Old Smith, aka Causey Cemetery

Hopkins Co, Cemeteries of Texas

By June England Tuck and Deborah Tuck Young

August 2002

Cemetery is located in Dike community. Go east from Sulphur Springs, on I 30, turn left on 69 to the Dike community. Cemetery is located on the Ed Bennett land in Dike.

In trying to locate the Old Smith cemetery, I was already thinking it might be what is now known as Causey. Barbara McCarley, who grew up in the Dike area, and I talked to several people in the Dike area, only one person knew, Robert Ellery Johnson who lives in the Ash Grove community, north of Dike. When asked if he knew of the Old Smith cemetery, he said it was now known as Causey but in the early years, when he was a young man, it was called the Smith cemetery. Thanks to Mr. Johnson and Eli Hargrave, we know the burial location of the first Voss family.

If anyone knows for certain that they have family buried in this cemetery, please email me and I will add the information to this cemetery page.

Johnson, Nancy - b. 20 Aug. 1840, d. 20 Ap. 1887, wife of W. R. Johnson

McCauley, Henry - b. 30 Mar. 1815, d. 1 Ap. 1870

McCauley, Clarisa - b. 27 Sept. 1816, d. 21 Aug. 1880 (She was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Voss)

Pugh, Nancy - Native of Indiana

Yates, _ _ _red, b. Nov. 1820, d. June ????

Unmarked graves - from article written by Eli Hargrave in 1937.

Eli Voss, the son of William & Elizabeth Voss, told Eli Hargrave his parents were buried in the Smith cemetery. ( I have put the history of the Dike area by Eli Hargrave on the US GenWeb Texas Hopkins County Archive page, full credit going to Mr. Hargrave)

Voss, William Voss - (1850 census shows William as 72 years old, born in N. C. Dead by 1860.) Unmarked grave

Voss, Elizabeth - (1850 census shows Elizabeth as 70 years old, born in N. C. Dead by 1860) Unmarked