Bessmay Cemetery (B)

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Monica Petty &  Karen Gilchriest

     This cemetery is located approximately two miles from the red light on hwy 96 North, turn right at Temple- Inland Lumber Co. sign. Go 1/4 mile  and turn left on dirt road, go through first Hunting Club gate, drive through 2nd gate past oil rig pumping station, 1/4 mile is Bessmay Cemetery on left. This is the African American section of the cemetery. (Note: The Bessmay Cemeteries originated in the turn of the century during the sawmill era. The town just died after the mill burned in  the 1940's, school and all the houses were moved out or rotted down long ago.

Asberry, Stella A.  9 Feb.1905-30 Dec.1980      (good condition)
Bell, Elmer    15 Dec.1924-13 Oct.1975     (poor condition)
Bell, Oscar    12 Oct.1893-26 Sep.1959      Louisiana Co. B. 318 Labor Brv OMC WWI  (Military marker)
Bluitt, Alberto Jerome  8 Jun 1976-16 Sep.1998 age 22 (Robinson Fun.Home)
Blunt, Emma   11 May 1925-29 Dec.1999   age 74 (funeral Home marker only)
Boardman, Elouise   29 Jan.1885-20 Sep.1940 age 54     (deteriorated,sunken, tilted, weathered)
Boggess, Jimmy      5 Mar.1930-19 Jul.1975  (excellent cond.)
Bracken, Henry A.  1907-1977 PFC-US Army WWII (Military marker-good cond.)
Brown, Joseph D.     12 Feb.1902-25 May 1968 "Gone Home" (good cond.)
Cauley, Eliza Scott       20 Oct.1900-31 Mar.1982 "In Loving Memory"    (excellent cond.)
Cauley, Joe  14 Apr.1905-3 Jan.1989  (Poor cond. Fun.Home Marker only)
Cotton, Columbus   29 Jul.1929-22 Feb.2001  (Fun.Home Marker)
Dial, Emma    1882-26 Jul.1927  "Daughter"  (good cond.)
Evans, Frank   ..  May 1895-25 Jan.19??  PVT 1 Co.162 Depot Brig. WWII    (Poor cond. Illegible, sunken , weathered)
Fobb, U.B.  27 Mar.1930-9 May 1947 "Our Baby -Only Sleeping"   (good cond. but sunken)
Garrett, Levi      28 Jun.1890-25 Feb.1973 PVT US Army WWI   (good, tilted,weathered)
Grant, Ben    PFC Co. B. 122 Service BN OMC.....   (this military stone is sunken dates are   below ground)
Hadnot, Ben F.     5 May 1888-5 Dec.1938 "Dear Father Though   We Miss You Much We Know You Best With God"    (poor cond. sunken, detached)
Harris, Felix     1909-1976  PVT US Army WWII    (good cond.)
Harrison, M.K.    15 Feb.1883-29 Mar.1962   (good cond.)
Harrison, Zula    24 Sep.1884-29 Apr.1935   (good cond.)
Holman, Eliza Bell      10 Jun.1913-18 Sep.1998 age 85   (Funeral Home Marker Only)
Hopkins, Willena Jones    27 Nov.1916-19 Feb.1991 "Mother" (excellent cond.)
Jack, Gloria D.   17 Apr.1950-19 Jul.1975  (excellent cond.)
Jeffery, Richard Willie      10 Aug.1960-1 Oct.1989   (excellent cond.)
Jeter, Lance      21 Aug.1909-2 Nov.1980  US Army PFC WWII  (good cond., weathered)
Johnson, Billy Mack     no dates  Texas PFC US Army Vietnam   (fair cond. military marker , sunken)
Johnson, Dave Jr.     17 Mar.1980-28 Jul.2000 (funeral Home Marker only)
Johnson, Samuel   21 Aug.1932-8 Apr.1976 PFC US Army Korea   (Poor condition,sunken, broken, weathered)
Jones, Beatrice   15 Nov....-21 Aug.1943  (deteriorated, sunken)
Jones, Henry      12 Dec.1899-26 Oct.1976    (excellent, sunken)
Jones, Mary L.    16 Jan.1921-1 May 1975     (excellent, sunken)
Jordon, Musie     7 Aug.1880-4 Dec......     "At Rest"   (excellent, sunken)   on 12-04-1971, a widow)
Kibbles, Jessie    16 Mar.1921-21 Dec.1968  PVT 318 Base Unit AAE WWII  (Military stone, good cond.)
Martin, Mamie     29 Sep.1903-20 Sep.1978   (good cond.,tilted)
Martin, R.H.      6 Jan.1904-4 Mar.1972     (good cond.,tilted)
McCain, Kenneth D. 4 Jul.1975-4 Jul.1975 (funeral home marker only,poor cond.)
McDaniel, Dan     1 May 1892-28 Dec.1973 Texas PVT US Army  (military marker, sunken and chipped)
McMahon, Kathleen       9 Jul.1959-19 Jul.1975     (excellent cond.)
Mitchell, Eugene Jr.    7 Mar.1937-22 Jun.2000     (fair cond.)
Mitchell, Eugene Sr.    9 apr.1902-24 Feb.1990     (fair cond.)
Mitchell, Willie Bell   21 Dec.1924-18 Sep.1998    (fair cond.)
Pearson, Mr. Gary Lee   29 May 1922-3 Mar.1990     (fair cond.)
Porter, Myrtie V.       1 Dec.1943=24 Aug.1963  (excellent cond.)
Renfro, Flossie Mitchell     25 Oct.1900-4 Oct.1900     (poor cond.)
Renfro, Lee Sr. Edward  19 ...1921 - 16 Jul.1999 age 77    (funeral home marker only, poor cond. Soc.Security index shows he was b.19 Jun.1921)
Renfro, Semore    2 Feb.1885-9 Nov.1979 (unable to read   inscription, poor condition, weathered)
Robert, John      22 May 1887-19 Apr1965 Texas PVT US Army WWI      (Military marker, poor condition, sunken, weathered)
Robinson, Ella   8 Aug.1881-5 Jul.1951 "Only Asleep" (poor cond.)

Ross, Frank   10 Jan.1886-12 Jan.1970 Louisiana PVT US Army WWI       (fair cond. ,weathered)
Ross, Rosa Lee   1902-1947      (good cond, chipped)Scott, Virgil Ray      9 Feb.1945-15 Nov.1990    (good cond, tilted)
Smith, Flora Wagner    27 Dec.1927-2 May 1993 "Not My Will But Thine       Be Done,  Married 11 Sep.1958"  (excellent cond)
Smith, Lottie    15 Mar.1905-6 May 1971 "Mother" (excellent cond)Smith, Meredith Jr.    14 Apr.1915-31 May 1997 "Not My Will But Thine   Be Done" (on stone with Flora Smith)
Smith, Oscar C.  16 Nov.1901-25 Jul.1969  "Rest in Peace" "Father"       (good cond.)
Spikes, Frankie  24 Apr.1924-24 Nov.1970 "Asleep with Jesus"       (good cond., sunken)
Spikes, Mary     13 Apr.1904-19 Nov.1975 "At Rest"(excellent cond)
Thames, Katie B.       4 Oct.1890-5 Jan.1965       (excellent cond)
Thomas, Silena   died 4 Apr.1925  "Mother, In God We Trust"        (good cond. , sunken, weathered)
Thompson, Nina M.      20 May 1926-22 Jan.1978  (Poor,deteriorated cond)
Walker, Charles Ray    3 Jun. 1947-22 Dec.1976   (excellent cond.)
Walker, Leroy    1902-1985 age 83   (funeral home marker only)
Walker, Lindsey  1899=1947      (good cond.,sunken)
Westbrook, Edgar Ray   7 Mar.1936-28 Jul.1942     (excellent cond.)
Westbrook, Verlene     6 Mar.1957-13 Jan.1997 "In God's Care"        (excellent cond.)
White, Emma      1852-1948   (poor cond.)
Williams, Mike Gus     13 Jan.1894-26 Aug.1956 Texas PFC Co D 522        Engineers WWI (military marker, good cond.,       tilted, sunken)
Wilson, Lee V.   1 Sep.1914-11 Aug.1995 "Loving Daughter and       Son -in -Law" (excellent condition)
Wilson, Lucy     2 Jul.1918-16 Jun.1999 on stone with Lee
Woods, John      28 Jul.1891-7 Dec.1968    "At Rest"        (fair cond.,sunker)
Woods, Madelyn McMahon      26 Jul.1915-30 Nov.1992 "Mother" (excellent cond)
Woods, T.R.      14 Dec.1913-13 Jun.1981  (wooden cross & funeral        home marker, poor condition)