Wise and Clifton Cemetery

Hopkins Co, Cemeteries of Texas

By June E. Tuck and Deborah Tuck Young  jparks@neto.com

South from Sulphur Springs on Hwy 19,  to Fm 1567. this being the way to Miller Grove. Turn right on FM road 3389.  The cemetery is on what is known as the Gore farm.  Stop and ask.  Cemetery was in very bad condition when I did it sometime in the 1970's.

Wise, C. - b. 15 Mar. 1831, d. 12 Nov. 1905

Wise, Jane Clifton - unmarked grave

Wise, Thomas N. - Son of C. and M. H. Wise, b. 14 June 1867, d. 4 Oct. 1869

Wise, Nancy A. - Dau. of C. and M. H. Wise, b. 15 June 1859, d. 10 Nov.

Clifton - unmarked.  A Mr. Clifton buried here, died from a broken neck.

Was told by Juanita Russell, a lady who lived in the area, there was at least 9 unmarked graves, and did not know who they were.

Coordinator: Barbara  Collier