Menard Cemetery

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by      Monica Petty  & Karen Gilchriest          

Date of cemetery recording :  Feb.1,2002

This cemetery is located on Hwy 62 South of Buna 5.8 miles then turn left on CR797 and 4/10 of a mile the cemetery is on the right. This is a newly formed cemetery by the Menard Family. This family has lived in this quiet community for five generations. The old saying "There's no place like home" proves true to this family. After researching the rules and regulations of placing a cemetery on private property and all the
legalities and surveying were done up with the required fences and gate. What used to be a plush green pasture for horses to run freely in is now the final  resting-place for this family and their decendants extended family and friends.

This research was done on a voluntary basis so that the descendants of those  interred in this cemetery may have a chance to find this information. We  retain all rights to this material, with the rights to remove the records  from any site we feel the information is used inappropriately.

As a novice in genealogy we would have never found our way in learning how  to trace our ancestors , if it were not for the many wonderful people who  volunteered their time and research and organized volunteer site with  information such as this: therefore we request that this material is only posted on free access sites. Do not use for any reason other than personal research, not for publication on disc or paper for sale.

Barrett, Billy Wayne           b.Mar.,01,1944- d.Dec.02,2000     Funeral Home Marker  -- good condition

Leger, Robert Lee "Butch"      b. July 18,1944- d. Dec.02, 2000  Single --Flat Marker-- excellent condition