Allen Cemetery

Jasper Co. Cemeteries of TX
Complied by Norman Stewart Martindale and Bernice Marshall Byerly Martindale
Submitted with permission by John Johnson

DIRECTIONS: From Jasper take 190 west to the airport, turn left on Farm Road  777. Go five miles. Cemetery is on the left side of the road. The oldest marked grave in the cemetery that has birth and death dates is that  of T. F. Truitt b-10-20-1833,d-4-3-1869 who was the spouse of Nancy Allen  daughter of William and Annie Allen), however some of the older family records  show that Annie (Grigsby) Allen spouse of William Allen Sr. died October 27 1863.  William Allen Sr. and Annie (Gribsby) Allen lived in a house near this cemetery  and is seems reasonable to believe that She was the first to be buried here.  January 30, 1931 Dallas and Kate Wigley deeded the land to the Beech Grove  Community, Beech Grove Cemetery. This has always been known as the Allen  Cemetery, and (with few exceptions) the people that are buried here are the
descendants of William Allen Sr. and Annie (Grigsby) Allen. Our thanks to Mr. and Mrs. W. W Cogbill for helping us get the information  on this Cemetery.

ALLEN Enoch    (f) William Allen Sr.   
b-9-14-1855    (m) Annie Grigsby
d-10-31-1910    (s) Sallie E. Glenn
Enoch Allen was the first spouse of Sallie E. Glenn. This marriage ended in divorce.
ALLEN Annie (Some Family Records)    (f) Joseph Grigsby
nd b-1-12-1919    (m) Sally Graham
nd d-10-27-1863    (s) Wm. Allen Sr.

ALLEN Wm. Sr. (Some Family Records)     (f) Nathaniel Allen Sr.
nd b-1811    (m) Penelope Williams
nd d-1869    (s) Annie Grigsby

ALLEN Wm. Preston    (f) Wm. Allen
b-1-14-1889    (m) Sallie E. Glenn
d-10-18-1950    (s) Edna A. Byerly

ALLEN Edna A.    (f) Joseph F. Byerly
b-7-6-1896    (m) Lena E. Hall
d-1-25-1974    (s) Wm. Preston Allen

ALLEN Wm.    (f) William Allen Sr.
b-12-15-1850    (m) Annie Grigsby
d-3-9-1923    (s) Sallie E. Glenn
Wm. Allen was the second spouse of Sallie E. Glenn and brother to Enoch Allen her first spouse.
ALLEN Sallie E.     (f) Joseph Glenn
b-11-25-1855    (m) Sarah Bates
d-1-31-1919    (s!) Enoch Allen
        (s2) Wm. Allen

ALLEN Robert Lane    (f) Proctor Allen
b-1-5-1920    (m) Lucy Davis
ALLEN Proctor    (f) Wm. Allen
b-1885        (m) Sallie E. Glenn
d-1969        (s) Lucy Davis

ALLEN Lucy    (f) Manuel Davis
b-1890        (m) Nancy Elizabeth Holland
d-1973        (s) Proctor Allen

ALLEN Murray M.     (f) Wm. Preston Allen
b-7-22-1917    (m) Edna A. Byerly
d-3-1-1994    (s) Maudine-

ALLEN Joe W.    (f) Wm. Preston Allen
b-12-7-1918    (m) Edna A. Byerly
d-12-18-1992    (s)

ALLEN Maudine    (f)
b-9-10-1924    (m)
d-12-27-1989    (s) Murray Allen

ANDERSON Bradd Lynn    (f) Emory Anderson
b-8-9-1974    (m) Ruby Lee Walker
CHAMBLISS Steven E.     (f) Frank Chambliss
b-7-24-1917    (m) Eva Bonner
d-5-30-1951    (s) Rosalee Allen

CHAMBLISS Rosalee    (f) Proctor Allen
b-3-11-1922    (m) Lucy Davis
d-12-13-1983    (s) Steven E. Chambliss

HIGGINS Landis    (f)
b-1921        (m)
nd        (s) Mable E. Allen

HIGGINS Mabel E.     (f) Procter Allen
b-1912        (m) Lucy Davis
d-1989        (s) Landis Higgins

KEEN Jack    (f) William Keen
b-5-15-1897    (m) Mae Ellen Conner
d-2-25-1964    (s) Dorothy Edwards

KEEN Dorothy M.    (f) Silas Edwards
b-6-9-1904    (m) Audrey Prothrow
d-9-10-1986    (s) Jack Keen

LINDSEY Mable Walker    (f) Clarence Griffin Smith
b-3-30-1916    (m) Jessie Ora Glenn
d-3-9-1987    (s1) James Scott Walker
        (s2) Claude Lindsey

MASTERSON Minnie May    (f) F. M..Smith
b-9-5-1873    (m) Mary Jane Allen
d-6-29-1902    (s) Dr. J. P. Masterson

PILGRIM Barry Lowell    (f) Corrie Penn Pilgrim
b-6-29-1926    (m) M. Edna Prewitt
d-1-16-1980    (s) Patsy Smith

RHODES Dorsey D.    (f) Wm. T. Rhodes
b-11-23-1905    (m) Lela Mae Beck
d-11-2-1968    (s) Never married

RHODES Wm. T.    (f)
b-1873        (m)
d-1960        (s) Lela Mae Beck

RHODES Lela Mae    (f)
b-1888        (m)
d-1963        (s) Wm. T. Rhodes

RHODES Aubrey W.    (f) Wm. T. Rhodes
b-1-9-1910    (m) Lela Mae Beck
d-11-23-1953    (s) Pearl L. Bailey

RHODES Pearl L.    (f) John Bill Bailey
b-9-1-1910    (m) Estella Carter
nd        (s) Aubrey W. Rhodes

RHODES Carlos Curtis    (f) Wm. T. Rhodes
b-1908        (m) Lela Mae Beck
d-1983        (s) never married

ROBERTS Ted Elton    (f) Lon Roberts
b-5-7-1931    (m) Eva Collins
d-1-4-1991    (s) Barbara Smith

SHULTS Myra Rhodes    (f) Wm. T. Rhodes
b-1913        (m) Lela Mae Beck
d-1966        (s) Newman Shelts

SMITH James Avery    (f) F. M. Smith
b-10-5-1876    (m) Mary Jane Allen
d-3-18-1935    (s)

SMITH Mary Jane Allen    (f) Wm. Allen Sr.
b-5-22-1852    (m) Annie Grigsby
d-11-19-1914    (s) F. M. Smith
Mary Jane Allen was the second spouse of F. M. Smith and a sister to his first spouse.
SMITH F. M.     (f) William George Smith
b-10-2-1840    (m) Sarah Jackson
d-12-18-1914    (s1) Phenlope Allen
        (s2) Mary James Allen   

SMITH Penelope Allen    (f) Wm. Allen Sr.
b-10-21-1842    (m) Annie Grigsby
d-10-5- 1873    (s) F. M. Smith
Penelope Allen was the first spouse of F. M. Smith
SMITH Clarence Griffin    (f) F. M. Smith Jr.
b-5-26-1891    (m) Francis India Wilson
d-1-12-1972    (s) Jessie Ora Glenn

SMITH Jessie Ora    (f) Richard Glenn
b-2-22-1894    (m) Florence Thompson
d-4-22-1969    (s) Clarence Griffin Smith

SMITH Clarence    (f) Clarence Griffin Smith
b-9-18-1917    (m) Jessie Ora Glenn
SMITH Felix    (f) Clarence Griffin Smith
b-7-28-1924    (m) Jessie Ora Glenn
SMITH Marvin R. Jr.    (f) Marvin Ray Smith
b-11-13-1925    (m) Annie Horn
d-4-4-1962    (s) Yvonne Due

SMITH Thomas L.    (f) F. M. Smith Jr.
b-1889        (m) Francis India Wilson
d-1975        (s) never married

SMITH Francis India    (f) James M. Wilson
b-11-20-1868    (m) Sarah Ann
d-3-7-1912    (s) F. M. Smith Jr.

SMITH F. M. Jr.    (f) F. M. Smith Sr.
b-2-5-1865    (m) Penelope Allen
d-2-15-1899    (s) Francis India Wilson

SMITH Joel Frankie    (f) F. M. Smith Jr.
b-12-4-1894    (m) Francis India Wilson
SMITH Nannie    (f) William Allen Sr.
b-12-4-1844    (m) Annie Grisgby
d-10-1-1919    (s1) T. F. Truitt
        (s2) J. J. Smith

SMITH J. J.     (f) William George Smith
b-1-1-1833    (m) Sarah Jackson
d-4-18-1915    (s) Nannie Allen
J. J. Smith was the second spouse of Nannie Allen.
SMITH O. W.     (f) J. J. Smith
b-1872        (m) Nannie Allen
d-1947        (s) never married

SMITH Marvin Ray Sr.    (f) F. M. Smith Jr.
b-12-29-1898    (m) Francis India Wilson
d-5-24-1985    (s1) Annie Horn
        (s2) Edwina Peavy

SMITH Edwina Peavy    (f) Levi Peavy
b-10-20-1912    (m) Jessie Bilbo
nd        (s) Marvin Ray Smith
Edwina Peavy was the second spouse of Marvin Ray Smith Sr.
SMITH Ilah Roselyn    (f) Clay Smith
b-2-9-1993    (m) Shawna Smith
TRUETT T. F.     (f) William F. Truett
b-10-20-1833    (m) Christene Graham
d-4-3-1868    (s) Nannie Allen
T. F. Truett was the first spouse of Nannie Allen