Holton-Grigsby Cemetery

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX

Complied by Norman Stewart Martindale and Bernice Marshall Byerly Martindale
Submitted with permission by John Johnson

DIRECTIONS: From Jasper take 190 west to the airport, turn left on Farm Road 777, go six and nine-tenth miles. Cemetery is on the left side of the road.The oldest marked grave in this cemetery is that of Enoch Grigsby who died in 1859. His wife and young son also died in 1860 and they are buried here. It is believed that this was the beginning of the Holton Cemetery.In 1901 W. H. Holton donated one-half acre of land to be used as a cemetery, later that same year and at the request of Moses K. Grigsby he gave another half acre making the cemetery have one acre of land.June 2nd. 1971 the Holton Cemetery received a charter and was incorporated under the name Holton-Grigsby Cemetery Association.

This information was furnished by Lawrence Gene Thomas.
CARPENTER John M.    (f) Lynn M. Carpenter
b-6-12-1913    (m) Janet A. Strothers
d-6-7-1995    (s) Marcella L. Burleson
John Carpentrer ‘s body was cremated and his ashes are buried at foot of Gene Winterrowd grave.

DURDIN Walter Gleon    (f) Walter Seymore Durdin
b-6-9-1929    (m) Nora Ethel Wilson

DURDIN Walter Seymour    (f) William James Durdin
b-11-19-1887    (m) Eugena Ann Glenn
d-7-16-1980    (s) Nora Ethel Wilson

DURDIN Nora Ethel    (f) Jefferson L. Wilson
b-5-30-1894    (m) Viola D. Wigley
d-7-31-1969    (s) Walter Seymore Durdin

DURDIN Milton    (f) Walter Seymore Durdin
b-1913        (m) Nora Ethel Wilson
b-1950        (s) Allie Ashford

DURDIN Wayne    (f) Milton Durdin
b-10-28-1937    (m) Allie Ashworth
nd        (s) Marie-

DURDIN Marie     (f) Edwin Gann
b-9-26-1938    (m) Etta Able
d-5-3-1994    (s) Wayne Durdin

GANDY Tince    (f) I. W. Gandy
b-1878        (m) Mitildy Grigsby
d-1955        (s) never married

GANDY Matildy    (f) Enoch Grigsby
b-12-4-1848    (m) Pisicilla Haynes
d-12-23-1901    (s) I. W. Gandy

GANDY I. W.     (f) --Gandy
b-3-23-1841    (m)
d-4-25-1901    (s) Mitildy Grigsby

GANDY Mary P.     (f) I. W. Gandy
b-2-6-1868    (m) Mitildy Grigsby
GANDY Tommie    (f) I. W. Gandy
b-4-7-1885    (m) Mitildy Grigsby
GANDY G. B.     (f) I. W. Gandy
b-3-5-1870    (m) Mitildy Grigsby
GLENN Florence    (f) W. Nathaniel Thompson
b-4-11-1866    (m) Caroline Smith
d-11-5-1897    (s) Richard Glenn
Florence Thompson was the first spouse of Richard Glenn.
GLENN Richard    (f) David Glenn
b-1859        (m) Eliza Jane Williams
d-1937        (s1) Florence Thompson
        (s2) Lela Morgan

GLENN Lela    (f) Fount Morgan
b-1892        (m) Lou Cook
d-1974        (s) Richard Glenn
Lela Morgan was the second spouse of Richard Glenn.
GRIGSBY William    (f) Joseph Grigsby
b-11-15-1820    (m) Sarah Sally Graham
d-1-20-1864    (s) Francis H. Tomason

GRIGSBY Francis H.    (f) Moses KelleyTomason
b-8-21-1837    (m) Thryrza Campbell
d-2-27-1865    (s) William Grigsby

GRIGSBY M. K.     (f) William Grigsby
b-8-10-1856    (m) Francis H. Tomason
d-10-14-1920    (s) never married

GRIGSBY William    (f) Enoch Grigsby
b-1850        (m) Pricilla Haynes
GRIGSBY Pricilla    (f) John Haynes
b-8-22-1826    (m) Elizabeth Traylor   
d-4-19-1860    (s) Enoch Grigsby

GRIGSBY Enoch    (f) Joseph Grigsby
b-12-17-1815    (m) Sarah Sally Graham
d-12-18-1859    (s) Pricilla Haynes

GUNTER Donnie Lee    (f) Elija J.Gunter
b-9-11-1908    (m) Lula Owens
d-8-28-1986    (s)

HARGIS Chester Berry    (f) Ivy J. Hargis
b-4-15-1902    (m) Alice-
d-4-19-1992    (s) Jewel McLeod

HARGIS Jewel McLeod    (f) Elijah L. McLeod
b-7-28-1915    (m) Mary Emma Newman
nd        (s) Chester Berrry Hargis

HOLLIMAN Eugene L.     (f) --Holliman
b-4-5-1921    (m) Ruth Boykin
d-7-8-1977    (s) Allie Ashford

JONES Mary    (f)
b-4-8-1801    (m)
broken dd missing    (s) Isiah Jones

JORDAN Melvin Ray    (f) Kay Jordan
b-10-20-1925    (m) R. V. Wilson
JORDAN Bobby Lee    (f) Kay Jordan
b-10-14-1929    (m) R. V. Wilson
KELLEY Margret    (f) -- Knighton
b-5-10-1835    (m)
d-4-21-1903    (s) J. L. Kelley

LEACH Betty Jo    (f) Joe E. Thomas
b-1930        (m) Sallie L. Harrris
nd        (s1) Jessie Leach
        (s2) Robbie Foley

LEACH Jessie     (f) Robert Cade Leach
b-1926        (m) Arcy Hughes
d-1956        (s) Betty Jo Thomas

LEACH Robert Joe    (f) Jessie Leach
b-10-5-1949    (m) Betty Jo Thomas
McKINNEY Flernoy (Slim)    (f)
b-1-28-1911    (m)
d-11-11-1988    (s) Hazel Maxine Durdin

McKINNEY Hazel Maxine Durdin    (f) Walter Seymore Durdin
b-1-9-1919    (m) Nora Ethel Wilson
nd        (s1) Buck Trotti
        (s2) Ciro Giurlani
        (s3) Flernoy (Slim) McKimmy

McLEOD Elijah L.     (f) Andrew Jackson MeLeod
b-3-20-1881    (m) Nannie Williams
d-4-28-1956    (s) Mary Emma Newman

McLEOD Mary Emma    (f) Willie M. Newman
b-1-14-1889    (m) Addie D. Walker
d-10-28-1970    (s) Elijah L. McLeod

McLEOD Anson Ray    (f) Elijah L. McLeod
b-1906        (m) Mary Emma Newman
McLEOD Herman Moses    (f) Elijah L. McLeod
b-5-27-1918    (m) Mary Emma Newman
d-10-5-1989    (s) Jessie Squier

McLEOD Jessie Squier    (f) C. L. Squire
b-6-29-1919    (m) Emma Williams
d-9-14-1991    (s) Herman Moses McLeod

McLEOD Linda Elizabeth    (f) Herman Moses McLeod
b-2-26-1943    (m) Jessie Squier
nd        (s) never married

McLEOD Willie A.     (f) Elijah L. McLeod
b-11-23-1908    (m) Mary Emma Newman
d-8-15-1994    (s) Willie Mae Lynch

McLEOD Willie Mae    (f) Willie Lynch
b-3-10-1916    (m) Leila Beckham
nd        (s) Willie A. McLeod

PARKER Edward Ellis    (f) Edward Parker
b-6-16-1920    (m) Caddie Cummings
d-5-16-1979    (s) Bertie Arlene McLeod

PARKER Bertie Arlene    (f) Elijah L. McLeod
b-7-28-1920    (m) Mary Emma Newman
nd        (s) Edward Ellis Parker

PERKINS Allen Isaiah    (f) Ben S. Perkins
b-3-31-1887    (m) Annie Truett
d-7-19-1963    (s)

PERKINS Ben S.    (f) W. W. Perkins
b-12-4-1862    (m) Caroline Jones
d-1-11-1940    (s) Annie Truett

PERKINS Annie    (f) Thomas F. Truett
b-5-6-1867    (m) Nancy Allen
d-10-24-1892    (s) Ben S. Perkins

PERKINS Catherine    (f) George W. Mashaw
b-8-25-1855    (m) Elizabeth Putman
d-5-12-1887    (s) H. W. Perkins

PERKINS H. W.     (f) W. W. Perkins
b-1847        (m) Caroline Jones
d-1922        (s) Catherine Mashaw

PERKINS J. A.     (f) W. W. Perkins
b-5-25-1856    (m) Caroline Jones
PERKINS Caroline    (f) Isiah Jones
b-9-12-1821    (m) Mary -- (Jones)
d-2-11-1878    (s) W. W. Perkins

PERKINS W. W.     (f)
b-5-14-1821    (m)
d-5-29-1897    (s) Caroline Jones

PERKINS T. Elizabeth    (f) Thomas R. Perkins
b-1888        (m) Elizabeth J. Kelley
PERKINS Charlie E.    (f) Thomas R. Perkins
b-10-5-1883    (m) Elizaeth J. Kelley
d-6-23-1963    (s) Audrey McClusky

PERKINS Audrey    (f)
b-2-12-1889    (m)
d-11-4-1975    (s) Charles E. Perkins

PERKINS Lou Ella    (f) R. E. Perkins
b-11-23-1886    (m) S. L. F. Walker
PERKINS S. L. F.    (f) John Bailey Walker
b-8-25-1866    (m) Sarah Arliene Davis
d-12-1-1916    (s) R. E. Perkins

PERKINS R. E.     (f) W. W. Perkins
b-10-22-1852    (m) Caroline Jones
d-3-31-1924    (s) S. L. F. Walker

PERKINS J. Wesley    (f) R. E. Perkins
b-10-17-1888    (m) S. L. F. Walker
d-6-29-1964    (s) Jewel Trotti

PERKINS Thomas R.     (f) W. W. Perkins
b-5-6-1850    (m) Caroline Jones
d-6-7-1935    (s) Elizabeth J. Kelley

PERKINS Elizabeth J.    (f) J. L. Kelley
b-10-1858    (m) Margaret-
d-8-1946    (s) Tomas R. Perkins

PERKINS Bertha G.    (f) Tom R. Perkins
b-1-4-1882    (m) Elizabeth J. Kelley
PERKINS Richard E.    (f) Thomas R. Perkins
b-3-25-1893    (m) Elizabeth J. Kelley
PERKINS Plesant O.    (f) Thomas R. Perkins
b-1-11-1891    (m) Elizabeth J. Kelley
PERKINS George W.     (f) H. W. Perkins
b-1885        (m) Catherine Mashaw
d-1960        (s) Roxie A. Kelley

PERKINS Roxie A.     (f) Wade Kelley
b-1886        (m) Annie Wright
d-1956        (s) George W. Perkins

PICKLE Richard B.    (f) Richard L. Pickle
b-4-7-1890    (m) Sallie V. Smith
PICKLE Carrie    (f) Richard L. Pickle
b-1892        (m) Sallie V. Smith
PICKLE Richard L.     (f)
b-5-15-1859    (m)
d-9-30-1903    (s) Sallie V. Smith

PICKLE Sallie V.    (f)
b-12-15-1864    (m)
d-7-31-1901    (s) Richard L. Pickle

PICKLE Inf.    (f) Richard L. Pickle
nd        (m) Sallie V. Smith
PREWITT Stone    (f) O. K. Prewitt
b-9-16-1907    (m) Mrs Tee Thomas
d-2-28-1967    (s) never married

PREWITT Robert L.    (f) Charles L. Prewitt
b-1-2-1934    (m) Annie J. Dean
PREWITT Charlie M.    (f) O. K. Prewitt
b-1910        (m) Mrs. Tee Thomas
d-1969        (s) Annie J. Dean

PREWITT Annie J.     (f) Loyd Dean
b-1915        (m) Octovene Willis
d-1980        (s) Charles M. Prewitt

PREWITT Mrs Tee    (f) D. M. Thomas
b-2-23-1885    (m) Sallie Grigsby
d-4-22-1913    (s) O. K. Prewitt

PREWITT O. K.    (f) Alexasder M. Prewitt
b-3-8-1885    (m) Chrisria Turner
d-5-8-1977    (s) Mrs. Tee Thomas
This grave is marked by a furneral home marker.

PREWITT Sallie Ann    (f) O. K. Prewitt
b-3-15-1911    (m) Mrs Tee Thomas

PREWITT Ray    (f) O. K. Prewitt
b-4-13-1906    (m) Mrs Tee Thomas

RATCLIFF Mattie Fay    (f) James T. Ratcliff
b-6-13-1910    (m) Drue G. Wigley

RATCLIFF Drue G.    (f) J. M. Wigley
b-8-8-1877    (m) Martha E. Parker
d-11-22-1942    (s) James T. Ratcliff

RATCLIFF James T.    (f) Rufus King Ratcliff
b-11-30-1874    (m) Sarah Thompson
nd        (s) Drue G. Wigley

RATCLIFF Eldridge    (f) James T. Ratcliff
b-10-27-1899    (m) Drue G. Wigley
d-4-7-1950    (s)

RAWLS R. J.     (f) Edmon R. Rawls
b-1904        (m) Ollie Tatum
d-1995        (s) Edith Wigley

RAWLS Edith    (f) Amos Wigley
b-1906        (m) Ida Reid
d-1985        (s) R. J. Rawls

RAWLS Thomas Edward    (f) R; J; Rawls
b-11-19-1928    (,) Edith S. Wigley
d-1-27-2000    (s1) -- Marshall
        (s2) Delourse Frank

SMYTH Sampson    (f)
b-1813        (m)
d-2-7-1895    (s)

SUMMERLIN William Daniel    (f) Dan Summerlin
b-7-17-1909    (m) Callie Cobb
d-2-8-1992    (s) Louise Thomas

SUMMERLIN Louise Thomas    (f) Blewitt S. Thomas sr.
b-12-26-1917    (m) Emma Stewart
nd        (s) William Daniel Summerlin

THOMAS H. C.     (f) Albert Thomas
b-1909        (m) Roberta DeHart
d-5-24-1943    (s) never married

THOMAS Benjamen Hill    (f) D. M. Thomas
b-8-21-1896    (m) Sallie Grigsby
d-1-11-1954    (s) Bessie Pearl Kelley

THOMAS Bessie Pearl    (f) Jim Kelley
b-11-12-1911    (m) Fannie Woods
nd        (s) Benjamine Hill Thomas

THOMAS Blewett S. Jr.    (f) Blewitt S. Thomas Sr.
b-2-26-1923    (m) Emma Stewart

THOMAS Blewitt S. Sr.    (f) D. M.Thomas
b-11-14-1883    (m) Sallie Grigsby
d-2-10-1936    (s) Emma Stewart

THOMAS Emma    (f) Charles Edward Stewart
b-2-9-1892    (m) Rachel Land Sheffield
d-2-5-1979    (s) Blewitt S. Thomas Sr.

THOMAS Joe E.     (f) D. M. Thomas
b-11-18-1879    (m) Sallie Grigsby
d-7-9-1958    (s) Sallie L. Harris

THOMAS Sallie L.    (f) Bud Harris
b-7-26-1894    (m) Savilla Herrington
d-3-24-1971    (s) Joe E. Thomas

THOMAS D. M.    (f) Henry H. Thomas
b-11-18-1846    (m) Mary B. Haynes
d-6-1-1929    (s) Sallie Grigsby

THOMAS Sallie    (f) William Grigsby
b-9-17-1854    (m) Francis H. Thomason
d-3-27-1927    (s) D. M. Thomas

THOMAS Cecil Albert    (f) Wm. Enoch Thomas
b-5-31-1923    (m) Maude Mae McMahan

THOMAS Daniel Clarence    (f) Wm. Enoch Thomas
b-1903        (m) Martha J. Richardson
d-1965        (s) Edith Oldham
THOMAS Jean L.    (f)
b-12-22-1918    (m)
nd        (s)

THOMAS Wm. Enoch    (f) D. M. Thomas
b-1878        (m) Sallie Grigsby
d-1935        (s) Martha J. Richardson

THOMAS Inf.dau.    (f) Wm. Enoch Thomas
b-12-15-1904    (m) Martha J. Richardson

THOMAS Martha J.    (f) -- Richardson
b-6-9-1881    (m)
d-1-8-1905    (s) Wm. Enoch Thomas

THOMAS W. Van    (f) Wm. Enoch Thomas
b-10-15-1900    (m) Martha J. Richardson

THOMAS Ollie K.    (f) D. M. Thomas
b-10-11-1888    (m) Sallie Grigsby

THOMAS Gus    (f) D. M. Thomas
b-1891        (m) Sallie Grigsby
d-1923        (s) Johnnie Mae Marshall

THOMAS Prentice H.     (f) Joe E. Thomas
b-1925        (m) Sallie L. Harris
d-1990        (s) Gladys B. Brandon

THOMAS Gladys B.     (f) Sam H. Brandon
b-1922        (m) Rose Morton
nd        (s) Prentice H. Thomas

THOMAS J. D.    (f) D. M. Thomas
b-1-18-1894    (m) Sallie Grigsby

TRUETT J. M.     (f) John William Truett
b-6-1879    (m) Pricilla Grigsby

TRUETT W. H. E.     (f) John William Truett
b-7-27-1877    (m) Pricilla Grigsby
d-1-11-1911    (s) never married

WIGLEY John M.     (f) Francis Wigley
b-4-10-1845    (m) Sarah Felder
d-11-7-1905    (s) Mattie E. Parker

WIGLEY Mattie E.    (f) Parker
b-11-25-1846    (m)
d-8-29-1928    (s) John M. Wigley

WILSON Christine    (f) J. Garrett Wilson
b-1923        (m) Fay M. Flurry
WILSON J. Garrett    (f) Joseph J. Wilson
b-1887        (m) Eliza Jane M.E.J. Durdin
d-1965        s) Fay M. Flurry

WILSON M. Faye    (f) Edward Flurry
b-1901        (m) Cora Oslin
d-9-21-1995    (s) J. Garrett Wilson
WILSON Jep E.     (f) Joseph J. Wilson
b-12-14-1884    (m) Eliza Jane M.E.J. Durdin
d-1-2-1946    (s1) Roxie May Glenn
        (s2) Francis L. Mallett
WILSON Roxie May    (f) Richard Glenn
b-11-5-1883    (m) Sarah Florence Thompson
d-3-14-1922    (s) Jep E. Wilson
Roxie May Glenn was the first wife of Jep E. Wilson.

WILSON Everett E.    (f) Jep E. Wilson
b-5-16-1909    (m) Roxie May Glenn

WILSON Francis L.     (f) R. W. Mallett
b-2-13-1899    (m) Florence Bedgood
d-3-16-1993    (s) Jep E. Wilson
Francis L. Mallett was the second spouse of Jep. E. Wilson

WILSON Ethel Louise    (f) Garland Wilson
b-7-22-1931    (m) Annie Hawthorne

WILSON Irma    (f) Garland Wilson
b-4-5-1930    (m) Annie Hawthorne

WILSON Inf. Son    (f) Garland Wilson
b-3-11-1929    (m) Annie Harthorne

WILSON Johnny Lynn    (f)
b-2-13-1963    (m)

WILSON Viola D.    (f) J. M. Wigley
b-11-21-1874    (m) Martha E. Parker
d-4-9-1954    (s) Jefferson L Wilson

WILSON Jefferson L.     (f) James Wilson
b-1-15-1866    (m) Sarah A. Haynes
d-7-7-1944    (s) Viola D. Wigley

WILSON Inf. Son    (f) Jefferson L. Wilson
b-5-9-1908    (m) Viola D. Wigley

WILSON Inf Son    (f) Jefferson L. Wilson
b-5-15-1907    (m) Viola D. Wigley

WILSON Urma    (f) Jefferson L. Wilson
b-9-19-1902    (m) Viola D. Wigley

WILSON Garland    (f) Jefferson L. Wilson
b-2-26-1901    (m) Viola D. Wigley
d-5-31-1978    (s) Annie Hawthorne

WILSON Annie H.    (f) John C. Hawthorne
b-10-24-1908    (m) Mary E.
nd        (s) Garland Wilson

WILSON Nannie Gertrude    (f) William Holton
b-1-24-1901    (m) Laura Elizabeth Smith
d-1-9-1985    (s) Joel Molton Wilson

WILSON Joel Molten    (f) Jefferson L. Wilson
b-11-25-1896    (m) Viola D. Wigley
d-10-18-1984    (s) Nannie Gertrude Holton

WILSON L. Herbert Sr.    (f) Jefferson L. Wilson
b-10-9-1910    (m) Viola D. Wigley
d-5-13-1974    (s) Ester Marie Keller

WILSON Ester Marie    (f) Leo Keller
b-10-13-1914    (m)
nd        (s) L. Herbert Wilson
WINTERROWD Gene     (f) John Wesley Robinson
b-1901        (m) Harrett Elizabeth Burleson
d-1987        (s) --Winterrowd

WITHERS Mary Lula Pickle    (f) Richard L. Pickle
b-5-28-1884    (m) Sallie Smith
d-11-8-1903    (s) A. J. Withers
WITHERS Inf.    (f) A. J. Withers
nd        (m) Mary Lula Pickle