Paradise Stone Cemetery

Caddo Mills, Hunt Co. Cemeteries of TX

Map by Barbara Jean Williams Holland

Submitted by Larry Wilson

located south of Caddo Mills

Additional Obits by Elaine Nall Bay and Patricia Nall

My Great-great-grandparents:
Isham Hall Williams, born December 10, 1825, Russell County, VA; died February 4, 1907, Hunt County, Texas.   Married May 25, 1852, to Sarah Elizabeth Feaster, born November 10, 1836, Lawrence County, MO; died December 6, 1894, Hunt County, Texas

Milton J. Hughes (son-in-law of I.H. & Sarah Williams)
Margaret Jane Williams Hughes, born November 25, 1859, Lawrence County, MO; died October 24, 1950, Hunt County, TX (grave un-marked, but adjacent to Milton).  Victoria "Torie" Hughes, born December 1884, married to Carl S. Foster, unknown date of death. Daughter of Milton and Margaret.  John B. Foster, born 1909, date of death unknown.  Son of Victoria Hughes Foster.  

John William Williams, born September 30, 1860, Lawrence County, MO; died November 16, 1921, Hunt County, TX  married July 31, 1884, to Arizona Arabell Wilson

Arizona Arabell Wilson, born July 9, 1869, Barry County, MO; died March 24, 1933, Hunt County. (Arizona was the youngest sister of Harlon Hugh Wilson, another of my paternal great-grandfathers) (Their graves have only small brick-size markers with initials JWW and AAW.)

My great-grandparents:
James Wiley Williams, born September 1, 1865, Lawrence County, MO; died February 7, 1937, Hunt County, TX   Married November 5, 1885 to Jessie May Williams (Williams married a Williams).

Jessie May Williams, born January 7, 1870, probably Missouri; died January 24, 1894, Hot Springs, Arkansas. 

Earl F. H. Williams, born December 18, 1892, Hunt County, TX; died August 18, 1893, Hunt County, Texas.

James Eugene Williams, born June 30, 1909; died May 5, 1910.  Son of James Wiley Williams and second wife, Ida. 

Lee Roy Williams, born May 6, 1897, Hunt County, TX; died June 17, 1971, Hunt County, TX.   (Lee Roy was the son of James Williams and his second wife who chose to be buried in Greenville.)

Charles Gilmer Williams, born January 20, 1870, Lawrence County, MO; died January 1, 1940, Hunt County, TX.  Married to Martha Ida Gray, August 22, 1901. 

Martha Ida Gray Williams, born June 19, 1878, unknown; died October 24, 1963, Hunt County, TX . One of their children, "Little Ray" is buried in their plot. 

Nettie Williams Ross, born September 4, 1899; died October 23, 1926.   Interesting handed-down story about her.  Elbert Williams donated the land for the cemetery.  (Elbert and his brother Jasper Williams are buried in the I O O F Cemetery at Caddo Mills.)  Nettie is the daughter of Elbert. She apparently led a wild life and died of a drug overdose while on an out of town trip.  Elbert would not allow her to be buried in the cemetery with the rest of the family.  She was buried in the field outside the west boundary.  At a later date, the land was incorporated into the cemetery.

Attached is a sketch of the cemetery prepared by Barbara Jane Williams Holland (1986).  She is the grand daughter of Charles Gilmer and Martha Ida Williams.  The relationships on the drawing indicate her relationship to those buried.