Mashaw Cemetery

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX

Complied by Norman Stewart Martindale and Bernice Marshall Byerly Martindale
Submitted with permission by John Johnson

DIRECTIONS: From Jasper take 190 west to the airport, turn left on Farm Road 777. Go four and six-tenth miles, turn left on county road (dirt) and follow signs to cemetery.In 1889 Henry Thompson and wife Elizabeth (Mashaw) Thompson
lost an infant daughter, creating the need for a family cemetery. No deed was made at that time. Later when the estate was divided, daughter Frances and husband M. F. Huffman received the part of land with the cemetery. They deeded the cemetery to the Mashaw heirs. In 1986 a resurvey of the site found it to be 0.97 acre. Our thanks to Bertie and Clifton Bryant for their help on this cemetery.

ARMSTRONG William     (f)
b-nd        (m)
d-1930        (s) Maggie Cotton

ARMSTRONG Maggie    (f) Jim Cotton
b-nd        (m) --Williams
d-1926        (s) William Armstrong        

BENOIST Ben E.    (f)
b-1930        (m)
d-1991        (s) Elsie Blair

BENOIST Elsie Blair    (f) Jimmy H. Blair
b-1936        (m) Kate V. Westbrook
nd        (s) Ben E. Benoist

CONN H. C.     (f) John Conn
b-1-16-1919    (m) Rebecca Herrington
COTTON Jim    (f)
nd        (m)
nd        (s) Mary Mashaw

COTTON Mary    (f) George W. Mashaw
nd        (m) Elizabeth Putman
nd        (s) Jim Cotton

HERRINGTON Jesse    (f)
b-1-19-1839    (m)
d-2-16-1923    (s) Susan McGee

HERRINGTON Susan     (f)
b-6-11-1841    (m)
d-12-9-1913    (s) Jessie Herrington

HARRIS Cecil W.     (f) Bud Harris
b-2-11-1927    (m) Mary Hill

HARRIS Matilda    (f) Bud Harris Sr.
b-1895        (m) Sevillie Harrington
HERRINGTON Albert L.    (f)
b-1911        (m)
d-1987        (s) Lucelle L.-

HERRINGTON Lucille L.    (f)
b-1920        (m)
nd        (s) Albert L. Harrington

MASHAW Elizabeth    (f) ----Putnam
b-10-4-1825    (m)
d-9-27-1905    (s) George W. Mashaw
This marker is broken, but family records show her death date as being 1905. She is listed on the 1900 census.
MASHAW G. W.     (f)
b-3-4-1808    (m)
d-9-13-1900    (s) Elizabeth Putnam

MASHAW Elizabeth    (f) John Williams
b-5-8-1841    (m)
d-8-22-1901    (s) William J. Mashaw

MASHAW W. J.     (f) George W. Mashaw
b-11-19-1845    (m) Elizabeth Putnam
d-4-27-1916    (s) Elizabeth Williams

MASHAW Jimmie (James Alvin)    (f) W. J. Mashaw
b-1-26-1872    (m) Elizabeth Williams
d-5-24-1911‘    (s) Martha Ann Rebecca Comte

MASHAW Martha Ann    (f) Joseph Comte
b-2-17-1876    (m) Mary Huskins
d-6-10-1925    (s) Jimmie Mashaw (James A.)

NASH Mary E. C.     (f) Jim Cotton
b-2-22-1878    (m) Mary Mashaw
d-8-22-1932    (s) --Nash

ROYALS Martin L.    (f) J. D. Royals
b-1906        (m) Rebecca Herrington
nd        (s) Lurlie J. Westbrook

ROYALS Lurlie J.     (f) Thomas J. Westbrook
b-1910        (m) Jessie Bell Harris
nd        (s) Martin L. Royals

ROYALS Elias (Jack)    (f) J. D. Royals
b-12-20-1898    (m) Rebecca Herrington
d-7-17-1942    (s) Nettie Newberry

ROYALS J. D.     (f)
b-3-7-1861    (m)
d-7-7-1922    (s) Rebecca Herrington

ROYALS Rebecca    (f) Jesse Herrington
b-2-7-1867    (m) Susan McGee
d-6-16-1947    (s) J. D. Royals

ROYALS Jesse Stevens    (f) J. D. Royals
b-8-29-1895    (m) Rebecca Herrington
d-7-9-1944    (s) Verna Smith

ROYALS D. E.     (f) J. D. Royals
b-8-22-1895    (m) Rebecca Herrington
d-8-30-1914    (s)

THOMPSON Inf. Dau.    (f) Henry Thompson
b-1889        (m) Elizabeth Mashaw
WHITSON Elizabeth Ann    (f) Kevin Whitson   
b-1-15-1998    (m) ) MoCamillerian
WILLIAMS Jim R.     (f) Steve Williams
b-8-25-1854    (m)
d-3-5-1926    (s) Kate Mashaw
Jim Williams second wife was Sally Gilchrest.
WILLIAMS Kate    (f) W. J.Mashaw
b-7-19-1870    (m) Elizabeth-
d-10-11-1936    (s) Jim R. Williams
There are four infants that are reported to have been buried in this cemetery. The graves are not marked
WILLIAMS Esther(f) Jim Williams
(m) Kate Mashaw
WILLIAMS Mary    (f) Jim Williams
        (m) Sally Gilchrist
WILLIAMS Earlene    (f) Arthur Williams
        (m) Kate Herrington

MASHAW Baby    (f) Jimmie Mashaw
        (m) Martha A.R.Comte