History of the Ebony Grove Cemetery 

Submitted by Frances Isbell

Hidalgo Co, Cemeteries of TX

The Mercedes Cemetery, commonly known as Ebony Grove Cemetery,  so named because of the cluster of ebony trees which grow in and about it, is located on 8.9 acres of land being a re-subdivision of parts of Lots 3 and 4, Block 68. and part of Lots 13 and 14., Block 67 of the Capisallo Subdivision of the Llano Grande Grant. 

The cemetery, which was dedicated on July 25. 1928. is located on land which was given as a gift to the Mercedes Cemetery Association by the American Rio Grande Land and. Irrigation Company:  4.77 acres were deeded to the cemetery association on April 18, 1922 {recorded May 15, 1922 in Deed Records, Volume 137 Pages 536 and 537, Hidalgo County. 'Texas) " and 4.1.3 acres deeded  on October 29. 1925 (recorded November 10, 1925, Deed Records , Volume 201, Pages 96 and 97, Hidalgo County,  Texas) . 

The cemetery, which is immediately adjacent to the present south-east city limits of Mercedes, Texas, can be reached by taking State Highway 491 south out of  Mercedes. Just before the bridge which crosses the Arroyo Colorado, .a small paved road leads westward to the right . The cemetery is located approximately one third mile down this road. 

At the present time there are approximately 2,000 persons buried here. The earliest recorded death on a tombstone is that of Maude Evans who died in 1876. j We are inclined to believe she was originally elsewhere and when her parents, Mr. and Mrs.  Eugene E. Evans, Sr, moved to the area in the early 1900's they had her remains and those of her brother, Eugene E. Evans. Jr.., who died in 1881, moved to this cemetery.  

At the time  of the cemetery dedication in 1928, Mrs. Katharine Chadick was Chairman of the Mercedes Cemetery Association Board.  Mrs. Albert Kalbfleisch was vice-chairman and Mrs. Ed Spendiff, secretary=treasurer.  Other directors were: Judge John P. Gause, Walter Collier, F. G. Karle, Dr. C. C. Parker, Mrs. Fred Hard Wright and Mrs. O. E. Van Berg.

Today, the cemetery is maintained by the Mercedes Cemetery Association and under the control of a Board of Directors composed of Wendell Schwarz, president; Opal Metzger, vice-president; Margie Brewer, secretary-treasurer, Letharay Richey, Mrs. Wendell Schwarz.  Mrs. C. D. MacVean and Floyd Montgomery. 

July 1986