Hanna Cemetery  

Hunt County Cemeteries of Texas

Transcribed for John W. Duncan by Gena Forsyth  

Hanna Cemetery is located in the city of Wolfe City, Hunt County, Texas, across the highway (34 south), from the new high school.  It’s located approximately 300 feet west of the road.  There are no marked graves, only 4 sand stone blocks.  The land was own by Hal Mullins of Wolfe City .  The compiler has researched this cemetery.


                Four graves are believed to be in this cemetery. 

The Hanna family believe one of the graves is that of Sarah Anna (Rhoades) Hanna, born September 18th, 1830 , who probably died sometime in 1869 or 1870.  She was the daughter of William H. and Sarah Jane (Fleming) Rhoades and the wife of James F. “Jim” Hanna.  James F. “Jim” Hanna was born July 19th, 1830 .  He came to Wolfe City , Texas from Tennessee , in 1853, and purchased 125 acres of land, southwest of Wolfe City , (in the area where Hanna Cemetery is located).  James and Sarah were married August 3rd, 1856 and had three children. 


(1) William Washington Jefferson Hanna was born October 23rd 1857 and died February 12th 1909 .  He was called W. W. J.  He married Louisa “Lou” Marilla (Wolfe / Whatley), on January 10th, 1883 .  She was the daughter of Lemuel Pinkney Wolfe (the founder of Wolfe’s Mill and later renamed Wolfe City ). Lou was first married to James H. Whatley on January 31st, 1870 .  He died on March 27th, 1876 , and is buried in the Rehobeth Cemetery , near Wolfe City . Lou and James Whatley had three sons: Hampton Pinkney Whatley, born January 26th, 1871 and died April 21st, 1920, Jimmie Lee B. Whatley, born April 29th, 1871 and died December 30th, 1901 and Robert Henry G. Whatley, born July 22nd, 1873 and died in 1946.  William Washington Jefferson Hanna was Principal of the Wolfe City School for seven years and was Hunt County School Superintendent from 1898 till 1904. Mr. Hanna and Lou had four children, they were: Anna Katherine Hanna, born July 29th, 1884 and died April 17th, 1970, Jennie Hanna, born in 1886 and died in 1893, Royston F. Hanna, born March 10th, 1889 and died in July, 1934 and William Wolfe “Bill” Hanna, born October 15th, 1892 and died in 1962 and was the husband of Mildred (King) Hanna. (II) John Hanna was a schoolteacher in Wolfe City . (Date of his birth and death are not available) (III) Sarah A. Hanna, married and moved to Rusk, Texas . (Birth and death dates are not available)

James F, Hanna died July 2nd, 1898, and is buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery, near Wolfe City, beside his 2nd wife, Mary J. (born November 29th, 1839, and died February 6th, 1920), and their daughter Viola, (born April 27th, 1875 and died July 4th, 1892).

                Land, where the Wolfe City Park is located, was purchased, in 1909, from the William Washington Jefferson Hanna family.  The street in front of the park is Hanna Street , named for the family.

                Hanna Cemetery measures nine feet by ten feet and is surrounded by a barbed wire fence. There is no accessibility.