Sanders Cemetery

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX

Complied by Norman Stewart Martindale and Bernice Marshall Byerly Martindale
Submitted with permission by John Johnson

DIRECTIONS: From Jasper take 190 west to the airport, turn left on Farm Road 777. Go five and six-tenth miles Cemetery is on the left side of the road.Sarah (Sally) Grigsby daughter of Joseph and Sarah Grigsby was married to Duke Glenn in Washington County Kentucky in 1826. She and her family came to Texas with the Joseph Grigsby family sometimes around 1830, and settled in Jasper County in the area of Beech Grove. Her husband Duke Glenn died after having taken part in the Anahuac expedition in 1832. Sometime before November 6, 1834, Sally as a widow and head of family received title to a
league of land. (Sally Glenn League, Abst. No. 14). About 1836 Sally Glenn married Nathanel Allen and lived in a log house just east of the cemetery. The house still stands and in enclosed in brick. Some say that the house was built by Enoch Grigsby, a brother of Sally. R. M. Sanders lived near here and operated a store in front of the present house until the 1880’s.
The pecan trees were planted here by Elizabeth Allen daughter of Sally and Nathienal and the wife of R. M. Sanders. Bricks were also made on this property and were used in the construction of the first phase of present courthouse in Jasper.
This cemetery became active in the 1870’s when the first marked graves were placed here. D. M. and Kate Sanders Wigley gave land for the cemetery in 1931 to be used as a neighborhood cemetery. In 1990 the cemetery was incorporated as a private cemetery. Kate Sanders Wigley was the daughter of R. M. Sanders and Elizabeth Allen and a granddaughter of Sally Glenn Allen. All are buried in the cemetery.

This information was furnished by Dallas Walker.

ALLEN Dittie Mae    (f) Madison Sheffield   
b-10-11-1903    (m) Florence Weaver
d-3-31-1987    (s) Richard E. Allen Sr.

ALLEN Richard E. Sr.    (f) J. W. Allen
b-1-23-1897    (m) Olive Margaret Langham
d-12-14-1963    (s) Ditie Mae Sheffield

ALLEN Thomas    (f) J. W.Allen
b-1-6-1904    (m) Olive Margaret Langham
ALLEN Alice    (f) J. W. Allen
b-4-19-1898    (m) Olive Margaret Langham
ALLEN Alcany    (f) J. W.Allen
b-1-1-1896    (m) Olive Margaret Langham
ALLEN Olive Margarete (Langham)    (f) Benjamin Langham
b-2-10-1863    (m)
d-8-12-1943    (s) J. W. Allen
Olive Margarete Langham was the second spouse of J. W. Allen

ALLEN J. W.     (f) Nathaniel Allen Jr.
b-2-1-1856    (m) Rachel Truitt
d-1-6-1940    (s1) M. E. Newman (Mary)
        (s2) Olive Margarete Langham

ALLEN M. E.     (f) Jimson Newman
b-9-13-1854    (m)
d-5-25-1892    (s) J. W. Allen
M. E. Newman was the first spouse of J. W. Allen
ALLEN Sally    (f) Joseph Grigsby
b-9-1-1807    (m) Sally Mitchell Graham
d-9-9-1885    (s1) Duke Glenn
        ((s2) Nathaniel Allen Sr.
Sally’s first husband Duke Glenn died after having taken part in the Anahuac expedition in 1832.
ALLEN Nat    (f) J W. Allen
b-1888        (m) M. E. Newman (Mary)
d-1969        (s) Eddie Hopkins

ALLEN J. W. Jr.    (f) J. W. (Dub) Allen
b-2-12-1951    (m) Vernell-
ALLEN Dick    (f) Richard E. Allen Sr.
b-1929        (m) Dittie Mae Sheffield
d-1977        (s) Shirley Jo Stowell

ALLEN Shirley    (f) Joe Stowell
b-1941        (m) Gladdys Williams
nd        (s) Dick Allen

CHAMBLISS Chester W.     (f) Frank Chambliss
b-1919        (m) Eva Bonner
nd        (s) Lucille Newman

CHAMBLISS Lucille    (f) Greer B. Newman
b-1926        (m) Nella E. Allen
d-1986        (s) Chester W. Chambliss

COOLEY C. P.     (f)
b-8-17-1914    (m)
d-10-26-1964    (s)

COOLEY Marian    (f)
b-12-20-1927    m)
nd        (s)

DAVISON Harvey T.    (f) Moses Davison
b-4-15-1893    (m) Cecelia Hancock
d-4-27-1975    (s) Jencie Newman

DAVISON Jencie    (f) Willie M. Newman
b-8-29-1907    (m) Addie D. Walker
d-7-21-1993    (s) Harvey T. Davison

DeMASTERS F. I.     (f)
b-7-4-1871    (m)
d-2-24-1965    (s) Annie Allen
F. I. DeMasters was the second Spouse of Annie Allen.
DUKE Freddie H.    (f) John H. Duke
b-3-24-1934    (m) Freddie R.
DUKE Donald Ried    (f) John H. Duke
b-8-2-1935    (m) Freddie R.
DUKE Gloria Gene    (f) John H. Duke
b-10-26-1946    (m) Freddie R.
DUKE Delores Ann    (f) John H. Duke
b-1-30-1953    (m) Freddie R.
DUKE John Paul    (f) John H. Duke
b-1-5-1955    (m) Freddie R.
DUKE John H.     (f)
b-10-19-1911    (m)
nd        (s)

DUKE Fredda R.    (f) Fred Frisbie
b-1-26-1914    (m) Jane Grigsby
nd        (s) John H. Duke

FRISBIE Fred    (f)
b-9-9-1878    (m)
d-11-6-1960    (s)

FRISBIE Jane    (f) Enoch Grigsby Jr.
b-12-24-1891    (m) Emma Glenn
d-3-23-1957    (s) Fred Frisbie

GLENN Richard    (f) Christopher Columbus Glenn
b-1870        (m) Nancy W. Wilson
d-1943        (s) Annie Allen
Richard Glenn was the first spouse of Annie Allen.
GLENN Annie DeMasters    (f) J. W. Allen
b-1880        (m) M. E. Newman (Mary)
d-1968        (s1) Richard Glenn
        (s2) F. I. Demasters

GLENN N. G.     (f) James Glenn
b-4-22-1835    (m) Elizabeth Grigsby
d-5-5-1900    (s) M. J. Smith
N. G. Glenn was the second spouse of M. J. Smith ( Miram Jane).
GLENN M. J.    (f) William George Smith
b-10-2-1837    (m) Sarah Jackson
d-5-11-1908    (s1) Joseph Glenn
        (s2) N. G. Glenn

GLENN Inf.    (f) Earnest Glenn
b-1907        (m) Nettie Newman
GLENN Earnest    (f) Duke Glenn
b-1-1-1883    (m) Mary C. Durdin
d-1-17-1919    (s) Nettie Newman

GRIGSBY Emma    (f) Christopher C. Glenn
b-1866        (m) Nancy W. Wilson
d-1945        (s) Enoch Grigsby Jr.

HANCOCK Nettie    (f) Alford J. Newman
b-9-26-1883    (m) Mary Turner
d-1-29-1941    (s) Earnest Glenn

HARRIS Charlie    (f) John Elbert Harris
b-5-9-1894    (m) Sevilla Herrington
d-9-30-1970    (s) Jencie Allen

HARRIS Jincie    (f) J. W. Allen
b-10-15-1894    (m) Olive Margaret Langham
d-10-7-1975    (s) Charlie Harris

HARRIS Inf. Dau.    (f) Charlie Harris
b-1920        (m) Jencie Allen
HEAD William Dave    (f) William Clark Head
b-10-18-1930    (m) Meade Warren
d-7-23-1990    (s) Alice Francis Beene

HEAD Allice Frances    (f) William R. Beene
b-7-13-1931    (m) Nannie B. Ross
nd        (s) William Dave Head

HOLTON Lottie    (f) Jeff Cooley
b-1919        (m) Edna Cowart
nd        (s) Mitchel L. Holton

HOLTON Mitchel L.    (f) A. D. Holton
b-1907        (m) Jessie Newman
d-1986        (s) Lottie Cooley

NEWMAN Greer B.    (f) Willie M. Newman
b-1903        (m) Addie D. Walker
d-1988        (s) Nella E. Allen

NEWMAN Nella E.    (f) Proctor Allen
b-1909        (m) Lucy Davis
d-1960        (s) Greer B. Newman

NEWMAN Willie M.    (f) Benjamin Knapp Newman
b-11-1-1863    (m) Jency Harrriett Wright
d-10-16-1945    (s) Addie D. Walker

NEWMAN Addie D.    (f) William A. J. Walker
b-11-14-1870    (m) Mathilda Ann Moye
d-3-31-1958    (s) Willie M. Newman

NEWMAN Mary Allice    (f) --Duncan
b-1902        (m)
d-1922        (s) M. A. Newman

NEWMAN M. A.     (f) Willie M. Newman
b-1897        (m) Addie D. Walker
d-1987        (s1) Mary Allice Duncan
        (s2) Amanda Peace

NEWMAN Amanda    (f)
b-1898        (m)
d-1991        (s) M. A. Newman

NEWMAN Emma Jewell    (f) M. A. Newman
b-1929        (m) Amanda Peace
NEWMAN Judge Holton    (f) M. A. Newman
b-1935        (m) Amanda Peace
NEWMAN William David    (f) William (Bill) Newman
b-7-2-1954    (m) Verna Holmes
NEWMAN Gary Bruce (Buddy)    (f) Greer B. Newman
nd        (m) Nella E. Allen
PAYNE Homer Porter    (f) Hiram Abid Payne
b-3-25-1893    (m) Mary Tabitha Hallmark
d-9-19-1965    (s) Annie Ada Newman

PAYNE Annie Ada    (f) Willie M. Newman
b-6-16-1893    (m) Addie D. Walker
d-2-21-1958    (s) Homer Porter Payne

PAYNE inf Daughters    (f) Holmer Porter Payne
b-8-28-1912    m) Annie Newman
PAYNE inf. Son    (f) Holmer Porter Payne
b-1-14-1917    (m) Annie Newman
PAYNE H. P. Jr.    (f) Holmer Porter Payne
b-7-24-1919    (m) Annie Payne
PAYNE E. Ray    (f) Holmer Porter Payne
b-1925        (m) Annie Newman
nd        (s) Nola A. Miller

PAYNE Nola A.     (f) Glenn Miller
nd        (m) Annie Laura Holdber
nd        (s) Ray E. Payne

PAYNE Paige Ellen    (f) Glenn Payne
b-8-31-1975    (m) Margaret Mims
RAINS John    (f) no data (death ct.)
b-1874        (m)
d-1954        (s) Jessie Newman
John Rains was the second spouse of Jessie Newman.
RAINS Jessie    (f) Willie M. Newman
b-1887        (m) Addie D. Walker
d-1956        (s1) A. D. Holton
        (s2) John Rains

SANDERS James Wesley    (f)
b-12-31-1839    (m)
d-6-6-1914    (s)
James Wesley Sanders and R. M. Sanders were brothers. No other information on the Sanders family.
SANDERS R. M.     (f)
b-3-3-1843    (m)
d-9-17-1910    (s) Iddie E. Allen

SANDERS Iddie E.     (f) Nathaniel Allen
b-3-13-1843    (m) Sally Grigsby
d-10-8-1900    (s) R. M. Sanders

SANDERS Dana A.     (f) R. M. Sanders
b-6-10-1882    (m) Iddie E. Allen
SANDERS Sallie A.     (f) R. M. Sanders
b-3-5-1866    (m) Iddie E. Allen

SANDERS Charlie    (f) R. M. Sanders
b-4-6-1870    (m) Iddie E. Allen
SIBLEY Hobart Q. DVM    (f) Vernon Sibley
b-1-7-1920    (m) Amanda Peace
d-1-12-1990    (s) Bobbie Simpson

SIBLEY Bobbie J.    (f) Charles Robert Simpson
b-4-22-1932    (m) Lola Davis
nd        (s) Hobart Q. Sibley

STOWELL Joe    (f) Joe Stowell Sr.
b-1911        (m) Fannie Isablle Stringer
d-1978        (s) Gladys Williams

STOWELL Gladys    (f) James Williams
b-1903        (m) Kate Mashaw
d-1982        (s) Joe Stowell

WALKER Rosa Mae    (f) Dallas M. Wigley
b-9-28-1903    (m) Kate M. Sanders
d-6-24-1980    (s) James William Walker

WALKER James W. Jr    (f) James William Walker
b-3-2-1922    (m) Rosa Mae Wigley
d-9-4-1983    (s) Lena E. (Sis)--

WALKER Lena (Sis) E.    (f)
b-9-9-1919    (m)
nd        (s) James W. Walker Jr.

WIGLEY Dallas M.    (f) J. M. Wigley
b-6-17-1871    (m) Martha E. Parker
d-8-26-1944    (s) Kate M. Sanders

WIGLEY Kate M.     (f) R. M. Sanders
b-8-23-1874    (m) Iddie E. Allen
d-7-20-1960    (s) Dallas M. Wigley

WIGLEY Woodfin G.    (f) Dallas M. Wigley
b-9-19-1942    (m) Kate M. Sanders
nd        (s) never married

WIGLEY Jimmie    (f) Dallas M. Wigley
b-8-22-1898    (m) Kate M. Allen