Morse Cemetery

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by
Monica Petty & Karen Gilchriest

   Morse Cemetery is located east of Buna in the Gum Slough Community, Jasper County, Texas. At the red light intersection in Buna on Hwy 96 turn  on to Hwy 62 which takes you through town, go  7/10 mile then turn right at the red light on to Hwy business 96. Drive approx  7/10 mile and turn left  on County Road 777, go over railroad tracks, and then go 1 and 6/10 mile and the cemetery is on the right. Morse Cemetery was established in 1887.  "William Elbert Morse was the first person buried in what is now known as the Morse Cemetery. William was crippled from birth, and although he was  very fragile he loved to be taken to the woods while the men worked clearing  woods and building fences. Observing a neat little incline, William told his  father that this is where he wished to be buried. His father , John Wiley  Morse told him, "You could count on it, Son - if I out live you, but you'll probably bury me."  William Elbert Morse, age six, was the first to be buried in this beautiful woody location, Dec. 29 1881" (Taken from "Buna Remembered : The People" Volume II of the Series, A Project of the Buna Area Historical Writers. Copyright 1999)

The Gum Slough Community was one of the settlements  of early pioneers n Texas in the early 1800's. There is much written on  the
early settlers as well as the descendants to the present day in the books  "Buna Remembered: series by the Buna Area Historical Writers. The first volume,  Buna Remembered: The Places can be found at the Buna Public Library. The  Second Volume , Buna Remembered: The People can be purchased at the Buna  Public Library. The third volume is being printed at this time and will be  available in the spring of 2002. We are very proud of the time, research and effort these people put into  writing the history of Buna and the surrounding communities. Special thanks to Betty Barker, LaVee Hargrove, Virginia Jacks, Jo Nell Knight, Kenneth Morgan and Carolyn Rauwerda. Lena Hayes and her staff at the Buna Public Library. These folks have spent many years researching the history of Buna and the surrounding communities.  Anyone interested in the history of the places, business, people , churches, schools, and cemeteries of Buna and surrounding communities these books are a wonderful addition to  any library.
    There are many old markersrs in this cemetery that are hard to read, and  some are illegible. We recorded the engravings on the tombstones as best we could: we apologize for any mistakes made. There are unmarked graves and many graves with only the metal funeral home markers left to identify the grave,  and they were not always legible. At the time of this recording in January  2002 there were approximately 1,138 marked graves. The cemetery is divided into sections, the sections are section 1, section 2, section 3, section 4, section 5,

The West Section and the New Section. It is difficult to tell where the sections are divided. We listed the name of the person and the  section that they are buried in, to make it easier to locate the grave on  foot. We may have a few listed in the wrong section, but this too is  unintentional since the divisions are hard to identify exactly. We have  included a Map of the sections with this recording to give someone a basic layout of the cemetery and where to look when searching for a particular  tombstone.
    Present directors of the Morse Cemetery : Sammie Reeves, E. J.. Broussard, Jerry Brice, B .M.Reeves, Charles Whitmire, and Arvel Morse.

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Section 1

Spell, Newton Ray  4 Aug.1917-8 May 1918   Broken marker
Dunn, William Isaac  16 Nov.1868-14 Jun.1954   "A Loving and Devoted Father"   Excellent Cond.
Dunn, Christina   on stone with William  , 5 Oct.1877-29 Jul.  1962   "A Loving and Devoted Mother"
Reeves, Bill H.   9 Jan.1918-17 Oct.1981  "Father"  excellent cond.
Whitmire, Eli   17 Nov.1883-7 Jun.1954    "Every Good & Perfect Gift is     from Above"   sunken
Whitmire, Sarah Elizabeth    17 Jun.1894-30 Mar.1968  on stone with Eli.
Morse, Cathleen    12 May 1920-12 May 1920      Gone But Not Forgotten- Cathleen & Christene      Poor condition
Ellakord, .............21 Mar.1860-12 Oct.1920  "She was the Sunshine of    our   Home" Poor cond.
Lester, Emery J.    5 Jul.1900-12 Jan.1987     exc. cond.
Lester, Verliine C.  11 Apr.1917-13 Apr.1988  on stone with Emery
Henderson, John H.   "A Stranger, But Among Friends"   exc. cond.
McConnell, John A.   23 Feb.1924-8 Sep.1956  "Our Son"       exc. cond.
Reeves, Richard R.    23 Jan.1890-29 Apr.1973    "Father"  exc. cond.
Reeves, Minnie L.     29 Jan.1902-17 Jan.1988   "Mother"    on stone with Richard
Gaarsee, Lee               7 Dec.1944-3 Feb.1994   excel. cond
Garsee, Barnett          4 Oct.1934-4 Oct.1934   "Let Our Father's Will be   Done"    good condition
Conner, Wanda Lester     24 Oct.1933       excel.cond.
Foreman, Vera Beth Lester 24 Jul.1946        exc. cond.
Griffis, Nealy           22 Sep.1911-14 Jun.1979    "Married 27 May 1935             Parents of 5 boys and 5 girls     excellent condition
Griffis, Estelle           16 Mar. 1919 -       on stone with Nealy
Griffis, Alvin Jerrell     23 May 1937-24 May 1937    Infant of Mr.& Mrs.    Nealy Griffis      poor cond.
Hammers, T.T.            14 Nov.1912-10 Nov. 2001        
Freeman, George W.       22 Feb.1876-16 Jan.1951        good cond.
Franklin, Uncle Bud      d. dec.....        Poor cond.
Williams, Susie         12 May 1884 -17 Nov.1926 "In God We Trust"      good cond.
Williams, Robert        12 May 1874-15 Jul.1944       exc. cond.
Garsee, Gary Dalton     26 Aug.1941-31 Mar.1993    "Always Loved"    US NAVY VIETNAM   exc. cond.
Lester, Crockett       17 Sep.1908-21 Apr.1937  "None Knew The But To Love  Thee"   good cond.
Lester, John E.        16 Jan.1877-8 Feb.1931    Married 16 Aug.1899    "Father"
Lester, Nannie         10 Sep.1881-22 Sep.1967 "Mother" on stone with John   exe. cond.
Griffis, Eadith        30 Sep.1879-11 Jan.1950          exc. cond
Griffis, L. V.         10 Jan.1903-26 Noav. 1980        exc. cond.
White, Kirby           28 Jan.1900-18 Oct.1919      At Rest   poor cond.
Griffis, W.J. "Bill"     10 Oct.1853 - 8 Feb.1942   At Rest  poor cond.
May, George Richard      9 Dec.1937-9 Dec.1937  On back of stone it reads:   "Nealy Jerome Griffis US NAVY   27 May 1955-29 Mar.1989"    Exc.cond
Johnson, Ellen         16 Oct.1855-15 Mar.1921 "Gone but Not Forgotten"    poor cond.
Kirkendall, Charles B.    1884-1996    exc. cond
Kirkendall, Frances W.    1888-1972       on stone with Charles
Whitmire, Ed              1 Jun.1884-7 Feb.1970 "Rest in Peace" exc. cond.
Williams, Simon W.        19 Mar. 1870-6 Apr.1956   exc. cond.
Waldrep, Cecil        23 Dec.1907-2 Jun.1962 "My Heart to you is a Heart of Love, That will Last to the Longest Day, It Won't Wear Out and It
    Can't Be Lost, And it Can't Be Given Away"        exce. cond. Photo on stone
Waldrep, Rebecca Ann   18 Sep.1912-31 Jan.1998   on stone with Cecil.
Whitmire, Ersie V.     21 Nov.1903-15 Jan.1933 "A Tender Mother and   Faithful Friend"    exc. cond.
Whitmire, Nathan C.    2 Mar. 1891-23 Apr.1968  Texas PVT US ARMY WWII     exc. cond.
Whitmire, William W.  7 Sep.1854-10 Oct.1933 "Father" good cond. sunken
Whitmire, Rebecca      d. 3 Mar.1920 "As a Wife Devoted, As a Mother   Affectionate, As a Friend Ever  Kind and True" good cond.
Whitehead, Cecil,  1 Mar. 1924-20 Jul.1994 "married 20 Jul.1949"   We Shall Meet Again"   James Cecil Whitehead TEC 5 US ARMY AIR
   CORPS  WWII      exc. cond
Whtiehead,  Jackie      8 Dec.1930-d.       on stone with Cecil.
Wallace, Archie L.      22 May 1904-18 May 1978  "Father"    on stone with Ella
Wallace, Ella              26 Jun.1906-22 Aug.1978  "Mother"
Williford, Billy Royce Jr.  8 Oct.1958-1 Jan.1964 "My Darling in God's   Care"     exc. cond.
Walters, Melissa Ann   30 Nov.1972-14 Dec.1972 "Dau."     exc. cond.
Willis, Eulie L.    5 Nov.1940. TEXAS 1 SGT 157 DEPOT BRIG.   poor cond.
Whitmire, Ivanell   1912-1974  exc. cond. but dates buried in ground
Whitmire, Raymond Lee  8 Oct.1920-5 Feb.1927 "Sweetly Sleeping" poor cond.
Etue, Elester Willis & Babies      1892-1931    exc. cond.
Williams, Edd        28 Oct.1882-27 Oct.1954    "A Loving and Devoted   Brother"   exc. cond.
Grant, Ireland W.        28 Jul.1922-1 Nov.1987   exc. cond.
Garse, Allen Drannon     27 Aug.1909-12 Dec.1988  "Daddy" "God Gives Life   to Man,  Death is a Part of Life"
Garsee, Syble Olivia    6 Aug. 1910-24 Mar.1998   on stone with Allen
Gibbs, Rev. Thomas H. 9 Jan. 1900-6 Aug.1974 "United Methodist Minister"  "Peace Does Not Mean the End of All Our Striving, Joy Does Not Mean     the Drying of Our Tears. Peace is the Power That Comes to Souls      Arriving Upto the Light Where God Himself Appears"
Gibbs, Zerelda    27 Feb.1902-22 Oct.1984   on stone with Thomas
Grant, William E.  1872-1929  "Married May 12,1912" Death is Another Life"
Grant, Mora A.     1881-1974   on stone with William.
Gravis , Bruce W.  4 Nov.1910-27 Jan.2001     exc. cond.
Gravis, Addie      25 Apr.1884-12 Mar.1956     exc. cond.
Garsee, R.L.       10 Dec.1915-18 Jul.1991 "I Thee Wed on 1 Jan.1939"   on stone with Gwen
Garsee, Gwen           25 Aug.1921-30 Sep.1998
Post, Little Louise    14 Dec.1916- 6 Feb.1981 "mother"  exc. cond.
Gravis, Bruce Dwain    25 Oct.1939-2 Aug.1975   "Beloved Husband and   Father"   exc. cond.
Spell, Basel          13 Jul.1921-10 Nov.1922  Loved and Remembered      good cond.
Grant, Irene          1914-1914    'Daughter"    excellent condition
Goins, Robert E.      20 Sep.1963    exc. cond.
Goins, Vivian J.      6 Dec.1940-8 Dec.1996    on marker with Robert
Garsee, Sandra Lee   10 Dec.1939-7 Nov.1999    exc.
Powell, Baby         4 Jul.1940 -  4 Jul.1940  Infant son of Kelley and   Edith Powell
Glenn, Hulda Ann     18 May 1870-17 Mar.1950  Beloved Mother exc. cond.
Birdwell, Lony Earl  20 Mar.1952    poor cond.
Gravis, James S.     8 Feb.1875-10 Feb.1875-10 Apr.1955   exc.cond
Harrison, Vicotry A.   20 Dec.1942-24 Oct.1981  SFC US Army
Glen, David B.       4 Dec.1861-20 Dec.1919  Husband of Hulda Glenn   "Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"   exc. cond.
Alexander, Ruth Glenn  15 Mar.1901-24 FEb.1985  exc. cond.
May, Charlie          22 Nov.1892-2 Nov.1971      "Our Beloved Daddy"       Parents of Estelle Marie ,   Louise & Richard
May, Etta             3 Dec.1898-20 Sep.1941  "Our Beloved Mother"   on stone with Charlie
Miller, Robert L.     1887-1947  "Daddy
Miller, Myrtle         1895-1945   
Morse, Christene     12 May 1920-12 May 1920  'Gone but not Forgotten"           Cathleen & Christen       Poor cond.
Moss, Winnie       18 Apr.1880-10 May 1945  "Dearest Mother thou has left    us here, they loss we deeply feel, But tis God that hath bereft us,
   He can all our sorrows heal"  Good cond.
Reeves, Baby     Infant son of Mr.& Mrs. W.E.Reeves "In God We Trust"    The Date of birth is buried and unreadable.
Richardson, Goldie     17 Feb.1895-10 Dec.1976  Exc. Cond.
Richardson, Abe        27 Jan. 1894-16 Sep.1959    Exc. Cond.
Reeves, William E.     1875-1960   double marker good cond.
Reeves, Caroline       1886-1965  on stone with William
Reese, Jordan Sr.      1886-1986    Exc. Cond.
Reese, Eliza           "Mother"  1889-1955  Exc. Cond.
Reeves, William Thomas Jr.  2 Dec.1882-26 Jun. 1946  "Book of Life"   Exc. Cond.
Reeves, Nancy Dell     5 May 1886-5 Mar.1974  Exc. Cond. On maker with   William Thomas
Reeves, J.T.       23 Jan.1884-13 Jan.1969 "Father" Good condition/sunken
Reeves, Alma F.        1 Apr.1897-26 Dec.1968 "Mother" on stone with J.T.
Reeves, Margie M.      15 Jun.1938-3 May 1939  Infant dau. Of Mr. & Mrs.   J.T.Reeves  broken
Reeves, R.V.           1 Feb.1915             Exc. Cond.
Richardson, Dorothy May "They were the Sunshine of our home" no dates
Richardson, Mina     on stone with Dorothy          good cond.
Reeves, Jessie P.    1 Mar. 1925-4 Mar.2000   Forever in Paradise
Diane, Mack, J.C. ,Wanda     S1 US Navy WWII  exc. Cond.
Reeves, Marlene      18 Jun.1924  -       on stone with Jessie P.
Reese, Homer         18 Sep.1909-8 Feb.1913  " A Little Time on Earth He    Spent , Till God   For Him His Angel Sent"       exc. Cond.
Fosha, Nancy         1850-1915          exc. Cond.
Richardson, A.J.     5 Mar.1854-13 Sep.1938  "He was a good Father and   a Friend to all"  poor cond.
Bagwell, Baby        16 Oct. 1968-16 Oct.1968  Infant son of Bruce &   Charlotte Bagwell   excellent condition
Buxton, Woodrow      7 Feb.1915-10 Jan.1951  "Erected by Friends and    Relatives "    exc. Cond.
Reese, J.D.         17 Jan.1913-6 Oct.1924 "Go and Dwell with Him Above,    Happy is  the Saviors Love"        exc. Cond.
O'Leary, Charles   1961-196...  Poor cond. Funeral Home Marker only
Lester, Johnnie Merle   6 Oct.1932-4 Mar.1936        exc. Cond.
Lester, John W.      1906-1981   Good cond. Sunken
Lester , Daphne      1912-2001   Good cond. Sunken  on stone with John
Dickson, Hershell "Slim" 30 Aug.1916-30 Jan.1985 "Thy Will be Done"       SGT US Army WWII     exc. Cond
Dickson, Cassie   10 Jul.1916- .. Thy Will Be Done on stone with Hershell
Dunn, John  Crocket  4 Oct.1903-16 Jan.1986 exc. Cond. On stone with Mamie
Dunn, Mamie E.         28 Apr.1908-22 Sep.1995
DelaHoussaye, Jacqueline Belinda   2 May 1945-7 Apr.1993     exc. Cond.
Allen, George T.Sr.    20 Sep.1919-18 Feb.1978  PVT US ARMY WWII   
Conner, Patricia Ann   23 June 1936- 12 May 1964  "In Loving Memory"      exc. Cond.
Dunn, J. M.    24 Aug. 1840-10 Nov.1919 "At Rest" poor cond. Deteriorated
Fosha, Francis M.      1850-1927         exc. Cond.
Dykes, Donnie          17 July 1887-29 Feb.1956  "Gone but not Forgotten"     exc. Cond.
Freeman, William R.    18 Oct.1902-28 Oct.1971  wed 13 Jun.1920 on stone   with Mattie
Freeman, Mattie Lee    6 Oct.1900-    "Mother"   exc. Condition, base is   sunken
Freeman, Robert C.     1928-1977 Married 24 Feb.1945  on stone with   Dorothy
Freeman, Dorothy M.    1921-1996
Fabela, Joe            19 Mar.1950-15 Nov.1999   married 26 Dec.1973  Our      sons : Joseph, Jason  "God Gives to Man, Death is Part of Life"
      on stone with Kathy
Fabela, Kathy           25 Oct.1951-...          exc. Cond.
Franklin, Ima Rae Hare  11 Apr.1925-14 Jul.2000   "For Time and All     Eternity 21 Apr.1942"  exc. Cond. On stone with Richard
Franklin, Richard Allen    no dates
Franklin, Marvin Lee    11 Jan.1926-31 Mar.1990  "Daddy, the Wind Beneath   our Wings"         PFC US ARMY WWII          exc. Cond.
Franklin, Patricia A.  12 Sep.1955-7 May 1963  "Only for a While"       exc. Cond.
Ferguson, Jeremy Stephen    6 Sep.1978-14 Jul. 2000    exc. Cond.
Ferguson, Margaret "Maggie " Dunn   4 Nov.1901-7 Oct.1993  "There will   be Music and the Angels will Sing - Maggie"       exc. Cond.
Ferguson, Preston Dale   21 Feb.1925-26 Mar.1976   SSGT US ARMY WWII    exc. Cond.
Ferguson , Justin Mark   11 Jan.1981-6 Oct.1996    exc. Cond.
Franklin, Mable L.       1897-1970  "Gone But Not Forgotten"  exc. Cond.
Franklin, Blewitt M.     1896-1956   'Father"  on marker with Mable
Birdwell, Robert         20 Mar.1952  poor hard to read
Franklin, Kevin Masterson  18 Jul.1952-27 Nov.1952  "Safe in the Arms   of Jesus"   exc. Cond.
Baker, Ennis Mae Harris    12 Nov.1939-8 Jun.1980        exc. Cond.
Franklin, M. Lee  Jr.      14 Jan.1953-29 Feb.1972  Picture on stone       excd. Condition "Revelation Chapter 14, Verse 13 " And I heard a Voice
   From Heaven Saying Unto Me, Write, Blessed Are the Dead Which Die in the   Lord From Hence Forth Yea, Saith the Spirit, That They May Rest From Their Labors: and Their Works Do Follow Them "  Brigham Young University: Provo Utah- The Glory of God is Intelligence
Franklin, Dorothy      28 Jun.1924-10 Aug.1988  "Mother"  exc. Cond.
Holst, Carolyn Sue     12 Dec.1948-12 Dec.1948  Ruby and Silas Baby   exc. Cond.
Franklin, W.           good cond. Metal engraving.
Harrison, Hallie Mae    8 Nov.1904-12 Jan.1993 "Love is Forever More"  exc. Cond.
Harris, Ennis "Bug"     25 Nov.1907-14 Mar.1969     good cond./ sunken
Fountain, Infant        21 Oct.1927-21 Oct.1927 Infant of Mr. & Mrs.    A. Fountain  good cond.
Harris, Billy Baylor    28 Mar.1932-1 Jun.1995      Poor cond. Funeral Home  Marker
Harris, Helen Marie     31 Jan.1939-15 Mar.1996     Poor cond. Funeral Home   Marker
Harris, Julia O.        1914-1985  "Mama"          exc. Cond.
Harris, Guss T.         1891-1968 "Daddy"         excellent condition
Harris, Jewett E.       1 May 1924-2 Mar. 1997 "Beloved Husband, Daddy ,   and Papaw"      married 5 May 1951  on stone with Lila  exc. Cond.
Harris, Lila Fay        14 Oct.1931 - .."Beloved Wife, Mother and Grandma"
Harris, B.J.            10 Mar.1921    "Asleep in Jesus"  Poor cond.
Harris, Effie           12 Dec.1881-3 Jan.1947     good cond.
Holts, Vernie W.        7 Jul.1897 - 19 Apr.1934  "His Soul in Bliss is   Now Above"  poor cond.
Holts, Amanda           25 Nov.1893-10Aug.1971 "Loving Memories: Your   Gentle Face and Patient Smile with Sadness We Recall, You Had a Kindly   Word for Each and Died Beloved by All. The Voice is Mute and Stilled the   Heart That Loved Us Well and True. Ah., Bitter was the Trial to Part From   One So Good As You. You Are Not Forgotten Love One Nor Will You Ever Be.  As Long As Life and Memory Last We Will Remember Thee. We Miss You Now,  Our Hearts Are Sore, As Time Goes By We Miss You More. Your Loving Smile,  Your Gentle Face, No One Can Fill Your Vacant Place"   excellent cond.
Hester, John A.         27 Jun.1901-4 Dec.1976       excellent condition
Hester, Etter M.        4 Mar. 1904-1 May 1978     on stone with John ,   exc cond.
Holt, T.O.             25 May 1905-18 Jan.1975      "God's Will Be Done,   And Tho You're Gone Unto Your Heavenly Rest Fondest Memories Still
   Remain With Those Who Loved You Best. Whither Thou Goest I will Go"     Photograph of T.O. & Margaret, doublestone, exc. Cond.
Holt, Margaret L.     18 Dec.1909-12 Oct. 1989     on stone with T.O.
Holt, Clarence Earl   24 Oct.1926-24 Oct.1926  "Asleep in Jesus, Blessed    Thought"  good cond.
Holt, E.T.            21 Jun.1878-1 May 1944  "Thy Trials Ended, Thy Rest   is Won"  good cond.
Holt, Babies          1932-1932  "Our Babies.  Mr & Mrs. T.O. Holt. Of   Such is the Kingdom of  Heaven"  poor /illegible
Holts, Morgan Ray     12 Aug.1928-19 Mar.1989  "Son of Chester and Iva .   Father of Dianna, Robert, Donna, Bradley"  Cpl. US ARMY WWII excellent condition
Holt, Iva M.          22 Jun.1906-26 May 2000  "Together Forever"    exc.cond
Holts, Chester A.     1 Nov.1909-18 Aug.1984    on stone with Iva
Holts, Charlie       20 May 1873-3 Feb.1923     on stone with Howard
Holts, Howard James    8 Sep.1930-16 Aug.1932   "Our Little Darling"    excellent condition
Conner, Henry Eugene  24 Feb.1959-3 Jun.1959   Photo of baby on stone.   Good cond.
Harris, Jerry         15 Aug.1947-12 Feb.1996  US Army  excellent condition
Clark, Dollie M.      10 Mar.1926-30 Jun.2001  excellent condition
Clark, Betsey Jean     9 Nov.1953-8 Nov.1953   Poor cond/ tilted.
Cryer, Floyd L.     1901-1972  wed 6 Jan.1923 "Father" on stone with Lola
Cryer, Lola S.      1899-1976    "Mother"      excellent condition
Craddock, Sara  Blysma   1924-1967     excellent condition
Craddock, Samuel W.      1921-1960   exc. Cond.
Craddock, Dora  F.       1895-1954   exc. Cond.
Craddock, James A.       1890-1969   on stone with Dora
Craddock, John Lee       1932-1947    excellent condition
Craddock, Sayard         1919-1940    excellent condition
Cryer, Fred B.           1897-1974  wed 23 Oct.1918  excellent condition
Cryer, M. Estella        1904-1974  on stone with Fred.
Zimmerman, Collen Renee  10 Jan.1966-23 Jul.1981     excellent condition
Campbell, Austin B.      12 Jan.1865-8 Jun.1943  "A Friend to His Country   and a Believer in Christ" Poor cond. Tilted and illegible.
Nesbitt , Jimmie Lavell  16 Dec.1942-4 Mar.1943  "Sleep on Sweet Babe   and Take They Best God Called Thee Home He Thought It Best"   
  good / weathered
Hester, Verlene           20 Oct.1932-5 Jun.1942 "Another Little Angel  Before The Heavenly Throne"     weathered cond.
Neel, Morris B.             1878-1935         excellent condition
Neel Etma M.                1883-1964        excellent condition
Neel, Allen B.              2 Nov.1906-9 Sep.1961 TEXAS PFC Co.D3MTR Rep.  BN OMC  good cond.
Bowen, Annie                9Aug.1892-22 Dec.1977     excellent condition
Crawford, Sabert S.         25 Dec.1838 -8 Jun.1922  "Remember Friends As You Pass By , As You  Are Now, So Once Was As I Am Now, You Soon Shall Be  so Prepare for Death And Follow Me"  poor cond.    Sunken and tilted.
Holt, Brother Guy           1903-1966  "Our Loved One"           Exc Cond
Hammers, David P.           9 Oct.1877-12 Jun.1935   "Shed Not For Me The    Bitter Tear, Nor Give The Heart Vain Regret, Tis But the Casket That Lies    Here The Gem That Filled It, Sparkles Yet." excellent condition on stone with Amanda
Hammers, Amanda             4 Aug.1886-20 Jan.1870 
Kelley, Paul E.             28 Mar. 1910-22 May 1978   wed 8 Jan.1934     "Father"  excellent condition
Kelley, Mary M.            27 Nov.1915-18 Feb.1997 "Mother' on stone with   Paul
Spell , Elder E. "Bo"     20 Nov.1920-17 Jul.1994  wed 2 Aug.1946 "You are   the Wind Beneath Our Wings"     excellent condition
Spell, Mavis E.            23 Apr.1923  on stone with Elder
Spears, Dan C.             5 Jun.1936-18 Sep.1986      excellent condition
Spear, Musette Lester     16 Mar.1939-ndd  on stone with Dan , excellent condition
Service, Florence         24 Dec.1898-ndd  on stone with J.L.
Service, J.L. "Red"       11 Nov.1879-30 Oct.1953       excellent condition
Strickland, Thomas Jerry  30 May 1933-3 Mar.1997  wed 25 Oct.1952    CPL US Army Korea   on stone with Nova    excellent conditionStrickland, Nova Holts    13 Oct.1933-ndd     
Thomas, George R.         31 Dec.1866-16 Jul.1938   excellent condition
Shook, Loretta            25 Jan.1942-ndd   excellent condition
Bowen, J.C.               4 Spe.1890-13 Apr.1946  "Gone But Not Forgotten"    good cond/.tilted
Smyle, Gertie             11 Jan.1891-5 Apr.1986   excellent condition
Buxton, Bernard           13 Mar.1938-20 Mar.1938  "Infant sons of    Mr.& Mrs. Kermit Buxton-  Safe in the Arms of Jesus"  excellent condition
Buxton, Delonor           13 Mar.1938-10 Apr.1938  on stone with Bernard
Bingham, William B.       9 Jan.1880-19 May 1942  "Father"    exc.cond   on stone with Zena
Bingham, Zena L.         22 Mar.1891-8 Mar.1982  "Mother" 
Moss, Hershel Vestus     22 Nov.1930-3 Sep.1980    good cond.
Adams, Dennis Earl       27 Jan.1959-13 Feb.1959 "Our Angel"   good cond.
Beadman, Johnnie Mae     12 Jun.1924-10 Jul.1966    excellent condition

Moss, Jim                18 Jan.1878-13 Oct.1947   "Asleep in Jesus"    good cond. / weathered.
Powell, Kelly            22 May 1910-17 Oct.2001  "Father,In Loving Memory"    excellent condition
Powell, Edith L.         12 Apr.1918-24 Sep.1998   on stone with Kelly