Harris Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by George E. Wolf, Jr

Was also called the Lodge Loving Band of Hope Cemetery. 1883-1953. Located near the corner of Fennell street, beside Lawndale and near the end of Bowie street. Railroad tracks run behind the cemetery. This cemetery is in such bad disrepair, it is beyond restoring. (See update.)
Stones are broken and are lying here and there, not even in their proper place's. The wood's in which the cemetery rest is a jungle with swampy mud and trash.
There are alot of unknown graves, never to be found again.
I really feel for those souls who will be forgotten forever........
Black cemetery. Many buried here were former slaves.
Compiled March 12,1985
UPDATE: The cemetery is being restored, work has been going on since the early 1990's!!! The woods have been cleared and a fence put around it. I have a fairly complete listing of the graves now. (1992).GEW JR

Annie Johnson
Died Mar. 27,1921, Age 50

Annie ?llowoy Died ?,?,1929

Stone top broken off, no name?
Died Mar. 22,1914, Age 80

Three small cement stones, two are unknowns, the third one is Harrett Sram---? No dates.

Marshall Farmer
Born 1882 Died 1929

Aaron Robinson
Born July 10,1862
Died Apr. 27,1923

Monroe Boston
Died Feb. 11,1926, Age 74
Willie Boston
Died Oct. 28,1918, Age 45

Fred Collier
Born July 30,1895
Died July 10,1922, My Dear Son.

Beloved Husband
Steve Ray, Born 1883 Died 1935

Eliza Willams
Died May 15,1918, Age 15

Gertrude Washington
Born Oct. 21,1888
Died Oct. 3,1922

At least 8 unknown whole and broken stones can be seen.

Louisa Waters
Born 1860 Died 1923, Wife of Louis Waters

In Memory of
Brisco M. His---?, Dates unreadable.

These five stones are in a fenced off area near the front of the cemetery. Prior family plot.

Sally Prior
Born Oct. 17,1861
Died Sept. 14,1883

Patrick Prior, Sr.
Born Apr. 8,1857
Died June 10,1912

Mary Prior
Born Feb. 25,1870
Born Jan. 7,1924

Abraham Prior
Born 1821 Died 1900, Father

Martha Prior
Born 1830 Died 1885, Mother

Tom Paul
1899-1928, At Rest

John Linton
Born May 5,1877
Died July 25,1903
26 yrs, 4 mos, 20 days.

Irma Allen, wife of Ben Allen
Born May 1,1904
Died March 24,1929, Gone But Not Forgotten.

Pauline Wilson
Born Apr. 22,1890?
Died March 9,????

John T. Welch
Died Aug. 3,1922, Age 62 yrs, Asleep in Jesus.

Mariah Miles
Died May 29,1917 Age 64, Asleep in Jesus.

Wyatt Pryor (Father)
Died Sept. 24,1909 Age 45, Asleep in Jesus.

Charlotte Crosby (Wife)
Died Nov. 20,1908 Age 44, Asleep in Jesus.

Tom Robinson
Texas Pvt. Co. B 328 Labor BN QMC
World War l
Born March 7,1855
Died Dec. 9,1953

Ida Mae Peete
1903-1929 At Rest

David Bingham
Born May 14,1876
Died May 22,1926 (Husband)

Hanna Ross
Died Jan. 8,1921 Age 25

Harris Gregoky
1909-1922 At Rest

C. G. Oler Sr.
Born Jan. 2,1867
Died June 27,1926 At Rest

S. Sholars
Died Sept. 20,1936 At Rest My Darling Husband

Mattie G. Linton
Died June 18,1910 At Rest

Ruby V. Linton
Died June 8,1914

Our Angel Doll Sholars
Died Nov. 12,1904 Tho lost to sight to memory.

Robert Swan Sr.
1874-1939 Husband

Frazia Furguson, Laura Furguson and
Family at Rest.

Sallie Yancy
Wife of Samuel L. Palmer Sr.
Born Sept. 30,1868
Died Mar. 11,1911
A dear wife at rest with her four children.
Gone but not forgotten.

? Ramsey
Died Sept. 14,1909 Age 37 K of P
Asleep in Jesus Blessed Sleep

Eliza Williams
Born Mar. 16,1888
Died Mar. 22,1909

Angeline Williams
Died Aug. 20,1918 Age 56

Henry Jackson
1880-1925 At Rest

Lilly ? unreadable. Large stone on face?
Footstones, ?T. and M.T.

Large fenced in area, no gravestones showing.

Daisy B. Jones

Cora Smith
1888-1932 At Rest