County Farm Cemetery, Hill Co. Cemeteries of Tx ,Gloria B. Mayfield

 County Farm Cemetery

Hillsboro, Hill Co., Cemeteries of TX. 

Submitted by  Carolyn Cox

This information was found on death certificates . The county farm near Hillsboro, in Hill County, Texas housed the paupers, had the county prison there and also a county old folks home. * Death Certificate says County Potters Field   ** Death Certificate say Hill Co. Cem. Cemetery at county farm was referred to as county cemetery.  information from death certificates found on


Alexander G. B. M W Abt 1863 4/24/1928 Information about parents unknown
Aunley John M B Abt 1858 10/15/1923 Information about parents unknown
**Basey David Crockett M W 2-16-1876 6-28-1937 Spouse-Josie, Father-William, Mother-Lizzie Cook
Bays Martha F W Abt 1846 12/16/1921 Widowed, information about parents unknown
Booker or Bookman Harrison M B Abt 1881 8/2/1916 Information about parents unknown
Brown Marshall M B Abt 1866 8/24/1921 Information about parents unknown
*Bryant Mollie F B 8/1849 5/2/1937 Widow of Bill Bryant-Daughter of Katie Dotson
Burnett Frank M B 10-1-1868 11-24-1935 Spouse-Elnora, Father-?, Mother-Patsy Burnett
Carter John Rueben M W 6/17/1867 11/7/1918 Son of G.J. Carter and Caroline Tenny
Castillo Leonor M M Abt 1881 2/20/1913 Both parents born in Mexico, no names given
Coleman Charlie M B Abt 1894 4/15/1922 Information about parents unknown. Married, no spouse name given
*Davis Lawson M B 1862 3/14/1937 Information about parents unknown
Detrick Henry M W Abt 1868 11-21-1935 Information about parents unknown.
Doris or Davis Ben M B Abt 1871 11/3/1921 Information about parents unknown
Edwards John M W Abt 1843 6/3/1923 Widowed, information about parents unknown
Enojosa Twin Baby M M 2/7/1930 2/7/1930 Twin son of Antonia Enojosa
Enojosa Twin Baby M M 2/7/1930 2/7/1930 Twin son of Antonia Enojosa
Eshew Diana F B Abt 1835 1/2/1915 Information about parents unknown
French Patsy F W Abt 1846 9/29/1919 Widowed, information about parents unknown
Gibson John M W Abt 1858 1/3/1921 Information about parents unknown
Giles Baby girl F B 2/28/1924 2/28/1924 Daughter of Sallie Mae Giles
Glenn John M W Abt 1863 5/23/1919 Information about parents unknown
Green Charley M B Abt 1862 3/9/1922 Information about parents unknown
Hall Joe M B Abt 1866 4/12/1936 Widowed, information about parents unknown
Haywood Lillie F B Abt 1880 9/3/1925 Informant-Lee Haywood, Daughter of Louis Clarks and Margarett Smith
Hunley Will M B Abt 1878 10/29/1918 Information about parents unknown
Ivy L. S. M W Abt 1863 Abt 10/2/1923 Widowed, information about parents unknown.
Jefferson Ollie M B 10-2-1865 2-26-1935 Information about parents unknown.
Johnson Joe M B Abt 1855 4/14/1930 Information about parents unknown
Jones Baby boy M B 9/10/1923 9/10/1923 Son of H.B. Simpson and Lula Jones
Lewis Harvey M B Abt 1904 10/14/1929 Information about parents unknown
McWright Sam M B Abt 1886 7/21/1924 Married, Parlee Mcwright informant, possibly his wife
Miller Fred M G Abt 1876 6/16/1911 From Germany, information about parents unknown
Miller James M W Abt 1870 11/25/1918 Information about parents unknown, about 40 or 50
Miller Charlie M B 8/25/1904 9/30/1923 Spouse-Charlette Miller, information about parents unknown
Morgan Gertrude F B Abt 1878 10/5/1928 Information about parents unknown
Nobles John M B 1879 10/6/1932 Son of John Noble
Rafokeo Baby boy M M 11/9/1923 11/12/1923 Son of ? Rafokeo and Notibidad Miramontis
Sloan Annie F B Abt 1851 9/19/1916 About 60 to 65 years old, information about parents unknown
Smith Kid M B Abt 1868 7/7/1921 Information about parents unknown.
Smith William M B Abt 1848 11/15/1928 Widowed, information about parents unknown.
Taylor Zachory M W 11/6/1846 6/30/1915 Son of Daniel Taylor and A...Barnes
Unknown Calvin M B Abt 1844 8/17/1924 Information about parents unknown
Wear Johnnie M W Abt 1838 1/24/1920 Information about parents unknown.
Whiles Charles M W ? 9/7/1929 Died in county jail, no information on parents
Williams W. W. M W Abt 1894 9/26/1924 Information about parents unknown.
Williams John M B Abt 1898 11/10/1928 Died in county jail, son of Ike Williams
Williams Hary M B Abt 1869 6/18/1929 Died in county jail, informant T.L. Williams, no information on parents
Williams Dunkin M B Abt 1887 8-11-1933 Spouse-Evealene (deceased), Father-Harman, Mother-Mary Worlds
Williams Walter M B 1873 4-25-1933 Spouse-Rosia
Wilson Arch M B Abt 1882 10/27/1918 About 36 years old, divorced, information about parents unknown