Eaves Cemetery

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by  Monica Petty &  Karen Gilchriest

   The Eaves Cemetery is located 11.9 miles out of Buna on Hwy 62, turn right by Cherry Grove Church in Gist on CR826. Drive 3.7 miles and cemetery
is on the right. The land was donated by Mr. & Mrs. Luther Eaves in 1967 tobe designated as a family cemetery.

  The cemetery is designed with a road through the middle of the cemetery and the right side is designated for the immediate family to be buried. The
left side is for the burial of relatives and friends. The cemetery is very well kept , it has a cyclone fence around it, with a double gate in the 
center of the entrance with the sign over the entrance.

This research was done by volunteers so that the descendants of the peopleinterned here may have a chance to find this information. We retain the 
right to this material, we retain the rights to remove material from anysite we feel is using the information inaappropriate. This information is
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Cemetery recorded on Feb.1, 2002

Bazemore, Jack "Little Bit"     b.Oct.28.1911 - d. Feb.4,1986
   Front of Marker----Married August 23,1933
   Double --upright marker--Exc.Condition
   Foot Marker-- Daddy
Bazemore, Lois Mildred          b.Sept.14,1913-d. Apr.22,1998
   Front of Marker----Married Aug.23,1933
   Double--upright marker ---Exc.Condition
   Foot Marker---Mother
Bush, Edward L.                 b.Oct.5,1931-d. Dec.31,1988
   Single--upright marker --- Exc.Condition
   Military Marker--US Army
Eaves, Adda M. Willey           b. May 12,1898 - d.Jan. 1,1994
    Double--upright marker--Exc.Condition
Eaves, Baby Boy                 b.Dec.14,1956 -  d.Dec.14,1956
    Front of Marker -  Infant 
    Single --Upright Marker--Exc.Condition
Eaves, Brandon Lee              b. July 27,1982 -  d. July 26, 1984
    Single--upright marker--Exc.Condition   
Eaves, Cazie                    b.Dec.23, 1912-Mar.12, 1979 
   Single--upright marker--Exc.Conditon  Foot Marker---C.E.
Eaves, Chance Logan             b.Mar.28,2001 -  d. Mar.28, 2001
   Front of  marker---Our Little Angel
   Single--upright marker--Exc.Condition
Eaves, Cody Allen               b.1994-d.1994  Funeral Home Marker
Eaves, Etta                     b. Dec.11,1923-d.Apr.16,1999
  Front of Marker--- At Last She Rests
   Triple, Flat Marker  -- Exc. Condition
Eaves, Helen V.                 b. Jan.29 1928-  d. .......
   Double Upright Marker -   Exe.Condition
Eaves, Luther Lloyd             b. Apr.22, 1896 - d. Jan.21, 1987
  Front of Marker - -Married June 30, 1915
  Double -- upright marker--Exc. Conditon
Eaves, Marie                    b. Dec.14, 1940 -  Jan. 5, 1989
   Front of Marker--Her Spirit is Set Free
   Single--upright marker---Exc.Condition   Foot marker -- M.E.
Eaves, Morris                   b. Sept.10,1917-d.......
   Front of Marker--Now We Rests
   Triple---flat marker--Exc. Condition
Eaves, Norman Monroe            b.  Feb. 24, 1957 - d.  Oct. 11, 1961
   Front of Marker --"Little Booger"
   Triple---flat marker----Exc.Condition
Eaves, Pete Marie               b.  Sept. 30,1913 - d.July 20, 1998
   Double --upright marker--Exc.Condition
Eaves, Rev. Luther F.           b.Jan.25,1923 -  d.Jan.30, 1988
   Double--upright marker---Exc.Condition
   Military Foot Marker ---PVT US Army WWII
Eaves, Wilbur Sr.               b.1941-d.2000  Funeral Home Marker
Eaves, Woodrow Wayne            b.Feb.10,1919 - d.Sept.10,1997
   Double--upright marker---Exc.Condition
   Military Marker--TEC US Army WWII
King, Azalea Willey             b.Oct.22,1905 - d.Sep.10,1986
   Front of marker---Wed-May 21,1926
   Double --flat marker--Exc.Condition
King, Binnie Parish             b.Aug.29, 1942-d.......
  Double---upright marker--Exc.Condition
King, Fred                      b.May 23,1905-Mar.17,1979
  Front of marker--Wed -May 21,1926
  Double--flat marker--Exc.Condition
King, Willey Jon                b.Dec.5,1934- d.Apr.2,1989
  Double--upright marker--Exc.Condition
LeBlanc, Tammie Kay             b.Aug.21,1971
  Front of marker--Stillborn
  Single--upright marker--good condition
Payne, Carrie B.                b.Aug.7, 1921-d. Dec.20, 1999
  Double--upright marker--Exc.Condition
Petrie, Harry A.                b.Jan.15,1937- d.......
  Front of marker--In My Fathers House there are Many Mansions
  Double--upright marker--Exc.Condition
Petrie, Julia A.                b.Mar.6,1950 - Nov.5,2000
  Front of marker--In My Fathers House there are Many Mansions
  Double--upright marker--Exc.Condition
Rash, Carrol B.                 b. Jan.28,1915-27 Oct.1989
  Double --flat marker-Exc.Condition
  Masonic Emblem
Rash, Jettie C.                 b.Oct.4,1909 - Dec.20,1996
  Double --flat marker-Exc.Condition
Ratcliff, Garland Ryan          b. May 28,1911  -  d. Dec. 19 1992 
  US Army Air Corps WWII
  Double Flat Marker with Pauline/ Military Marker
Ratcliff, Pauline W.            b.Dec. 16,1925 - Jun.11, 1997
  Double Flat marker with Garland --Esc.Condition
Richard, Reba Linda             b.Oct. 31,1955 - Nov. 3, 1995 
   Front of Marker--In Loving Memory   Single --Upright Marker--Exc.Condition
Thomas, Dan T. "Coon"   b. Mar. 12, 1929--d. ... 
   Front of Marker-- In Loving Memory   Double Flat Marker---Exc. Condition
Thomas, Velta C.  b. Jun. 21, 1932 - d.....   
   Front of Marker -- In Loving Memory  Double Flat Marker---Exc. Condition
Ward, E.Baisel   Jun. 24, 1908-d. Feb. 1, 1981  
   Double --Upright Marker---Exc. Condition 
Ward, Helen T.   b. Nov.5, 1910-d. Nov. 29, 1995
   Double-- Upright Marker-- Exc. Condition
Ward, Scottie G.  b. Apr. 15, 1953 -  d. Oct.18, 2000
   Front of Marker   In Love and Memory   
   Single - Upright Marker - Exc. Condition
Williams, Thomas Newel   Mar.31, 1913 - d. Jan.3, 1987
     Single - Upright Marker - Exc. Condition