Est. 1907

Harris Co. Cemeteries of TX

By George E. Wolf Jr./1985/2000

This cemetery was the City of La Porte's (2nd) cemetery.
CEDARHURST was the first, which is located across the bayou.
The La Porte Cemetery is located at South 8th street.
The cemetery started over a fight about high burial fees at the Cedahurst Cemetery, which were from 10 to a 100 dollars a plot.
Pior to 1907, the only cemetery avalible at the time was CEDARHURST (The first La Porte Cemetery), which may have been used before 1900.
After the death of his brother, THOMAS in 1907, JAMES SULLIVAN and two other men, WILLIAM BABBITT and J.S.JOHNSON, decided to make arrangements for the burial of La Porte residents.
By creating a new La Porte City Cemetery,
the plots cost only a dollar.
Now there was two cemeteries across from one another along Little Cedar Bayou.
Cedarhurst Cemetery became the loser.
Lost and forgotten.........
I recorded this cemetery on 3-11-1985.

E.R. Crook
b Mar. 18,1904 d May 11,1926

V.T. Crook
b Owensboro,Kentucky Jan. 7,1870
d Houston,Texas Aug. 26,1940

Henry G. Fish Co. A 89th Ill. Inf.

Cement stone (unknown)

Cement stone (unknown)

Nell K? (stone broken)
b Oct. 1910 d Jan. 30,1930

Leigh Albert Allen New Jersey
b Jan. 7,1919 d Apr. 2,1964

Base (unknown)

William V. Sullivan 1890-1954

Marth Sullivan 1884-1965

Ann Gertrude Sullivan 1915-1927

Edward W. Boddeker 1872-1948

Mary Sullivan 1850-1925

Jim Sullivan 1851-1929