Marion Gail  Frasier 

Guadalupe Cemetery

Hidalgo Co. Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted  By Cindy Sadler (July 2007)

I'm writing and attaching a photo of my aunt who is buried in the Guadalupe Cemetery in Pharr, Texas. I never met her since she died when she was just a baby.
I've heard the story of what happened from her surviving 6 brothers and sisters as well as my grandmother.  Here goes...
Her parents, James Earl Frasier and Nina Opal Goode Frasier were driving through Harlingen with Marion Gail and her sister Avis.
My grandmother, Nina Opal apparently told my grandfather, "they're not going to stop".  She was referring to a car coming towards the intersection they were fixing to cross.
My grandfather apparently replied, "they have to stop, there's a stop sign". 
Needless to say they did not stop.  It was a drunk driver that ran into them. 
Shortly thereafter a man dressed in a white suit came and took Avis who was covered in blood from the broken glass and carried her all the way to the hospital.  My grandmother took Marion Gail.  Once they reached the hospital in Harlingen, they were turned away because they did not have the money to pay for services right then. 
Avis survived, but Marion Gail did not.
The man in the white suit was never seen again and my grandmother used to comment about how she looked for him to return the bloodied jacket that he had used to craddle Avis.