Old Shirley Cemetery

Hopkins Co, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted By: June E. Tuck and Deborah Tuck Young

Coordinator: Dolores I. Bishop

The cemetery is located south of Sulphur Springs. Take Highway 19 to Shirley community. The New Shirley cemetery is located on the right hand side of the road. The Old Shirley cemetery is located behind, west of the New Shirley cemetery, a little ways down the road on the left hand side of the road.


Last Name Birth Death Comments
Beckham, Rodger November 19,1913 July 29,1975 Husband of Ola A. Beckham
Beckham, Ola A. September 15,1912 1992  
Coppedge, E.L. July 30,1889 February 26,1907  
Coppedge, W.H. 1863 1929  
Coppedge, Labrada A. 1869 1948  
Coppedge, Eula May February 7,1886 January 22,1887 Daughter of W.H. Coppedge
Hankins, Floyd January 8,1892 April 24,1903 Son of J.G. and A.A. Hankins
Hankins, Olie April 20,1887 February 11,1890 Son of J.G. and A.A. Hankins
Hankins, A.A. May 20,1862 January 20,1906 Wife of J.G. Hankins
Hankins, J.G. July 10,1934 Age 75 years 7 months 22 days
Hankins, Alvia N. October 23,1880 August 8,1958  
Hankins, Essie Lee February 7,1885 May 14,1931  
Jones, James F. December 16,1918 April 27,1937  
Morris, Mary P. May 15,1864 November 20,1890 Wife of T.G. Morris
Morris, James November 11,1887 February 12,1888 Son of T.G. and M.P. Morris
Morris, Mary C.  
Unmarked Grave      
Morris, T.G. October 28,1859 March 6,1912  
Morris, Infant October 11,1902 October 11,1902 Daughter of T.G. and M.C. Morris
Morris, Julia April 8,1885 December 25,1898 Daughter of T. G. and M.C. Morris
Morris, Agnes November 28,1899 August 20,1900 Daughter of T.G. and M.C. Morris
Parker, Elizabeth September 10,1837 January 9,1897  
Potts, Lula D. April 13,1869 January 29,1925 Wife of J.R. Potts
Stokes, Sarah C. April 30,1859 December 5,1928 Wife of W.G. Stokes
Stokes, W.G. March 6,1840 January 18,1918  
Stockton, F.M. July 7,1862 November 17,1897  
Smith, V.H. April 8,1829 September 27,1897  
Smith, Rebecca 1839 March 18,1899 Wife of V. H. Smith
Stockton, Delmer W. June 9,1901 November 18,1919  
Stockton, James Porter April 11,1870 November 18,1919 James Porter and his son Delmer were shot on the same day
Stiner, Virgil L. January 22,1888 February 25,1905 Son of C.A. and M.C. Stiner
Stephenson, William Richard October 10,1874  
Stephenson, Ben F. November 16,1849 November 11,1930  
Stephenson, Josephine August 10,1856 February 29,1940  
Tramel, Willie Floyd November 11,1904 May 6,1907  
Tramel, Infant No Dates Son of Zollie and Glaida Tramel
Taylor, Forest June 30,1894 July 3,1894 Son of W.C. and C.E. Taylor
Taylor, Coraella January 8,1874 July 1,1894 Wife of W.C. Taylor
Ward, Dessie Oleane March 27,1908 June 7, 1908 Daughter of J.R. and M.E. Ward
Ward, Willie January 3,1900 October 17,1901 Son of J.R. and M.E. Ward
Ward, Delmer February 12,1894 December 27,1894 Son of J.R. and M.E. Ward
Ward, Daniel L. April 3,1888 February 24,1893 Son J.R. and M.E. Ward
Ward, Nora February 24,1890 March 28,1903 Daughter of J.R. and M.E. Ward
Ward, John R. November 22,1857 May 19,1912 Husband of M.E. Ward
Ward, M.E. Coppedge 1866 1934