (s) George Washington Smyth

It is believed by some people, that Sarah Sally (Graham) Grigsby wife of Joseph Grigsby and the mother of Francis M.
Smyth are buried in an unmarked grave in this cemetery.
MAMMY Sylla   
(Our Black Mammy and Murr’s devoted life-long servant, buried here by Murr’s request)
This grave is located at the foot of Francis M. Smyth’s grave.