Craig-Cline-Holmes Cemetery  

Hunt County Cemeteries of Texas

Transcribed for John W. "Dub" Duncan by Gena Forsyth  


Craig / Cline / Holmes Cemetery is located in Hunt County, approximately 1˝ miles west of Wolfe City, Texas, in a pasture.  It is on the north side of County Road #1013. This was previously the Craig Farm and may have also been (at one time) the Page Farm. Later it was own by Ula Bush. The cemetery has five marked graves, as listed below. It’s possible others are buried here in unmarked graves.    


Grave #1: James Levi Craig, was born December 28th, 1803, in Alabama. He married Sarah (Morris) Craig on December 17th, 1840, she was born February 15th, 1822, possibly in Alabama. They had ten children, they are: 

(1) Nancy Elizabeth (Craig) King, born 9-11-1841, unknown when she died, 

(2) Mary Frances (Craig) Bard, born 9-6-1843, unknown when she died, 

(3) Martha Lawrence (Craig) Crable, born 2-8-1845, unknown when she died, 

(4) John William Craig, born 6-17-1847 and died 7-25-1921, 

(5) Robert Marshall Craig, born 10-11-1849, unknown when he died, 

(6) Doshia Lenore (Craig) Rhoades, born 2-6 or 16-1852, unknown when she died, Doshia married Joel M. Rhoades on January 5th, 1873, and they had two children, Martin and Clarence Rhoades, 

(7) Jerushia Smith (Craig) Raney, born 2-15-1855, unknown when she died, 

(8) Henry Clay Craig, born 1-6-1856 or 57, died 11-25-1919, buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery near Wolfe City, Texas. His name is spelled Creag on his tombstone. Henry married Sarah Ann Chastain in January 1889, in Crawford, Texas. They had 13 children. They are Virgie, Irene, Era, Vera, (twins), Evelyne, Nettie Lenore, Wordy Clay, Lydia, Rosemont, Lucein, Robert Marshall, Henry Byron, Bessie Lee and Abraham Blakley. 

(9) Louisa Ada (Craig) Medlin was born on 3-1-1859 and died in 1939.  She married William “Bill” Medlin. She is buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery near Wolfe City, Texas, and 

(10) James Walter Craig, born 9-11-1862, unknown when he died. James Levi Craig died of pneumonia on October 4th, 1863 and was the first burial in this cemetery. His wife, Sarah, died in 1912 and was buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery.


Grave #2: Mary F. Bard, born 9-11-1811 and died 2-3-1871, she was the wife of W. Bard.


Grave #3: Martha A. Cline, born 8-12-1824 and died 10-29-1878. She was the wife of Mathew Cline.


Grave #4: Edna Mary Jane (Westbrook) Holmes, born 2-26-1841 and died 1-11-1879. She was the wife of Jonathan D, Holmes. She was the 2nd child of Barney and Eliza Frances (Chastain) Westbrook. Edna Mary Jane was born in Campbell County, Georgia. She married Jonathan Holmes in 1864 in Attala County, Mississippi. They had two children. They are, John B. “Hopie” and Frances Julia “Fannie” (Westbrook) Cosby. Her husband was Dever Cosby. Edna Mary Jane had one sibling, (that we know of), Ella C. (Westbrook) Craig. Ella C. was born in Attala County, Mississippi on 5-19-1861. She married William Craig in Hunt County, Texas on 12-20-1875. Their children were: Lenson, Emery, Glen, Comilla and Alma. Ella died in 1889.           This family came to Wolfe City in 1867.


Grave #5: Mathew Cline, he was born 3-17-1812 and died 2-6-1891. He was the husband of Martha Cline. No other information available on Martha and Mathew Cline.