Athens City Cemetery

Athens, Henderson Co. Cemeteries of TX

 Obit info submitted by Jeanne McNutt

 Photos by Dee Rainville

Location:   400 Prairieville St, Athens, Tx and is designated as a Historic Texas Cemetery

Athens Cemetery After citizens petitioned for its closure, an unofficial burial ground in this area (Large Lot 13) closed in 1857. That same year, local residents buried prominent planter, Mason and school superintendent William J. Brantley here on one acre donated by Pleasant Tannehill to Masonic Lodge No. 165. Adjoining land was set aside for the interment of a girl, named Ward, who could not be buried in the Masons' Cemetery. The two adjacent burial grounds eventually joined, and further donations of land by Nathaniel Pope Coleman (1823-1888), Joseph Marion la Rue (1825-1887) and Joseph Thomas la Rue (1864-1930) added to what is now known as the pioneer section of this cemetery. An association established in 1922 bought an additional 12 acres from Matthias E. Richardson, Jr. (1850-1919), 

designating the front portion as a park. A trust initiated in 1959 by Sid Williams Richardson (1891-1959) continues to help fund the site's upkeep. Chronicled here are the generations that forged the rich heritage of the City of Athens, along with veterans of the Indian wars, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Historic Texas Cemetery - 2002

Photos by Dee Rainville

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Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Cobb Hubbard Don Oct 21 1940 Jan 14 1963 photo by Bill Brown
Harris Stephen Dwain 10-14-1956 07-27-1999 info from obit (JM)