Lanier Cemetery

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX

Complied by Norman Stewart Martindale and Bernice Marshall Byerly Martindale
Submitted with permission by John Johnson

DIRECTIONS: From Jasper take Highway 190 west to Beech Grove, turn right on Farm Road 777 one and two-tenth miles.Cemetery is on left side of highway just past the auto salvage.Augustus Harris Lanier-father of Thadius P. Lanier-father of Joseph Benjamin Lanier. This was the Grandfather of Laura Lanier Kerr. Our thanks to Laura for the History on the Lanier Family.Joseph”s first wife was Martha Lanier from Florida. They had two sons, Ethridge and Thadius. She died at age 26. He then married Ella Lanier-no relation-and they had 3 boys and 1 girl, Linton, Ney, Julian and May (or Mary)., she died at age 26, also, she was riding a horse with May (an infant) in her arms. The horse threw her and in trying to protect the baby, she was killed.In 1900 Joseph was returning from Florida, after visiting his relatives, and stopped in Galveston at a Hotel-probably
The Tremont-and during the night the Great Storm of 1900 struck, and Galveston,having no protection from tidal waves, was demolished--6000 people were killed and many more washed out to sea. Joseph had all of his “belongings”in a trunk, the trunk floated out the window and was gone but Joseph miraculously survived.Joseph B. Lanier lived in the the original “Wilson House”He owned a small Mercantile store just south of the dwelling house. He was a person who practiced what he
preached, and refused to sell tobacco in any form, or anything he believed to be harmful to people.His father, Thadeus, lived across Sandy Creek from Joseph’s store. Thadius wife told him that when she died, she wanted to be buried under the beautiful Magnolia trees across the creek. When she died the creek was all over the place from heavy rains. To keep his promise to her, Thadius along with neighbors built a raft and brought her body to be buried under the Magnolia trees-

This was the first grave in the Lanier Cemetery. LANIER G. G.    (f)
b-3-22-1882    (m)
d-8-9-1921    (s) Willie Ethridge Lanier

LANIER Joe Frank    (f) Willie Ethridge Lanier
b-1912    (m) G. Georgia Byrd

LANIER Joseph Benjamin    (f) Thaddus P. Lanier
b-6-17-1847    (m)
d-12-22-1916    (s1) Martha E. Lanier
        (s2) Ella C. Lanier

LANIER inf. dau    (f) Willie Ethridge Lanier
nd        (m) G. Georiga

LANIER Ella C.     (f)
nd        (m)
d-9-21-1888    (s) Joseph Benjamin Lanier

LANIER Martha E    (f)
nd        (m)
d-5-20-1878    (s) Joseph Benjamin Lanier

LANIER Mary E.    (f)    
nd        (m)
d-2-17-1863    (s)

LANIER Julius Fisher    (f)
b-1859        (m)
d-1919        (s)

LANIER Inf. dau.    (f)
nd        (m)