(Hammer-McFaddin Family Cemetery)

Harris Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by George Wolf, Jr

Located between Red Bluff and Port Rd. on the west side of Taylor Lake, Pasadena,Texas.
This cemetery is on private property. In poor condition, eroding into lake.
Compiled March 11,1985
The City of Pasadena and Seabrook are workng on saving this cemetery.
I visited this cemetery on Feb. 25,2000, it is in great shape for its location.

James Malachi Martyn settled in 1879 in the area that is now the Armand Bayou Nature Center.
Jimmy Martyn took over the farm in 1926 after the death of his father, till 1964 when Jimmy Martyn died.

David D. Harris
Son of William P. and Emily Harris
Died Monday Jan. 16,1881
21 yrs. and 20 days
(Stone in really bad shape!)
This stone has now been repaired by the Armand Bayou Nature Center,Pasadena,Texas

Henry Aves Hammer
Born Oct. 6,1897
Died Apr. 19,1898

John B. Hammer
Born Sept. 22,1853
Died Sept. 20,1898

Nicholas Hammer,Sr.
Born 1828 Died 1898
Celestine Hammer
Born 1831 Died 1896
Both on one stone

Minnie Martyn
Born Sept. 26,1876
Died Sept. 24,1880

Rosamand Ethel Martyn
Born May 30,1882
Died May 18,1887

Elizabeth Martyn
Born July 29,1885
Died June 21,1889

James Malachi Martyn
Born Oct. 4,1878
Died Apr. 6,1964

Alma Martyn West
Born Aug. 16,1894
Died June 11,1976
At Rest Perry Cemetery
Clara Martyn Ballentine
Born June 23,1888
Died Jan. 31,1939
At Rest Seabrook Cemetery
Both on one stone

Elizabeth M. Martyn
Born Sept. 16,1853
Died June 27,1897
James Martyn
Born Mar. 4,1848
Died Sept. 5,1926
Both on one stone

*Roy Martyn
Texas, horseshoer 360 Inf. 90 Div.
Died Jan. 11,1937

*Roy Martyn
Born Dec. 12,1891
Died Jan. 11,1937
*(Roy Martyn has two stones.)

There are also unmarked McFaddin graves.