Fairview Community Cemetery

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by  
Monica Petty & Karen Gilchriest

Directions:  Turn on Hwy 1004 in Buna at the red light intersection of Hwy 96S & 96N.Go approx 7.7 miles and turn left on the county Road 700, go approx 1.8 miles and the cemetery is on the right next to Withers Cemetery.    This is a very old cemetery with many old markers there are also markers that are broken and deteriorated. There were many markers that were difficuit to read. We apologize for any mistakes that were made they were unintentional. Our goal was to record the informabort on the tombstones for future generations .Some ot these markers date back to the mid I800's
Many people still know this community by what it was called 100 yrs ago.it was known as Cairo Springs According to cemetery records on file in the Buna Public library the following persons were born into slavery

            Ann Withers Bates       David Crockett

According to the recorded dates on other markers it is possible that there may be other persons who were also born into slavery, who may have stayed in the area as freed slaves, raised their families and had productive lives There is no indication of these people being slaves on the markers, so it  may only be folklore

Date of Recording ....June 20, 2001   Monica Petty & Karen Gilchriest

Armstrong, Lillie M.      24  Jun.1913- 21 Nov.1980   "Sister"
           Excellent Condition
Baittes....................     Fair Condition
Bates, Ann Withers       1855-1891  age 36 yrs "Weep Not Father and Children
       For Me, For I Am Waiting In Glory For Thee"
       In Poor Condition - Broken Footstone
Bates, Clyde Edgar       12 Jul.1875-7 Aug.1970   "Faithful Friend" 
       Poor Condition
Bates, Joshua            20 Mar.1844-18 Nov.1904 "His Toils Are Past,
       His Work Is Done, He Fought The Fight,The Victory Won"
       Fair Condition - tilted
Boggess, Florence L. Crockett    1934-1981                Good Condition
Bowie, Sara Elizabeth    13 Jan. 1872-11 Aug.1912 "Mother"  "Bowie"
       Broken in two pieces
Bowie, William                   23 Feb.1896-5 Aug.1947    
       Texas CPL 806  Pioneer INF WWI        Good Condition
Crockett, Alston   27 Jan.1898-Aug..1938     "Gone , But Not Forgotten"
      "Rememberance Our Loving Son"   Poor Condition
Crockett, Annie 10 Jan.1916-8 Jan. 1992       "I Have Kept The Faith"
       Excellent Condition
Crockett, David 13 Feb.1844-8 Feb.1942  "Our Dear Father" Made by
       Mrs. C.A.Arline                         Poor Condition
Crockett, Douglas  15 Nov.1886-12 Oct.1956     Weathered /Poor Condition
Crockett, Frank       1913-1994                Poor Condition
Crockett, Fred        21 Dec.1909-31 May 1958   "Husband , Gone But Not
       Forgotten"          Excellent Condition
Crockett, James E.    14 Dec.1932-25 Jul.1971  TEXAS CPL US ARMY  KOREA
          Excellent Condition
Crockett, Jaron         ...................     Poor condition/sunken
Crockett, Johnny  1891-1984                     Weathered/Poor
Crockett, Lena    11 Feb.1914-26 Mar.1966  "In Loving Memory" 
        Eastern Star Symbol       Excellent Condition
Crockett, Limmie  1900-1968      "In My Father's House Are Many Mansions"  
        Excellent Condition
Crockett, Mary  .... 19 Jun 1918   Age 64 Years "Mother" 
        Weathered /Tilted/ Good Condition
Crockett, Oda       1890-1958  "Mother"      Weathered/ Excellent Condition
Crockett, Oscar     17 Mar.1892-28 Feb.1982  Excellent Condition
Crockett, P.E.          1892-1944      "In My Father's House Are Many
        Mansions"    Excellent Condition
Crockett, Pearl M. 17 Aug.1939-22 Jun.1990  "In God's Care"
         Excellent Condition
Crockett, Sid       26 Aug.1883-4 Nov.1938   "Father"
         Weathered /Excellent Condition
Erving, Bertha  5 Jul.1914-2 Oct.1980      Excellent Condition
Fletcher, Joseph D.   17 Jul.1920-19 Oct.1998
         Fair Condition  , Funeral Home Marker only
Fletcher, Larry Darvell   9 Dec.1956-6 Jan. 2000 
         Funeral Home marker only  -poor condition
Fobbs, Eddie Mae   1901-1964     Funeral Home Marker only -- Poor Condition
Fobbs, Luben       10 Mar.1922-6 Dec.1984   
        Funeral Home Marker only  -- excellent Condition
Gilbert, Mandy Westbrook   .........d.Apr. 191...  "Our Dear Mother,
       She is At Rest" Poor Condition, Deteriorated, Illegible
Grant, Thelma   1917-2001       Excellent Condition
Gregory, Austin  d. 27 Nov.1969  age 57 
       Funeral home Marker in cement- Poor Condition
Gregory, Mary Lou        22 Jun.1928-2 Jul.1970     Excellent Condition
Gregory, Matthew        1892-1946                   Excellent Condition
Hawthorne, Frank E.     22 Jul.1938-12 Jun.1973
         Funeral Home Marker  in Poor Condition
Hubbard, Ella M. Westbrook  7 Apr.1909-23 Dec.1978 "Gone But Not Forgotten"
        Excellent Condition
Hunter, Anthony      no dates       Fair Condition
Hunter, Artis 1925-1980  STM 1 US Navy   Bronze Marker Excellent Condition
Jenkins, M. J.  13 Aug  1828-3 Aug.1900   "Asleep In Jesus"
        Weathered Poor Condition
Johnson, Alice   24 Apr.1898-8 Sep.1937 "Sister At Rest"  
        Poor Condition and weathered
Kirkland, West   18 Jul.1893-17 Dec.1958             Excellent Condition
Renfro, Alice    19 Feb.1900-7 Nov.1927   "Rest In Peace" Good Condition
Renfro, George   24 Sep.1893-..Nov.1893  "Infant Son of G.& C. Renfro,
        Gone But Not Forgotten"  Poor Condition
Renfro, John     10 May 1895-7 Apr.1973 "Beloved Husband & Father"
        Excellent Condition/Weathered
Renfro, King  3 Aug.1900-8 Aug.1940  "At Best"           
        Good Condition/ Weathered
Renfro, Leo  31 Jul.1917-10 Jul.1981          
        Funeral Home Marker-- Poor Condition deteriorated
Renfro, Lottie      5 May 1903-19 Jan.1980 "Beloved Aunt"        
        Excellent Condition
Renfro, Mr. Andrew    17 Mar.1908-7 Mar. 1994     
        Poor Conditon , Funeral Home Marker
Renfro, Nathanel         18 May 1905-25 Sep.1940    
       "Brother- We Miss You"  Poor Condition/ Illegible
Renfro, Orden D. 24 Sep.1893- ...Apr.1894 
       "Son of G.& C. Renfro-Gone But Not Forgotten"  Poor Condition
Renfro, Pete  10 Feb.1898-9 Jul.1969      Poor Condition/ Weathered
Renfrow, Mrs. Clarcie 1872-1913      "She is Gone But Not Forgotten"
        Poor Condition/ Illegible
Rhodes, Viola  22 Feb.1892-9 Aug.1987         Excellent Condition
Rinfro, Dadie   .....no dates      Deteriorated, Weathered, Poor Condition
Robinson, Bettie  15 Nov.1904- 23 Jun.1982 "Gone Home"     
        Excellent Condition
Robinson, John  3 Nov.1889-8 Dec.1971   TEXAS PVT   US Army WWI
        Good Condition
Scott, Darryle     1967-1969                       Excellent Condition
Shankle, Esther Kelly   18 Jun.1927-22 Mar.1991
       "As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Read"  Excellent Condition
Smith, Abb             .........d...    Feb.1930    
       "Gone But Not Forgotten"    Poor Condition
Smith, Bula             ...d...Jan.....1930  
        "Gone But Not Forgotten"          Weathered , Illegible
Tyler, Emma Lee      18 Jan.1925-1 Jun.1992 
      "Death is Swallowed Up In Victory. O'Death Where Is Thy Sting?
       O'Grave Where Is Thy Victory?"   Excellent Condition
Westbrook, Bettie    6 Feb.1850-15 Aug.1937 "God Doeth All Things Well"
      "Grandma"  Excellent Condition   
Westbrook, Booker T. 20 Jun.1925-14 Dec.1999     US Marine Corps WWII 
       Excellent Condition
Westbrook, Charlie      1 Apr.1821-11 Jan.1911  "Always Be Remembered"
       Excellent Condition
Westbrook, Cornealious  18 Dec.1886-18 Dec.1944   "In My Fathers House Are
       Many Mansions. From J.B. and All Grandchildren"  Excellent Condition
Westbrook, Ethel    30 Apr.1903-14 Oct.1970  "Mother"  Excellent Condition
Westbrook, Henry  Manual   1867-1895 "In Rememberance of "
       Deteriorated/Weathered/ Poor Condition
Westbrook, Laura   9 Aug.1919-5 Jan.1928   "She Is At Rest"
       Deteriorated/ Illegible Condition
Westbrook, Manuel     10 Oct.1920-17 Sep.1980 
       Funeral Home Marker  in Poor Condition
Westbrook, Melvin     13 Sep.1933-15 Sep.1970   TEXAS SP4  US Army KOREA
       Excellent Condition
Westbrook, O. J.      18 Aug.1921-21 Aug.1921   "Asleep In Jesus"   
       Poor Condition/ Deteriorated / Illegible
Westbrook, Walter Gene   1 Feb.1938-22 Feb.1999  "Father, PaPa"    
       Excellent Condition
Westbrook, Willie, A.   14 Feb.1924-21 May 1982  PVT US Army WWII  
       Bronze /Excellent Condition
Westbrooks, AIJewl  27 Feb.1911-30 Jun.1970 "The World's Love And God's
       Choice"    Excellent Condition
Westbrooks, Arthur    11 Jan.1911-11 May 1863   "Gone But Not Forgotten"
       Excellent Condition
Westbrooks, Cecil    19 apr.1906-19 Jun 1949    "God Alone Understands" 
       Excellent Condition
Westbrooks, Cynthia 24 Dec.1882-26 Mar.1962   "Mother-- The Lord Is My
       Shepherd"  Excellent Condition
Westbrooks, Estel    6 Sep.1908-8 Mar.1972    Excellent Condition
Westbrooks, J.B.      25 Jan.1909-24 Nov.1999  "Pioneer- His Dream Will
       Become A Reality"  Excellent
Westbrooks, Lee    27 Feb.1902-24 Apr.1986 "Married Aug. 27 1924"
       Excellent Condition
Westbrooks, Leona  30 Dec.1901-16 Jun.1994  on stone with Lee
Westbrooks, Nicy   14 Jan.1889-11 May 1981  on stone with Cornealious
Westbrooks, Otis  2 May 1930-6 Oct.1956  TEXAS CPL Artillery USAR    
      Good Condition
Westbrooks, Riley        21 Dec.1869-21 Jan.1957  "Father- The Lord is
      My Shepherd    Good Condition
Westbrooks, Samuel    20 Apr.1927-2 Nov.1945 "Gone But Not Forgotten" 
      Excellent Condition
Westbrooks, Steve   .....1895-3 Feb.1941  "Father"  Excellent Condition
Westbrooks,Willie    8 Mar.1898-11 Nov.1992     "At Rest"
      Weathered/ Excellent Condition
White, Alma      2 Apr.1904-23 Dec.1984  "At Rest"  Excellent Condition
White, Carola     Sunrise 20 Feb.1900- Sunset  7 Oct.1996 "this is The
      Promise He Made To Us, Eternal Live" Excellent
White, Carwell   9 Aug.1898-1 Jul.1982 "May God Bless You"
      Excellent Condition
White, Frank  13 May 1906-11 May 1968    "Forever Remembered"  
      Excellent Condition
White, Leroy 25 Mar.1918-24 Jan.1987  Excellent Condition
White, Lula  25 Jul.1893-1 May 1972    Eastern Star  Excellent Condition
White, Robert  30 Oct.1896-19 Mar.1964 "Gone But Not Forgotten" 
      Excellent Condition
White, Rossevelt  30 Mar.1901-24 May 1957     "Husband, Thy Will Be Done"
      Weathered Good Condition
White, Wilbert  15 Oct.1925-4 Sep.1981  STM1 US Navy WWII 
      Bronze Good Condition
Winfield, Dorothy  4 Nov.1931-2 May 1975  "Mother"
     Tilted/Weathered/ illegible Condition