Byerly Campground Cemetery

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX
Complied by Norman Stewart Martindale and Bernice Marshall Byerly Martindale
Submitted with permission by John Johnson

LOCATION: This cemetery is located 5 miles west of Jasper. Take highway 63 west to Curtis, turn left on farm road 777. Go one mile and turn left onblacktop road. Cemetery is located near the old Camp Ground School.Adam Byerly migrated to Texas from South Carolina in 1833 with his father and two younger brothers. He received a Mexican Land Grant of one-quarter League of land in 1835. Shortly afterwards he invited the Rev. Henry Stephenson, early Methodist Missionary to preach under a brush arbor on his property and initiated the first of many camp meetings at this sight. Pioneer families traveled by wagon and camped here for a week or longerto worship and socialize. At one of these meetings about 1837, the
Rev. Stephenson daughter Edith married William Byerly brother of Adam. Adam Byerly and his wife Nancy deeded 10 acres of land to the Methodist Episcopal Church. About 1850 the Methodist erected a frame building and opened the cemetery for community use. The earliest marked grave is that of Edith Stephenson Byerly who died in 1858. It is believed by family members that Martin Byerly, father in law of Edith Stephenson Byerly, was among the first to be buried in this cemetery. He died sometime between 1848-1854, and his grave is marked by a “Citizen of The Republic of Texas “ marker. His will was made in 1848 when he willed most of his headrights to his daughter in law, Edith, for the good care she had given to him, which leads us to believe that he was living in the home of Edith and William when he died. The old home place of William and Edith was located just a little ways from the Cemetery (Byerly Camp Ground) where he is buried. This cemetery is maintained by a cemetery committee.In 1898 the one room church building was opened as a community school, in 1909 another room was added to accommodate more children. This school known as Byerly Camp Ground School remained here until 1937 when it
was consolidated with Beech Grove and Peachtree and then moved to Curtis. This consolidated school was known as the Beech Grove.

ARMSTRONG Cora L.     (f) William L. Armstrong
b-1946        (m) Cora L. Beckworth
ARMSTRONG Joseph Burton (Burt)    (f) William Armstrong   
nd        (m) Maggie Cotton
nd        (s) Nellie Eva

ARMSTRONG Nellie Eva    (f)
nd        (m)
d-11-15-1997    (s) Joseph Burton Armstrong

BECKWORTH I.    (f) Simeon Beckworth
b-1-20-1867    (m) Amanda Beckworth
d-6-4-1931    (s) Martha Byerly

BECKWORTH Martha J.    (f) James R. Byerly
b-7-26-1881    (m) Louisa Brown
d-6-28-1960    (s) I. Beckworth

BECKWORTH J. I.    (f) I. Beckworth
b-8-13-1917    (m) Martha Byerly
BONNER Wm. Blewitt    (f) Alfred J. Bonner
b-12-23-1893    (m) Elizabeth J Byerly
d-10-1-1923    (s) never married

BONNER Alfred J.    (f) Thomas J.Bonner
b-1857        (m) E. J. Rutledge
d-1900        (s) Elizabeth J Byerly

BONNER Elizabeth J.    (f) William Byerly
b-1873        (m) Martha Green
d-1940        (s) Alfred J. Bonner

BONNER S. Alma    (f) Virgil Richardson
b-7-28-1899    (m) Bootie Thomas
nd        (s) J. Frank Bonner

BONNER J. Frank    (f) Alfred J. Bonner
b-5-10-1895    (m) Elizabeth Byerly
d-9-23-1978    (s) Alma Richardson

BONNER Larry James    (f) James Virgil Bonner
b-5-31-1950    (m) Lillian
d-8-26-1981    (s) Elizabeth Anne Best

BONNER Elizabeth Anne    (f) ---Best
b-1-8-1948    (m) ----
nd        (s) Larry James Bonner

BRIDGES Wm. I.    (f)
b-3-28-1908    (m)
d-4-6-1953    (s)

BRIDGES Melba    (f) Wm. I. Bridges
b-8-22-1935    (m) Thelma Parker
BYERLY Charles E.    (f) Adam H. Byerly
b-5-23-1932    (m) Maurine Miller
d-10-17-1972    (s) Marcia Mayberry

BYERLY Adam H.    (f) William H. Byerly
b-1901        (m) Emma Trotti
d-1961        (s) Maurine Miller

BYERLY Maurine L.    (f) J. J. Miller
b-1905        (m) ---Teston
nd        (s) Adam H. Byerly

BYERLY Joseph Lester    (f) Joseph F. Byerly
b-4-6-1908    (m) Lena Hall
d-7-23-1984    (s) Bernice M. Marshall

BYERLY Bernice    (f) Dan Joseph Marshall
b-10-19-1920    (m) Emma Wright
nd        (s) Joseph Lester Byerly
BYERLY J. Lynn    (f) Joseph Lester Byerly
b-1950        (m) Bernice M. Marshall
BYERLY Bill    (f) Joseph F. Byerly
b-1917        (m) Lena Hall
d-1962        (s) Maxine Williams

BYERLY Maxine    (f) Kirby Williams
b-1920        (m) Flossie-
nd        (s) Bill Byerly

BYERLY Carol Ann    (f) Bill Byerly
b-1944        (m) Maxine Williams
BYERLY Joseph F.    (f) William Byerly
b-1871        (m) Martha Green
d-1949        (s) Lena E.Hall
Martha Green was the second spouse of William Byerly.
BYERLY Lena E.    (f) John Green Hall
b-1872        (m) Coatney A. Simmons
d-1955        (s) Joseph F. Byerly

BYERLY Dorothy L.    (f) John Wesley Jones Sr.
b-1924        (m) Annie Lee Cato
nd        (s) Carl W. (Buck) Byerly, Sr.                            
BYERLY Carl W. (Buck) Sr.    (f) James W. Byerly
b-4-10-1916    (m) Roxie Jolly
d-3-8-1970    (s) Dorothy Jones

BYERLY Carl W. III     (f) Carl Willis Byerly
b-12-8-1965    (m) Sondra Hickman
BYERLY Tommy W.     (f) William H. Byerly
b-5-5-1903    (m) Emma D.Trotti
d-5-18-1968    (s) Florine
BYERLY Ruth A.    (f) William H, Byerly
b-12-18-1890    (m) Emma D.Trotti
d-6-13-1911    (s) never married

BYERLY Emma D    (f) James H. Trotti    
b-1869        (m) Margrete Taylor
d-1948        (s) William H, Byerly

BYERLY Hamp    (f) William H, Byerly
b-11-15-1893    (m) Emma D. Trotti
d-11-30-1963    (s) Mary Newman

BYERLY Mary    (f) Alfred Newman
b-6-24-1901    (m) Mary M. Turner
d-10-12-1951    (s) Hamp Byerly

BYERLY James W.     (f) James R. Byerly
b-1909        (m) Louisa Brown
d-1970        (s) Roxie Jolly

BYERLY Joe    (f) Joseph F. Byerly
b-12-11-1906    (m) Lena E.Hall
BYERLY Coatney Annable    (f) Joseph F. Byerly
b-1-20-1906    (m) Lena E. Hall
BYERLY George W.     (f) William Byerly
b-1861        (m) Martha Green
d-1935        (s) never married

BYERLY Edith Stephenson    (f) Eld. Henry Stephenson
b-1814        (m) -- Graham
d-1858        (s) William Byerly
Edith Stephenson was the first spouse of William Byerly.
BYERLY William    (f) Martin Byerly
b-1805        (m) Catherine-
d-1884        (s) Edith Stephenson

BYERLY Johnnie    (f) William H. Byerly
b-5-10-1889    (m) Emma Trotti
BYERLY Edith    (f) James R. Byerly
b-1873        (m) Louisa Brown
d-1932        (s) never married

BYERLY Louisa    (f) John Brown
b-1843        (m) Rebecca Good
d-1915        (s) James R. Byerly

BYERLY James R.    (f) William Byerly
b-1-4-1846    (m) Edith Stephenson
d-2-11-1940    (s) Louisa Brown

BYERLY Rosia    (f) James R. Byerly
b-1878        (m) Louisa Brown
d-1890        (s) never married

BYERLY William H.     (f) William Byerly
b-2-16-1855    (m) Edith Stephenson
d-5-11-1925    (s) Emma D. Tortti

BYERLY Paul Rhett    (f) Charles E. Byerly
b-1958        (m) Marcia Mayberry
d-1988        (s) never married

BYERLY Charles Brent    (f) Charles E. Byerly
b-1958        (m) Marcia Mayberry
d-1990        (s) never married

BYERLY Lula    (f) Witson Hamilton
b-11-22-1901    (m) Emma Dickerson
d-1-25-1994    (s) Jester E.Byerly

BYERLY Frank Robert    (f) A. J. Byerly
b-7-25-1952    (m) Carolina Calhoun
d-12-28-1979    (s) never married

BYERLY Roxie    (f) L. N. Jolly
b-1874        (m) Nancy Chapman
d-1922        (s) James W. Byerly

BYERLY Martin    (f) Casper Byerly Sr.   
b-1770        (m) Catherine -----
d-1850        (s) ----

BYERLY James W. Jr.    (f) James W. Byerly   
nd        (m)
nd        (s)
We believe that this grave is marked by a concrete post in this area. Birth and death dates not known.
BYERLY Loyd    (f)
nd        (m)
nd        (s)
We believe that this grave is marked by a concrete post in this area. Birth and death dates not known.
BYERLY Jester A.    (f) William H. Byerly
b-7-28-1896    (m) Emma D. Trotti
d-5-14-1970    (s) Lula Hamilton

CADENHEAD Sallie    (f) Tom Moore   
b-1-18-1855    (m) Elizabeth Temple
d-11-25-1934    (s)

CARROLL John Henry    (f) James Carroll   
b-1-31-1898    (m) Elizabeth Croft
d-2-18-1974    (s)

CARRUTH Joe David     (f) Josh Carruth   
b-11-18-1930    (m) Era Monk
d-12-15-1956    (s) Never Married

CARRUTH Era    (f) Belle Monk
b-10-22-1902    (m)
d-4-12-1961    (s) Josh Carruth

CARRUTH Josh    (f) Davey F. Carruth
b-6-1-1894    (m) Martha E. Griner
d-3-19-1967    (s) Era Monk

CARRUTH J. D.    (f) Davey F. Carruth
b-5-29-1890    (m) Martha E. Griner
d-10-4-1915    (s) never married

CARRUTH Mattie B.    (f) Josh Carruth
b-1939        (m) Era Monk
CHILDERS William G.    (f) William T. Childers
b-9-11-1904    (m) Elizabeth Coussons
d-9-21-1987    (s) Tera Evon Conn

CHILDERS Tena Evon    (f) William Conn
b-9-14-1909    (m) Florence McGowan
9-10-1995    (s) William G. Childres

CHILDERS Lamar Allan    (f) William G. Childers
b-3-4-1932    (m) Tera Evon Conn
d-4-12-1988    (s)

COOK Paul T.    (f)   
b-1-28-1929    (m)
d-3-4-1996    (s)

CUCANCIE Jeffery Lynn    (f) James Cucancie
b-5-23-1967    (m) Carroll Sue Bonner
d-10-26-1981    (s) never married

DEHART Nannie    (f)
b-9-25-1864    (m)
d-1-29-1913    (s) Luther C. Dehart

DeHART Luther C.    (f)   
b-6-7-1851    (m)
d-1-13-1934    (s) Nannie
He is buried in an unmarked grave next to His wife in this cemetery. This record of His birth was obtained from the
1900 census records of Jasper County. His obituary in the Jasper-News-Boy dated January 25, 1934 states that He
died in the home of his daughter and son-in law Robert and Robertie Thomas in Beaumont, Texas and was buried in
the Byerly Camp Ground Cemetery January 14, 1934.   
DUCKWORTH L. E. (Luke)    (f) Theodor Duckworth
b-1905        (m) Effie Conn
d-1966        (s) Gertrude Merritt

DUCKWORTH Gertrude    (f) E. P. Merritt
b-1912        (m) Magie-
d-1983        (s) L. E. (Luke) Duckworth

DUCKWORTH Loren    (f) L. E. (Luke Duckworth
b-10-17-1939    (m) Gertrude Merritt
d-8-22-1992    (s)

DUCKWORTH Pascal Grant (Pat)    (f) L. E. Luke Duckworth
b-1946        (m) Gertrude Merritt
d-10-28-1995    (s) Carolyn Hoover

DUCKWORTH Pascal Grant (Pat) III    (f) Pascal Grant Duckworth Jr.
b-        (m) Suzanna
FERGUSON Christina Cecelia    (f) Charles William George
b-1885        (m) no data (death ct.)
d-1977        (s)

FLANAKIN George W.     (f) Jim Flanakin
b-7-7-1895    (m) Miss Ray --
d-3-31-1943    (s) Essie Ray

FLANAKIN Essie    (f) John Ray
b-1-2-1895    (m) Nippsie Higgs
d-8-24-1929    (s) George W. Flanakin

GARRETT Farris P.    (f) Marion Garrett
b-1898        (m) Mattie Flourance Butler
d-1970        (s) Tenie B. Byerly

GARRETT Tenie B.    (f) William H. Byerly
b-1895        (m) Emma D. Trotti
d-1979        (s) Farris P. Garrett

GARRETT Sue    (f) Farris P.Garrett
b-2-20-1931    (m) Tenie B. Byerly
d-3-11-1947    (s) never married

GOINES Hazel Ruth    (f) Oscar Goins
b-1942        (m) Bertie Shaver
GOINES Oscar    (f) William Goins
b-4-14-1900    (m) Mary Dawson
d-3-15-1985    (s) Bertie Shaver

GOINES Bertie    (f) Riley Shaver
b-3-16-1910    (m) Sally Murphy
d-1-19-1995    (s) Oscar Goins

GOOD J. W.     (f) Edward Good
b-8-11-1854    (m)
d-1-3-1930    (s)Tenie Blake

GUIN Levy Jackson    (f) Valentine Guin
b-5-7-1925    (m)
d-8-7-1969    (s) Ima Jean Massey

HALL Hattie J.    (f) Henry Hall
b-1895        (m) Sallie Byerly
HAVENS Essie Mae    (f) J. W. Byerly
b-1-27-1914    (m) Roxie Jolly
d-4-23-1985    (s)

JONES Edmond    (f) Raymond Jones
b-7-25-1939    (m) Mae Sammons
d-1-8-1984    (s) Belinda Chavez

KELLER Theo    (f) Lee Keller
b-3-9-1925    (m) Ella McBride
d-10-4-1980    (s) Juanita Battle

KELLER Juanita    (f) Jim Battle
b-9-27-1933    (m) Sallie Seevor
d-10-19-1999    (s) Theo Keller

KNIGHTON Nancy E.    (f) James R. Byerly
b-7-13-1874    (m) Louisa Brown
d-8-19-1911    (s) Jess Knighton

LEMON Peter McE.    (f)
b-1858        (m)
d-1933        (s)

LEMON Charlotta Gorgs    (f) Charles William George
b-1883        (m)
MASSEY Carl    (f) John M. Massey
b-1896        (m) Julia A. Payne
d-1971        (s) Bertie Byerly

MASSEY Bertie    (f) James W. Byerly
b-1898        (m) Roxie Jolly
d-1983        (s) Carl Massey

MASSEY Essie Wynona    (f) Arlie Stephenson
b-1931        (m) Ada ---
d-1995        (s) Carl Massey Jr

MASSEY Lee Jr.    (f)
b-1972        (m)
MATCHETT Sallie Cadenhead    (f)
b-5-18-1873    (m)
d-5-23-1957    (s)

MATCHETT Lynn    (f)
b-6-20-1902    (m)
d-12-10-1988    (s)

McBRIDE Margaret    (f)
b-2-19-1855    (m)
d-5-28-1944    (s) Isaac McBride

McBRIDE Gus    (f) Isaac McBride
b-3-10-1892    (m) Margaret Coleman
d-10-7-1968    (s) Dollie Parmer

McBRIDE Dollie    (f) William Parmer
b-3-28-1891    (m) Martha Armstrong
d-11-10-1967    (s) Gus McBride

MERRITT Cynthia Diane    (f) Joe Pat Marrett
b-1973        (m) Martha Francis Ford
MERRITT Johnnie B.    (f) E. P. (Pat) Marritt
b-7-29-1929    (m) Maggie ---
d-8-16-1971    (s) Helen S.-

MERRITT Helen S.     (f)
b-6-14-1934    (m)
nd        (s) Johnnie B. Merritt

MERRITT E. P. (Pat)    (f) George Merritt
b-12-26-1883    (m) Roxie Ward
d-5-1963    (s) Maggie ---

MERRITT Maggie    (f) R. M. Stroud
b-1888        (m) Hester Kelley
d-1971        (s) E. P. (Pat) Merritt

MORGAN Martha Nell    (f) Smith Thomassom
b-8-2-1936    (f) Octavene Byerly
d-4-5-1957    (s)

OBORN James Russell    (f) James Willard Oborne
b-1921        (s) Mabel Marie Aidt
d-1984        (s)

PARKER Ozro    (f) Joseph L. Parker
b-7-22-1913    (m) Zera McBride
d-1-17-1998    (s) Lela J. Byerly

PARKER Lela J.     (f) Joseph F. Byerly
b-3-15-1912    (m) Lena Hall
d-5-6-1969    (s) Ozro Parker

PARKER Joseph L.     (f)
b-12-25-1889    (m)
d-8-18-1971    (s) Zera McBride

PARKER Zera    (f) Isaac McBride
b-2-19-1887    (m) Margaret Coleman
d-7-24-1862    (s) Joseph L. Parker

PARKER Joe    (f) Joseph L. Parker
b-8-27-1915    (m) Zera McBride
d-8-18-1971    (s) Irma Mc Lemore

PARKER Irma    (f) Ivy McLemore
b-2-12-1916    (m) Kate Sims
nd        (s) Joe Parker

PEAVY Charles Kenneth    (f) --Peavy
b-1931        (m) Essie Mae Byerly
PICKLE Nora J.    (f) Alfred J. Bonner
b-1-28-1893    (m) Elizabeth J. Byerly
d-3-23-1936    (s) Johnnie S Pickle
Nora J. Bonner was the second spouse of Johnnie Pickle
PICKLE T. B.(Tinks)    (f) Johnnie S. Pickle
b-8-26-1925    (m) Nora J. Bonner
d-9-13-1989    (s) Vada Harbert

PICKLE Vada Harbert    (f) A. Berry Harbert
b-11-13-1930    (m) Daisy Marie Wade
d-8-8-1977    (s) T. B. (Tinks) Pickle

RHYMES George E.(Sam)    (f) George W. Rhymes
b-8-31-1939    (m) Edna Hebert
d-7-18-1987    (s) Glynda Smith

RICH Linda Nell    (f) James Virgle Bonner
b-4-1-1948    (m) Lillian-
d-9-17-1975    (s) Terry Rich

RICH Infant dau    (f) Terry Rich
b-9-17-1975    (m) Linda Nell Bonner
RICHESOR Baby Boy    (f) George Richesor
b-1-21-1961    (m)
RUTLEDGE W. C.    (f) O. C. Rutludge
b-7-14-1888    (m) Nancy E. Byerly
d-8-26-1916    (s) Julia Davis

RUTLEDGE O. C.     (f) John Rutledge
b-6-15-1843    (m) Sarah K. Wilson
d-1-15-1939    (s) Nancy E. Byerly

RUTLEDGE Nancy E.    (f) William Byerly
b-9-17-1851    (m) Edith Stephenson
d-4-30-1909    (s) O. C. Rutledge

RUTLEDGE John    (f) O. C. Rutledge
b-10-19-1891    (m) Nancy E. Byerly
RUTLEDGE Sarah    (f) O. C. Rutledge
b-3-6-1887    (m) Nancy E. Byerly
SANDEFER Anell Goines    (f) Oscar Goins
b-12-9-1933    (m) Bertie Shaver
d-2-16-1993    (s) Ulas Sadefer

SANDEFER Ulas    (f)
b-6-3-1927    (m)
d-8-19-1989    (s) Anell Goins

SANDEFER Baby Boy    (f) Ulas Sadefer
b-7-16-1953    (m) Anell Going
SANDEFER Baby    (f) Ulas Sandefer
b-1953        (m) Anell Goins
SHOFNER V. O.     (f)   
b-2-20-1921    (m)
d-9-9-1997    (s)

SOPHER Franklin S.    (f) Frank Sopher
b-1981        (m) Barber Goins
SHAVER Glinda Sue    (f) Bud Shaver
b-5-11-1959    (m) Betty Goins
SIMS Almon E.    (f) Samuel Cantor Sims
b-5-29-1909    (m) Mary Foster
d-10-2-1967    (s) Jessie S. Byerly

SIMS Jessie S.    (f) William H. Byerly
b-2-6-1908    (m) Emma D. Trotti
d-9-27-1987    (s) Almon E. Sims

SMITH Rosie Arlene    (f) E. P. (Pat) Merritt
b-8-3-1917    (m) Maggie ---
d-3-1-1992    (s) Prentice J. Smith

SMITH Prentice J.    (f)
b-2-4-1921    (m)
nd        (s) Rosie Arlene Merritt

THOMAS Robert A.    (f) Dan Thomas
b-5-21-1887    (m) Sally A. Grigsby
d-10-31-1952    (s) Robertie DeHart

THOMAS Robertie A.     (f) J. L. Dehart
b-9-5-1887    (m) Nanny
d-5-29-1943    (s) Robert A. Thomas

THOMASSON William Joseph    (f) Billy Joe Thomason
b-4-9-1967    (m) Elaine Wilson
THOMASSON Wm Joseph    (f) Chris Thomasson
b-9-10-1973    (m)
THOMASSON Smith    (f) Will L. Thomasson
b-5-1-1901    (m) Kate Shepherd
d-10-3-1984    (s) Octavene Byerly

THOMASSON Octavene    (f) William H, Byerly
b-9-7-1905    (m) Emma D. Trotti
d-5-31-1989    (s) Smith Thomasson

THOMASSON Tommy E.    (f) Smith Thomasson   
b-8-26-1933    (m) Octavene Byerly
d-4-3-1996    (s)

WARD J. L.    (f)
b-3-1-1821    (m)
d-3-25-1873    (s)

WHITAKER W. Elzie    (f) Bennie Whitaker
b-3-12-1911    (m) Sallie Byerly
d-9-18-1983    (s) never married

WHITAKER Sallie Byerly    (f) William Byerly
b-1874        (m) Martha Green
d-1921        (s) Bennie Whitaker

YEATES James C.    (f) Zachery Yeates
b-1896        (m) Georgia Allen Orton
d-1975        (s) Essie B. Byerly

YEATES Essie B.    (f) Joseph F. Byerly
b-1900        (m) Lena E. Hall
d-1984        (s) James C. Yeates