Harris Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by George E. Wolf, Jr

Morgan's Point Cemetery is located along Barbours Cut Boulevard across from Oaks St. and between the Longshoremen parking lot and the truck terminal. There is a paved road leading to the entrance and a small parking lot just for the cemetery. Gate is unlocked and cemetery is kept up real nice. There are alot of trees for shade and benches to sit on.
Compiled June 25,1985.
Morgan's Point was settled in 1835 by Col. James Morgan calling it New Washington.
James Morgan is buried there but no one exactly where. The headstone of his grave has been stolen three times in recent history. The third time it was not recovered.
There are some who think the stone was taken because it contains a paragraph from Morgan's will which says a 60 acre parcel of his plantation containing the cemetery could never be sold.
Many have speculated on the fate of Morgan's headstone but some think it is lying in 30-40 feet of water beneath the giant ships docking at Barbours Cut.
(Post Baytown Bureau by Larry Troutt)

L.E. Husbands
Born 1832 Died 1915

J.M. Isbell
Born May 31,1851
Died Mar. 2,1899

In Memory of
Sarah P.
Wife of Geo. M. Patrick
Died July 31,1838
(Sarah Morgan married George Moffit Patrick on Oct. 30,1831.)

Unknown, broken stone, Jan. 16,1896 ?

Ann Blackman Stout, no dates.

Max Brunnen Miller
Born Mar. 11,1911 in Portland,Oregon
Died Jan. 25,1984

Catharine Himes Miller
Born Aug. 23,1911 in New Oxford,Pa.
Died Aug. 10,1978

Virginia A. Morrison
Born Sept. 3,1930
Died Apr. 21,1969

Sherman J. Burton
Born 1901 Died 1968
Jennie L. Burton
Born 1907 Died------

Irvin Nicholas Hoffman
Born 1906 Died-----
Grace Cleo Hoffman
Born 1916 Died 1966

Marked grave, unknown, pine tree and cement stones.

James E. Roberts
Pvt. Co. H 26 Tx. Cav.
Confederate States Army
Born 1834 Died 1897

Cement stone, Charles Brown, Aged 67 years.

C. B. Cline
Born June 11,1886
Died Nov. 25,1912

Rhea S. Heinrich
Born Dec. 23,1888
Died July 3,1970

Jesse Thomas
Born Mar. 10,1894
Died Mar. 13,1949

Josephine R. Blum
Born May 11,1912
Died Jan. 17,1970

John L. Roberts
Born Nov. 1902 Died Nov. 1947

Charles D. Roberts
Born 1867 Died 1942
Lillie W. Roberts
Born 1881 Died 1927

Mitchel T. Benoit
Tx. Pvt. 1 Cl 35 Inf
Died Jan. 7,1944

Thomas R. Reed
Louisiana Pvt. 2 U.S. Vol. Inf
Born May 31,1872
Died July 8,1945

Mary A. Miller
Born Jan. 3,1895
Died May 28,1970

Harmer E. Miller
Tx. Sgt. Inf WWI
Born Jan. 13,1886
Died Apr. 24,1970

Jeff Clay
Born Aug. 22,1878
Died Feb. 10,1933

Medford T. Dickerson
Born June 3,1879
Died Mar. 25,1935
Allie Dickerson
Born Sept. 1895
Died Oct. 16,1981

Dixie Diana Dickerson
Born Mar. 10,1929
Died Mar. 28,1947

Leonard W. Knighton
Born 1909 Died Oct. 17,1981 Age 72, 7 mon.

Doria L. Knighton
Born 1919 Died -----

John L. Foles
Born Apr. 18,1909
Died May18,1960

Pete G. Snider
Born June 1,1871
Died Feb. 6,1966

John Jannise
Born Dec. 3,1917
Died Apr. 9,1967

Baby Richard English
Born--Died June 17,1967

Leonard Hard
Born Apr. 20,1914
Died Jan. 16,1972
Lois E. Hard
Born Apr. 4,1918
Died Jan. 1,1985

Jack Goleman
Born Mar. 31,1884
Died May 17,1970

Henry B. Skinner
Born Mar. 17,1881
Died Aug. 18,1966

Tillie Marie Allen
Born Nov. 7,1908
Died Sept. 19,1967

Byrdie V. O'Dell
Born Aug. 8,1884
Died Mar. 27,1968

Glady's I. Cole
Born 1898 Died 1972

W lak Baker ?
Died Nov. ?,1972, cement marker, hard to read.

Frank W. Peel
Born 1909 Died 1977

Isaac N. Wakefield
SPL Co. K 1 Reg. U.S. Ter. Inf
Born 8-28-1867 Died 8-13-1910

Lucian Humphrey Born 1891 Died 1966

Hattie, wife of J.M. Hates
Born Dec. 26,1874
Died Apr. 26,1920
Gone but not forgotten

Charlie Carpenter
Born Apr. 1,1882
Died Jan. 5,1938

Harry A. Foster
Born Jan. 24,1894
Died June 28,1963
Clara M. Foster
Born Aug.12,1894
Died -------

Annie R. Ferrell Born 1891 Died 1952
William Ferrell Born 1881 Died 1944

Mrs. O.J. McKie
Born Mar. 28,1852
Died May 24,1932

Laura E. Rose
Born May 16,1853
Died Apr. 21,1931
David S. Rose
Born Oct. 10,1844
Died Oct. 13,1918

Earl B. Hall
Born Feb. 25,1898
Died Nov. 11,1948

Jennia Goodson
Born Sept. 1,1904
Died July 23,1921
Kirk Goodson
Born Feb. 18,1898
Died -------

Wm. Ola McLaughlin Born 1911 Died 1932

Hiram O'Dell Born 1923 Died 1943

Audfey M. O'Dell
Born Jan. 13,1910
Died Feb. 10,1962

Clara A. Jones
Born Nov. 9,1880
Died Aug. 17,1942

Mary H. wife of Bruce Ayers
Born Apr. 4,1854
Died May 29,1919

Thos. Ayers
Born Mar. 25,1895
Died Apr. 16,1955

Hattie Gates Born 1874 Died 1970
J.M. Gates Born 1863 Died 1950