Welch Cemetery

Hopkins Co, Cemeteries of Texas

by June E. Tuck and Deborah Tuck Young jparks@neto.com

From Sulphur Springs, take Hwy 19; after passing Miller Grove cut-off, take
the 4th right hand turn. Just a little ways down this road, on the left
hand side, in the pasture, on a hill, is the cemetery. There was a one
room log house used to put hay in, right at road, in this pasture. Very
bad condition. Had to dig some stones out of the dirt. Cows going through
it. Did the cemetery in the 1970's.

Welch, T. L. - b. 17 Oct. 1827, d. 22 May 1858

Welch, Levi - b. 5 Dec. 1814, d. 1865

Welch, Sarah - b. 30 Apr. 1827, d. May 1882

McBride, S. M. - b. 6 Dec. 1840, d. 27 Feb. 1884

(T.L. Welch was the son of Thomas Welch, who also must be buried here. In
the 1850 census, Thomas was 64 years old, and his wife, Hetty, was 61 yrs