Mitchell Creek Cemetery

Hopkins Co, Cemeteries of Texas

By June E. Tuck and Deborah Tuck Young

Cemetery is located south of Sulphur Bluff, on banks of Mitchell Creek.
There is no easy way to tell how to get to you. It lies sourth of the
Westerman cemetery, which is located near the Gas Refinery, not a working
refinery now. The St. Clair family was first buried in this cemetery, but
they were moved to the Mt. Vernon cemetery, in Franklin Co. Has been said
that when the creek flooded, water covered the graves.

Stevenson, Alexander - b. 17 Apr. 1800, d. 28 Oct. 1878

Stevenson, Margarett - b. 11 Feb. 1798, d. 25 June 1884

Dawson, W.N. - d. 23 Nov. 1868, age 50 yrs 2 mos 24 days

M.M.D. - a foot stone, the head stone missing.