Waggoner Cemetery

Hopkins Co. Cemeteries of TX

Transcribed by  June E. Tuck & Deborah Tuck Young


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The Wagoner cemetery is located on the road leading south of Peerless.  The cemetery lies in a pasture on the west side of the road.  A few barns are very near it; cemetery just a little north and west of these barns, on a hill.  Has a chain link fence around it.

The Waggoner Estates had worked done on this cemetery in 1970, with Euless Waggoner of Vernon, Texas overseeing the job that it was done the way they want it.  There was a double fence put around it and concrete coving the graves.  Photos 1975 by Jane Tuck

Waggoner, Nancy - 1833 - 1953

Waggoner, Solomon - 1804 - 1849

Millsap, Martha - 1833 - 1853