Craig  Cemetery

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Monica Petty &  Karen Gilchriest

Feb. 01, 2002

Craig Cemetery is located southwest from Buna on Hwy 96, located in Evadale. Driving south on 96 turn right between the two churches in the middle of
Evadale, one brick and the other white, the cemetery is down the road on the  left.  There are no signs for the cemetery.  The road forks and the cemetery
is on the left fork and Craig Lake is on the fork to the right, there is gate leading into a hunting club, you can see the rifle range to the right of the gate.

Craig cemetery is the final resting-place for those that lived in this once active Arthur Temple logging Community.   At one time there was over 100
homes, a company store, a maintenance shop, and a boarding house.  The  cemetery is in a sad shape of neglect; the trees and underbrush are the only
thing visible when you drive to this location.  There are about 35 remaining markers in some form or another at this time, but this cemetery is in danger
of becoming another lost burial site in the very near future.  One would not know that the graves were there if they were not told exactly where to look.
Just to the side of a dirt road in the underbrush of tall pines are all that remains of this once active logging town.  There is a big brick house located
at the end of the road adjoining the cemetery plat as well as a few mobile  homes on same side of the dirt road just before you get to the cemetery.
No telling how many markers are already lost, broken, covered over or sunken as of today.

Bacak, Bertha               b.  1903  d. 1905
                            Single --Flat marker---Poor condition--sunken

Bacak, James L.            b.1920   d.1920
                            Single--Flat marker---Good condition--sunken

Burch, Mary                 b. May 22, 1874   d. Aug. 12, 1954
                            Front of marker--- There is Rest in Heaven
                            Single--upright marker---Poor condition

Burch, W. P.                b. Aug. 14, 1868     d. July 08, 1943
                            Front of marker----Gone but Not Forgotten
                            Single---upright marker ---Poor condition

Charlton, Infant            b.  Sept. 26, 1908   d.  Sept. 29, 1908
                            Front of marker--Infant of R. L. & Myrtie Charlton
                                        Gone To Rest
                            Single--upright marker -- good condition --hidden under
                            bushes and trees

 Coudrain, Alvateen        b. Jan. 16, 1911    d. Dec. 07, 1924
                           Front of Marker---Sweetly Sleeping in Jesus--Our Darling
                           Single--upright marker--Condition poor- sunken-tilted

Coudrain, Pearlie--        b. Jan. 20, 1914     d. Aug.07, 1917
                           Front of Marker ---Asleep in Jesus
                                      Our Darling
                           Single--Upright Marker Poor --condition

Griffis, Joel              b.   July 1936     d. July 16,1936
                           Front of marker--Dying is but going Home
                           Double--upright marker--Poor condition --Broken-Tilted-

Griffis, Melda Ray         b. Aug. 20, 1934  d. Aug.20,1934
                           Double--- upright marker--- poor condition--unstable--Tilted

Hare, Children             Children of Marcus & Eliza L. Hare     "   We Miss Them "
                           Single- Upright marker-- Poor condition -detached--sunken --illegible

Hare, Myrtie Thelma        b. Aug. 22, 1908  d. Nov. 15, 1915
                           Single--upright marker--poor condition

Jackson, Emma              b..1886  d.  1962
                           Funeral home marker/poor condition

Jackson, Thomas            b. 1884    d.  1962
                           Funeral home marker/poor condition

Jasper, Sam L.             b. July 09, 1873   d.  Jan. 06, 1929
                           Doubled---upright marker--good condition--sunken-tilted
                          (Inside of a small fenced in area, this is the only marker left in this area)

Jasper, Violia             b. Apr. 10, 1886   d.  Nov. 12, 1926
                           Double--upright marker---good condition --sunken--tilted
                           (Inside of a small fenced in area, this is the only marker left in this area)

Ozan, Vera                 b.1881  d. 1948
                           Front of marker---Asleep in Jesus
                           Single---upright marker---Poor condition--tilted--sunken

Parsley, Velma Lucile      b. Mar. 28, 1926  d.July 13, 1929
                           Front of marker--Resting Peace
                           Single--Upright marker- poor condition--sunken

Pipkin W.K.                b. -----       d.----   (illegible)
                           Aged 81 yrs old
                           Broken---detached --under bushes

Reese, Andrew Jackson      b.  Mar. 30, 1883   d.  1893
                           Front of marker---Son of A. B. & Jane Reese
                           Our Blessed One is Gone To The Lord


Richardson C.M.            b. 1851  d. Nov. 20, 1914
                           Front of marker--Born in Pittsburg Penn.
                           Died in Evadale Texas
                           Single--upright marker--poor condition--unstable--sunken

Rockman, Earl W.           b. Dec. 20, 1929  d.Jan. 31,1951
                           Front of marker---The Lord is my Shepperd
                           Single --upright marker-good condition-sunken

Searle, George W. Jr.      b. Nov. 06, 1926  d. May 22, 1930
                           Front of marker---- Gone but not Forgotten
                           Single--upright marker-- good condition

Smith, Benjaman F.         b. Apr. 02, 1874  d.  Feb. 04, 1914
                           Front of marker---Sheltered and Safe from Sorrow
                           Foot marker--uprooted
                           Single--upright marker ----poor condition--unstable--tilted

Smith, Elizabeth           b. Mar. 29, 1833   d.  Nov. 01, 1899
                           Front of marker-- Wife of Homer M. Smith
                           Foot marker--  E.S. ( uprooted)
                           Single--upright marker--poor condition--sunken--tilted

Smith, Josephine           b. Apr. 10, 1872   d. Sept. 12, 1890
                           Front of marker--- Daughter of H. M. & E. Smith
                           Our Blessed is Gone
                           Single--upright marker---poor condition--tilted

Steven, William M.         b. Apr. 30, 1914  d. May 07, 1956
                           Single---flat marker--good condition
                           Military Marker:  Texas S1 U. S. NAVY WW II

Tanton, Babe               b.---      d. Aug. 20, 1930
                           Front of marker----     Father
                           Single---flat-- homemade marker---poor condition

Tanton, Elbert             b.  Jan. 18, 1930    d.  ---
                           Front of marker---    Brother
                           Single -- Homemade marker---poor condition

Tanton, Emmer               b.-----   d. Feb. 10, 1928
                            Front of Marker---    Mother
                            Single--- Flat homemade marker---poor condition

Tanton, William Archie      b.  1906   d.  1969
                            Single --Homemade --poor condition--sunken

Whitmire, Opal              b.  Sept. 03, 1932  d.  Dec. 22, 1932
                            Front of marker---Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Allen Whitmire
                            Darling We Miss You
                            Single--upright marker--Poor condition--Tilted--sunken

Whitmire, Pearl             b. Aug. 29, 1874  d. Mar. 30, 1932
                            Front of marker--Dear Mother though we miss you much
                            we know you rest with God
                            Single--upright marker---poor condition

Williams, Eliza V.          b. Mar. 24, 1872   d. Feb. 24, 1882
                            Front of marker----Daughter of C.W. & O.J.O. Williams
                            Gone to Heaven
                            Foot Marker--- E. V. W.
                            Single --upright marker--poor--deteriorated--Sunken
                            Barely legible

Williams, George W.         b. Oct. 19,  1837  d. Jan. 08, 1913
                            Single--upright marker --good condition --sunken base

Williams, O. J. O.  Sapp    b.  Dec. 09, 1844 d. Jun. 22, 1888
                            Front of marker--- Wife of C. W. Williams  Blessed in God
                            Single-upright homemade marker--
                            poor  condition--illegible--deteriorated