Denmon Cemetery

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by  Monica Petty &  Karen Gilchriest

Directions: Turn on Hwy 1004 in Buna at the red light intersection of hwy 96 N & hwy 96 S . Approx 6.4 miles will be a Baptist Church
on the left, turn down the first road on the left past the church to get to the Denmon Cemetery. This Cemetery is a small family plat of
land fenced off in the middle of a hay pasture. There are signs  visible if one is watching for them, otherwise it is easy to miss 
the turn. There are about forty graves, marked and unmarked. included are conditions of the tombstones.

Claude, W.Henry               3 Mar.1883-9 Aug.1909 "In My Fathers House
          Are Many Mansions, His Words Were Kindness, His Deeds Were Love,
          His Spirit Humble He Rests Above" (poor cond.tilted and detached)
Denman, A. W.                 21 Oct.1881-12 Nov.1939 "Gone but Not Forgotten"
                             (WOW marker, weathered condition)
Denmon, A.C. (Neal)          9 Feb.1914-4 May 1977     (good condition) 
Denmon, Dudley E.            12 Nov.1914-25 May 1989 PVT US Army WWII 
                             (good condition)
Denmon, Ellen A.             1 Dec.1893-25 Dec.1975  (good condition)
Denmon, Elton Eugene         22 Jul.1935-14 Oct.1993  SP3 US Army Korea
                             (good condition)
Denmon, Heath Eugene         5 Feb.1972-3 Mar.1992 "Asleep with the Angels"
                             (good condition)
Denmon, Nancy E.             4 Mar.1888-28 Aug.1947 "A Tender Mother & 
                             Faithful Friend"  (detached, tilted condition)
Denmon, Nettie               9 Jul.1862-21 Dec.1955 "The Rose May Love,
         The Lilly Die, But Flowers Immortal Bloom On High" (excellent cond)
Denmon, Sam H.              8 Aug.1924-22 Apr.1973 "The Lord is My Shepherd"
                             (good cond.)
Denmon, Sam H.Jr.           24 Aug.1947-24 Aug.1947 "Asleep with the Angels"
                            (good cond.)
Denmon, Samyel S.           1 Feb.1889- 31 Jan.1936  "Father" (good cond.)
Denmon, William H.          23 Jul.1860-28 Sep.1923"His Record is On High"
                            (good cond.)
Eason, Texas A.             13 Feb.1900-31 Aug.1976   (excellent cond.)
Gandy, G.B.                 17 Sep.1814-27 Jul.1881 Mason (good cond.)
Gandy, John                 20 Aug.1842-29 Sep.1862 "Son of G.B.& Mary Gandy"
                            (excellent cond.)
Gandy, Mary                 4 Dec.1818-10 Aug.1902    (excellent cond.)
Gandy, S.E.                 14 Jan 1876-8 Jul.1876 "Daughter of I.W.& 
                            Matilda Gandy"            (good cond.)
Holmes, Belvedere           1839-1867                 (excellent cond.)
Holmes, Elizabeth           1810-1872  on stone with Belvedere
Holmes, Thomas              1800-1867  on stone with Belvedere
Jones, Nettie               25 Aug.1924-5 Mar.1981  "Mother" "In God's Care"
                            (good cond.)
Marks, Baby                 8 Aug.1926-8 Aug.1926 "Baby of Mr.& Mrs. R.J.
                            Marks, Asleep with the Angels"   (good cond.)
Marks, Clarence E.          11 Aug.1933-16 Mar.1970 "Precious Memories"
                            (good condition)
Marks, Evie                 1895-1961  "Mother, She is Resting In Peace"
                            (good cond.)
Marks, Julius Dewitt        13 Dec.1921-8 Jun.1964   (excellent Cond.)
      "Julius Dewitt Marks Texas S1 USNR WWII 13 Dec.1921-8 Jun.1964" 
Richardson, William Joseph  10 Jun.1880-22 Jan.1888 "Son of W. & S.U. 
      Richardson" " Where Immortal Sprit Reigns There We Will Meet Again"
                            (deteriorated condition)
Runnell, Linda E.           25 Feb.1949-1 May 1998  (good cond.)
Whitehead, Alines (Marks) 21 Jun.1928-19 May 1996 "Nan Naw" (excellent cond)

Un-Named Marker   9-11-1947  (deteriorated cond)