Smith Cemetery

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX

Complied by Norman Stewart Martindale and Bernice Marshall Byerly Martindale
Submitted with permission by John Johnson

DIRECTIONS: From Jasper take 190 west to the airport, turn left on Farm Road 777. Go seven and one-half miles, Cemetery is on the right side of the road.William George Smith and his wife Harrett (Johnson) Smith lost infant triplets in 1858 and they were buried in this cemetery. We believe that this was when the cemetery began. In 1860 William George Smith bought 364 acre of land from William Neyland in this area. He was drowned in the Neches River in 1867 and was buried here.Over the years it became known as the Old Smith Cemetery and was used by the people that lived in the community as a final resting place for their loved ones.We did not find any records of a deed for this land until 1968 when W. T. Minyard sold the land that he owned in Wyatt Hanks League. It was at this time that a block of land 100 feet by 100 feet under fence being known as the Old Smith Cemetery was set aside.

ARRINGTON Wm. P.    (f) William James Arrington
b-1887        (m) Sillesteen Alston
d-1963        (s) Etta Smith (Ratcliff)
Wm. P. Arrington was the second spouse of Etta Smith.
ARRINGTON Etta    (f) William Grigsby Smith
b-1890        (m) Sudie Newman
d-1962        (s1) W. E. Ratcliff
        (s2) Wm. P. Arrington
GLENN James Perry    (f) Richard Glenn
b-7-16-1891    m) Sarah Florence Thompson
d-5-24-1965    (s) Rubt Ledra Minyard

GLENN Ruby Ledra     (f) William Minyard
b-9-21-1912    (m) Lillie Holten
d-2-2-1990    (s) James Perry Glenn

GLENN Janice Glenn Sheffield    (f) James Perry Glenn
b-2-11-1942    (m) Ruby Ledra Minyard
d-5-19-1985    (s) Jerry Sheffield

GLENN J. N.     (f) H. A. Glenn
b-2-22-1871    (m) Mary Ann Smith
d-2-9-1904    (s)

GLENN H. A.     (f) James Glenn
b-5-31-1839    (m) Elizabeth Grigsby
d-6-9-1917    (s) Mary Ann Smith

GLENN Tommie Proctor    (f) Richard Glenn
b-7-12-1889    (m) Sarah Florence Thompson
d-6-28-1948    (s) Mattie Mae Minyard

GLENN Mattie Mae Minyard    (f) William F. Minyard
b-2-29-1892    (m) Mollie Grimes
d-10-15-1944    (s) Tommie Proctor Glenn

GLENN Florence    (f) Tommie Proctor Glenn
b-12-19-1911    (m) Mattie Mae Minyard
GRIMES Amanda    (f) ---- Holloman
b-8-11-1850    (m)
d-4-26-1927    (s) Jerry Grimes

GRIMES Jerry    (f) Frank Grimes
b-4-22-1845    (m) Winnie Willis
d-4-15-1921    (s) Amanda Holloman

GRIMES Nellie    (f) Frank Grimes
b-1-20-1857-    (m) Winnie Willlis
d-2-22-1923    (s) never married

HARRELL Baby    (f)
nd        (m) Thelma Philips
HARRINGTON Mary Ida    (f) William J. Cotton
b-1871        m) Mary E. Mayshaw
d-1967        (s) J. J. Harrington

HERRINGTON William James    (f) J. J. Harrington
b-10-18-1894    (m) Mary Ida Cotton
d-3-2-1977    (s)

HINSON W. F. (Bill)    (f) William Francis Hinson Sr.
b-7-31-1924    (m) Mary Watts
d-10-8-1992    (s) Joyce Beasley

HINSON Joyce    (f) Henry M. Beasley Jr.
b-6-17-1926    (m) Vera Mae Harris
nd        (s) W. F. (Bill) Hinson

HOLTON W. H.     (f) Thomas Holton
b-12-25-1847    (m) Sarah
d-12-21-1938    (s) Laura E. Smith

HOLTON Laura E.     (f) William Geotge Smith
b-8-8-1853    (m) Harriett Newell Johnson
d-7-15-1930    (s) W. H. Holton

HOLTON Clara    (f) W. H. Holton
nd        (m) Laura E. Smith
HOLTON Albert    (f) W. H. Holton
nd        (m) Laura E. Smith
HOLTON Abner Lee    (f) W. H. Holton
nd        (m) Laura E. Smith
HOLTON Charlie    (f) W. H. Holton
nd        (m) Laura E. Smith
HOLTON Robert    (f) W. H. Holton
nd        (m) Laura E. Smith
HOLTON A, D,     (f) W. H. Holton
b-1880        (m) Laura E. Smith
d-1967        (s) Jessie Newman

HORGER James Milton    (f) Clyde Roy Horger
b-11-12-1946    (m) Ollie Carpenter
KINES Lisa Yvonne    (f) Billy Carlton Kines
b-4-6-1967    (m) Linda Singletary
KINES Billy C. Kines    (f) Billy Forest Kines
b-10-23-1944    (m) Lillie Mae Pittman
d-1-12-1972    (s) Linda Singletary

LINSEY Ida E.     (f) Wes Linsey
b-1897        (m) Amanda Ellis
LINSEY William L.    (f) Wes Linsey
b-4-6-1889    (m) Amanda Ellis
MASSEY Charley    (f) John M. Massey
d-10-22-1904    (m) Julia A. Payne
b-2-26-1968    (s) Vance Smith

MASSEY Vance    (f) Wm. Grigsby Smith
b-8-23-1907    (m) Sudie Newman
d-9-26-1994    (s) Charley Massey

MASSEY John M.     (f) Matthew M. Massey
b-3-14-1865    (m) Margaret Cochran
d-7-29-1950    (s) Julia A. Payne

MASSEY Julia A.     (f) Hiriam Payne
b-12-15-1875    (m) Mary H. Hallmark
d-3-18-1950    (s) John M. Massey

McKAGUE John Wilbur    (f) Ora Wilson McKague
b-11-6-1915    (m) Ella Elpha
d-1-19-1987    (s) Edna Davis

McKAGUE Edna Davis    (f) Edward Calvin Davis
b-7-23-1918    (m) Lillie Lorane Holloman
nd        (s) John Wilbur McKague

MILLER Estus    (f) W. R. Miller
b-4-11-1916    (m)
nd        (s) Virginia Massey

MILLER Virginia    (f) Charley Massey
b-2-20-1927    (m) Vance Smith
nd        (s) Estus Miller

MINYARD Thomas A.     (f) Vines Minyard
b-1892        (m) Lecie Bowen
d-1951        (s) Arvie A. Davis

MINYARD Arvie A.    (f) Sam Houston Davis
b-1899        (m) Mary Rawls
d-11-18-1997    (s1) Thomas A. Minyard
        (s2) James Leo Rawls
MINYARD William Thomas (Dub)    (f) Thomas A. Minyard
b-12-10-1919    (m) Arvie A. Davis
d-3-23-1996    (s) Francis Lorena Ratcliff

MINYARD Francis Lorena    (f) Milford Lee Ratcliff
b-10-18-1924    (m) Tressie Smith
nd        (s) William Thoimas Minyard

PHILLIPS John W.    (f) John Wesley Phillips
b-7-26-11893    (m) Ruthie Hughes
d-5-4-1954    (s) Ardell M.Murphy

PHILLIPS Ardell M.    (f) Sam William Murphy
b-l4-12-1892    (m) Armetha Myers
d-2-23-1994    (s) John W. Phillips

PHILLIPS Lee Boyce    (f) John W. Phillips
b-10-31-1914    (m) Ardell M. Myers
PHILLIPS Lee Troyce    (f) John W. Philips
b-5-23-1918    (m) Ardell M. Murphy
PITTMAN Walter A.    (f) J. L. Pittman
b-1874        (m) Minnie Lee Ethridge
d-1975        (s) Willie Mae Massey

PITTMAN Willie M.    (f) John M. Massey
b-1900        (m) Julia A. Payne
d-1965        (s) Walter A. Pittman

RATCLIFF Worthy S. (Fat Boy)    (f) Willie E. Ratcliff
b-1-7-1917    (m) Etta S. Smith
d-12-30-1968    (s)

RATCLIFF W. E.     (f) Charley E. Ratcliff
b-11-19-1887    (m) Laura L. Walker
d-1-5-1919    (s) Etta Smith
W. E. Ratcliff was the firsr spouse of Etta Smith.
RAWLS James Leo    (f) Sebe Rawls
b-6-30-1904    (m) Nettie
d-5-2-1980    (s) Arvie A. Davis (Minyard)

RICH Walter    (f) G. L. Rich
b-8-5-1874    (m) Rebecca J. Tucker
RICH Henry    (f) George L. Rich
b-3-20-1865    (m) Hester A. Cruse
SARGENT Jay I.     (f) Jake Sargent
b-1-25-1908    (m) Julia Gordial
d-2-19-1993    (s) Alberta M. Heinecke

SARGENT Alberta M.    (f) Albert Heinecke
b-12-7-1912    (m) Mae Bebee
d-6-10-1998    (s) Jay I. Sargent

SMITH Lucius Walker     (f) William George Smith
b-9-26-1859    (m) Harrett Newell Johnson
d-1-7-1946    (s) Theodocia Earnest Wilson

SMITH Theodocia Earnest    (f) James M. Wilson
b-4-6-1862    (m) Sarah Ann Haynes
d-11-3-1945    (s) Lucius Walker Smith

SMITH Inf. Dau.    (f) Lucius Walker Smith
b-4-10-1894    (m) Theodocia Earnest Smith
SMITH Aubrey    (f) John F.Smith
b-1887        (m) Louse D.Tucker
d-1971        (s) Never married

SMITH Ralph    (f) John F. Smith
b-1891        (m) Louse D.Tucker
SMITH John F.     (f) William George Smith
b-10-24-1856    (m) Harrett Newell Johnson
d-12-21-1911    (s) Louise D.Tucker

SMITH Louisa D.    (f) William Beard Tucker
b-4-1-1862    (m) Susan Bradford
d-7-26-1924    (s) John F. Smith

SMITH Edgar    (f) John F. Smith
b-11-12-1889    (m) Louise D.Tucker
d-9-22-1955    (s) Nora Mae-

SMITH Nora Mae    (f)
b-1902        (m)
d-1974        (s) Edgar Smith

SMITH Fred Doka    (f) John F. Smith
b-5-12-1894    (m) Louise D.Tucker
SMITH Leota Estella     (f) John F. Smith
b-8-18-1885    (m) Louise D. Tucker
SMITH Green B.    (f) William George Smith
b-3-28-1844    (m) Sarah Jackson
d-1-18-1912    (s) Elizabeth A. Tucker

SMITH Elizabeth A.    (f) William Beard Tucker
b-6-29-1844    (m) Susan Bradford
d-1-2-1930    (s) Green B. Smith

SMITH Wm. Clyde    (f) Green B. Smith
b-7-29-1873    (m) Elizabeth A. Tucker
d-12-30-1936    (s) Pearl Henderson

SMITH Inf Dau.    (f) Green B. Smith   
nd        (m) Elizabeth A.Tucker
SMITH Mattie    (f) Green B. Smith
b-6-22-1879    (m) Elizabeth A. Tucker
SMITH Wm. G.    (f) John Smith (Rev)   
b-1809    (m) Delilah Dozier
d-1867    (s) H. N. Johnson
Wm. G. (William George) Smith first wife was Sarah Jackson. We believe that she is buried in Thomas County Georgia. They
were the parents of ten children.
SMITH H. N.     (f) Daniel Johnson
b-4-30-1827    (m) Mary Fergurson
d-2-18-1897    (s) Wm. G. Smith
H. N. (Harrett Newell) Johnson was the second spouse of Wm. G.(William George) Smith. They were the parents of eleven children.
SMITH Inf. Son    (f) William George Smith
10-2-1858    (m) Harrett Newell Johnson

SMITH Inf. Dau    (f) William George Smith
10-1-1858    (M) Harrett Newell Johnson

SMITH Inf. Dau.    (f) William George Smith
10-2-1858    (m) Harrett Newell Johnson

SMITH Wm. Grigsby Smith    (f) William George Smith
b-1-20-1864    (m) Harrett Newell Johnson
d-1-9-1942    (s) Sudie Newman

SMITH Sudie    (f) Benjamin Knapp Newman
b-10-20-1870    (m) Jency Harriett Wright
d-10-26-1909    (s) William Grigsby Smith

SMITH Elvin O.     (f) William Grigsby Smith
b-7-16-1898    (m) Sudie Newman
d-10-11-1976    (s) Julia F. Smith

SMITH Julia F.     (f) Wesley Smith
b-4-3-1907    (m) Jessie-
d-5-26-1995    (s) Elvin O. Smith

SMITH Walter Edgar    (f) Walter Edgar Smith Sr.
b-4-13-1913    (m) Pearl Lanier
d-4-2-1983    (s) Louise Conger

SMITH Louise Conger    (f) Claude Conger
b-2-21-1915    (m) Lottie Chapman
d-10-30-1990    (s) Walter Edgar Smith

SMITH Inf. Dau.    (f) Albert Smith Sr.
b- not known    (m) Edna West
d- not known
This baby still-born was buried in this Cemetery, Grave is unmarked. This information was furnished by Albert L.
Smith Jr. 1811 Locksford Houston, Texas 77008.

THOMPSON Nathaniel    (f) Ephraim Thompson
b-4-23-1836    (m) Susannah Grigsby
d-12-10-1884    (s) Caroline Smith

THOMPSON Caroline Smith    (f) William George Smith
b-7-15-1845    (m) Sarah Jackson
d-1-5-1909    (s) Nathaniel Thompson

WILLIAMS Toney Lee (Butch)    (f) Tonney Williams
b-2-4-1950    (m) Minnie Lee Pittman