Harris Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by George E. Wolf, Jr

The Westcott cemetery is located northeast of Schuller and McDaniel, west of HWY 59, just north of Crosstimbers. 1850-1961, 50 x 100; about 40 graves. Early settler's cemetery, Westcott family.
A brick wall and lichgate surround the cemetery.(Ca. 1930).
Recorded in 1985.
Amanda dau. of H. & H.R. Westcott
Feb. 6,1872-July 24,1872

Claricia dau. of H. & Amanda Westcott
Jan. 15,1862-May 21,1862

Amanda A. wife of Hampton Westcott
???-April 16,1860

Hampton Westcott
April 1,1839-Jan. 18,1877

Large stone on face?

James D. son of James & Emma E. Westcott
Nov. 29,1869-July 29,1873

Richard D. son of J.D. & Emma E. Westcott
Mar. 19,1866-July 17,1866

James D. son of R.D. & A. D. Westcott
Nov. 21,1842-Sept. 4,1873

Emma Aurora wife of J.D. Westcott
May 21,1846-Sept. 18,1915

Josephine wife of H.O. Scranton dau. of Westcott
July 21,1867-Dec. 21,1894

Richard D., Jan. 15,1851-May 6,1859
Mary E., Mar. 10,1849-Mar. 23,1850
R.D. & A.D. Westcott

Emma A. dau. of R.D. & A.D. Westcott
Jan. 5,1858-Nov. 2,1873

Almira D. wife of R.D. Westcott
Mar. 13,1820-June 28,1877

R.D. Westcott
Dec. 22,1808-Sept. 28,1897

A.L. Kendall
Jan. 8,1857-June 7,1896

Girtrued dau. of J.E. & J.A. Tucker
Feb. 8,1881-Sept. 18,1900

John E. Tucker
June 10,1856-Dec. 18,1939

Julia A. Tucker
June 9,1863-Mar. 26,1948

Hampton Tucker 1883-1953

Charles Hampton
Sept. 16,1896-Oct. 11,1913

Christana W. Westcott
Jan. 10,1873-Mar. 26,1941

H. Westcott April 8,1868

Margaret dau. of H. & C.W. Westcott
May 9,1913-Jan. 7,1919

Nona Lee Westcott
Aug. 11,1903-Nov. 6,1961

John E. Westcott
Dec. 13,1899-Jan. 31,1949

Lois Lavinia Ezell
Apr. 6,1919-Sept. 6,1939

Denmar son of J.R. & Ida Westcott
Jan. 10,1894-Oct. 28,1898

Baby of H. & H. Westcott Jan. 11,1877

(Outside wall)
Mrs. Tryphena B. Preston
Jan. 23,1853-Apr. 26,1929

Henry Louis Miller
July 21,1860-Feb. 24,1934
Hettie Ann Miller
Nov. 16,1863-Jan. 26,1943

Dora A. wife of Geo. E. McDaniel
Oct. 5,1880-Oct. 8,1911

Wm. D. son of G.G. & L.H. Westcott
Nov. 16,1860-July 3,1870

Gideon C. son of G.G. & L.H. Westcott
Apr. 9,1875-July 18,1877

Base, no stone, unknown?

Harriet C. dau. of G.G. & L.H. Westcott
Jan. 19,1883-Nov. 15,1884

Louisa dau. of G.G. & L.H. Westcott
Aug. 2,1884-Nov. 29,1884

Louisa H. wife of G.G. Westcott
Dec. 25,1840-Sept. 19,1884

Gideon G. Westcott 1844-1918

Joseph M. son of G.G. & L.H. Westcott
Dec. 14,1879-Aug. 8,1887

Louisa dau. of R.C. & A.R. Blackwell
Nov. 11,1898-Nov. Nov. 20,1899

Earl Everet son of R.C. & A.R. Blackwell
Mar. 17,1907-Nov. 20,1908

Arthur Cours
Nov. 8,1882-Apr. 4,1883

Mary Jane dau. of Andy & Annie Sayers
Dec. 19,1872-Jan. ?,1886

Hattie dau. of D.A. & Mary H. Maden
Aug. 29,1882-Oct. 7,1886

Alexender Grossom
Apr. 5,1843-Aug. 21,1880

Lawrence Kane Aug. 31,1900 aged 5 years

G. M. Beauchamp
May 17,1844-June 11,1901

There are around 23 babies and children buried in this cemetery. It was hard for children at that period in time.GEW.