Bessmay Cemetery ( White)

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by  
Monica Petty &  Karen Gilchriest      

This cemetery is located approximately two miles from the red light on hwy 96 North, turn right at Temple- Inland Lumber Co. sign. Go 1/4 mile and turn left on dirt road,go through first Hunting Club gate, drive through  2nd gate past oil rig pumping station, 1/4 mile is BessmayCemetery on left.This is the White section of the cemetery.(Note: The Bessmay Cemeteries originated in the turn of the century  during the sawmill era. The town just died after the mill burned in the 1940's, school and all the houses were moved out or rotted down long ago.
                                    Bessmay Cemetery (White)

Brents, Baby            25 May 1907  'Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven"
                        (poor condition)
Brents, Hallie H.       10 Apr.1894-14 Aug.1905 Daughter of J.E. & 
                        (poor condition)
Brents, Susie E.        28 Sep.1891-1 Jun. 1907     Daughter of B.F.& F.E.
                        Jones "It was an Angel that visited the Green Earth
                        and Took the Flower Away"  (deteriorated condition)
Brown, Francis P.       21 Nov.1867-24 May 1910  "Gone but not Forgotten"
                        WOW marker (In bad shape,top on ground, the rest 
                        tilted )
Brown, J.D.             16 Oct.1857-24 Dec.1911  WOW marker  (deteriorated,
                        top section on ground)
Case, Maude Aliec       20 Feb.1888-8 Oct.1913 (poor/weathered condition)
Cliburn, B.F.           6 Apr. 1891-25 Aug.1909 (Poor condition/deteriorated,
                        sunken base)
Colville, Oscar Mason   19 Jun.1894-29 Mar....."age 43" (small metal marker
                        deteriorated condition)
Colville, Sam L.        died 13 June 1910 "Aged 36 years, There Is Only A 
                        Curtain Between Us. Between The Beyond And The Here;
                        They Whom We Call Dead- Have Not Left Us. Nay 
                        They Are Never So Near"  Masonic Emblem 
                        (Poor / deteriorated / top section on ground)
Davis, G.W.             13 Jul.1867- 8 Apr.1905  "Death is only a dream" 
                        (poor condition/ deteriorated)
Davis, Walter J.        6 Aug.1865-25 Mar.1910 "The Link is broken" 
                        WOW marker (excellent condition)
Dill, Susie             24 Jan. 1875-3 Feb.1908  Wife of W.E.Dill   
                        (sunken base)
Dockens, Joseph A.      8 Nov.1905-13 Dec.1905  Son of C. and H.C.Dockens
                        "Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven"(poor condition
                         / illegible/tilted)
Ellis, Cora Belle       5 Dec.1877-4 Jul.1918     Wife of Jim C.Ellis 
                        "Sleep Dear Mother, Take Thy Rest
                         God Called You Home, He Thought It Best)   
                         (good condition but sunken and tilted)
Ellis, Jim C.           30 Jan. 1942-29 Oct.1942  " A Friend of Mankind" 
                        (good condition/sunken)
Hanicak, John           5 May 1872-3 Dec.1922   "Father"  (excellent
Hanicak, Katherine      25 Nov.1876-18 Aug.1935  "His Wife--Mother" 
                        (excellent condition)
Hanicak, Lewis          15 Jun.1910-4 Jul.1937   ( good condition )     
Heaton, Nellie W.Pry    23 Aug.1904-8 Nov.1990  "She Was Encourangement 
                        Love And Laughter"       (excellent condition)                   
Howell, Emma            4 May 1851-10 Mar.1923       (excellent)
Jones, ????             20 Dec.1904-7 Jun.1929  "Earth Contains a Mortal
                        Less,Heaven An Angel More" (broken off,deteriorated)
Jones, Benjamin F.      8 Sep.1863-10 Jun.1907 "Oh Darling One From Us You 
                        Were Taken , But On the Golden Shore,You Are Waiting
                        To Greet Us Where Parting Comes No More" WOW marker 
                        (good condition/ weathered marker)          
Jones, Francis E.       12 Oct.1866-24 Jul.1949  "Meet Me In Heaven Mother" 
                        (Good Condition)
Jones, Infant Daughter   10 Feb.1926-10 Feb.1926  Infant Daughter of Mr.&
                        Mrs.W.C.Jones   (good/weathered condition)
Jones, James F.         16 Jan. 1899-29 Dec.1913  "Sleep On Dear Son And 
                        Take Thy Rest In Jesus Arms Forever Blest"   
                        (poor condition / sunken)
Lambert, Julia          2 Oct.1860-27 Mar.1938   "Mother"  (weathered)
Lambert, L.B.           13 Jan. 1851-13 Jun. 1914  "Father" (weathered)
Lambert, Minor Castle   17 Jan. 1891-19 Feb.1977    "Father- At Rest" 
                        (excellent condition)
Manchac, Mr.Joe         2 Jul.1862-2 Aug.1923  "In God We Trust" 
                        (good condition)
Martin, B.F.            24 Dec.1883-1 Nov.1918   WOW  marker, "Gone From
                        Our Home But Not From Our Hearts" 
                        (excellent condition)
Mixon, B.F.             9 Apr.1888-31 Aug.1905 "Budded On The Earth To Bloom
                        In Heaven" (broken marker, deteriorated/ Sunken)
Payne, Sarah T.         1856-1936  (good condition, on stone with Stephen)   
Payne, Stephen P.       1857-1934             
Payne, Walter G.        16 May 1882-23 Feb.1913  Son of S.P.& Sarah T.Payne
                         "We Will Meet Again "    (broken / uprooted)
Peveto, Baby             3 Mar.1919 -3 Mar.1919
Peveto, Bessmay          25 May 1917  - 18 Jun. 1917
Peveto, Carrie Lucille   24 Nov.1910  - 6 Oct. 1914
Peveto, J. P.            8 Oct.1920  - 29 Dec.1920
Phillips, Elva Berta     22 Feb.1906-3 Jun.1936 "Darling We Miss Thee" 
                        "In Memoriam - Supreme Forrest Woodman Circle" 
                         (excellent condition)
Pry, Arthur B.          14 Sep.1866-3 Mar.1935   
                         (excellent condition with sunken base)
Pry, Chas. W.           22 Dec.1877-4 Aug.1927  "Father" 
                         WOW marker (excellent condition)
Pry, Cyrus Marvin       4 Dec.1897-26 Jan.1921 "At Rest"(excellent condition)
Pry, Frances R.         26 Jan.1882- 21 Nov.1914  "Gone But Not Forgotten"                      
                        (excellent condition but weathered)
Pry, Guy Earl           14 Feb.1904-8 Feb.1931  "How Desolate , Our Home 
                        Berefit of Thee"    (excellent condition)
Pry, Mary E.            30 Jun.1880-22 Nov.1925  "Mother" "Rest Mother,
                        Rest, in Quiet Sleep While Friends in Sorrow O'er 
                        Thee Weep"    (excellent condition)
Purgell, D.             5 Apr.1886-8 Apr.1911   "Holy Bible-Come Ye Blessed-
                        Remember ye Souls As You Pass By As You Are Now So 
                        Once Was I, As I am Now So You Must Be Prepare For 
                        Death and Follow Me"  (poor shape/ broken from base 
                        & Uprooted)
Rankin, Billie          19 Jun.1921-20 Jan.1923  " A Little Bud of Love,
                        To Bloom With God Above"  (excellent condition)
Rankin, Edna E.         3 Sep.1899-26 Nov.1933"A Tender Mother and Faithful
                        Wife" Eastern Star emblem. "In Memoriam- Supreme 
                        Forest Woodman Circle"  (good condition)
Rankin, Edna Merle      1 Dec.1917-6 Oct.1934             (chipped top)
Richardson, Infant      Son of Mr. & Mrs. G.B.Richardson  28 Feb.1904-
                        2 Jan.1905  
Robinett, T.W.          6 Oct.1865-16 Sep.1905  "He Took Thee From A World 
                        Of Care , An Everlasting Bliss to Share" WOW marker 
                        (deteriorated/ sunken base, tilted, broken)
Ross, Granny            no dates Homemade (deteriorated)
Rudd, George            Son of G.W.& Jane P. Rudd 15 Apr.1888-15 Oct.1915  
                        WOW marker (weathered)
Williams, Damon Lee     4 Oct.1979  only one date   (excellent condition)