Harris Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by George Wolf, Jr

Located north of Bay Area Park, Pasadena,Texas,
in wooded area.
Old family settlement.
Two graves with a fence around it. In great condition.
(Up date) Mar. 2,2000 Lilly Engleman states that there are four graves in the Henry Cemetery.
The daughter of Jourdan Henry and her husband are buried at the foot of the Henry's graves. They have no gravestones.

(From AT REST, by Trevia Wooster Beverly/92.
List the Henry Cemetery with dates from the 1870's and 25 graves. Endangered by subsidence.?) page 41.
(From TREASURES of GALVESTON BAY by Carroll Lewis/77.) States that {since then the settlement gradually vanished and now only a few graves markers on the north side of Big Island Slough remain as evidence of this pioneer group.}
Chapter 11, page 101.

Land owners of Harris County,Texas. 1902-1903,
Jordan Henry is listed with 252 acres in Seabrook,Texas.

Graves of:

Noel Jourdan HENRY
Born 1846
Died Aug. 25,1925

Lilly Engleman states that his birth is Dec. 1844.
His tombstone says 1846.

Emily Trosclair HENRY
Born Aug 8,1847
Died Oct. 25,1917

Added Mar. 2,2000 Info by Lilly Engleman.
Located at the foot of the Henry's graves is Aleda Henry, Jourdan's daughter and her husband Charles Dudley Englemann.

Aleda Henry Engleman
Born Abt. 1872 Montegut, Terribone Parish,LA
Died Before 1920

Charles Dudley Engelmann
Born Abt. 1850 Germany
Died May 10,1921 Galveston,Texas

Jourdan Henry b 1846 LA d Aug. 25,1925 Middle Bayou, Harris County,Texas
Wife-Emily b 1847 LA d Oct. 25,1917 Middle Bayou, Harris County,Texas
Children of;
A. Gustaus b 1869 LA d 1919 Houston,Texas
Aleda b 1872 LA d Before 1920 Middle Bayou, Harris County,Texas
Frazier b 1873 TX d ?
Thomas b 1875 TX d ?
Eurman b 1879 TX d ?

During the middle of the 1800's about a dozen families of European origin settled on the east banks of Middle Bayou. Their settlement called "Middle Bayou" or "The Old French Settlement", named after the four Louisiana French families living there for several decades.
They floated barges with their produce down the bayou to market.
The settlement had a post office and a school called the "Middle Bayou School".

1880 Census listed near the Jourdan Henry family were the families of Nicholas Hammer and James and Frederick Martyn. (See Taylor Bayou Cem.)
Also the Kellerman Family. (See Kellerman Cem.)
Thomas Dodson, Ballentines, and Gozman families lived near by.
As well as other Henry families.
Harris C. Henry b 1855 LA d ?
Wife-Tarza H. b 1859 TX d ?
Children of;
Maragret b 1876 TX d ?
Selliana b 1878 TX d ?
Orelia b Sept. 1880 TX d ?

Jules Henry b 1863 TX d ?

Roseline Henry b 1850 LA d ?
Children of;
Mary b 1866 LA d ?
Adam b 1868 TX d ?
Josephine b 1873 TX d ?
Natilie b 1876 TX d ?
Baby Da. b 1880 TX d ?

Mrs. Henry b 1834 LA d ?
Children of;
Philmore b 1859 LA d ?
Elizabeth b 1866 LA d ?
Seymore b 1875 TX d ?